Three Best Options to Replace Syncmate for Android Devices

SyncMate is capable of syncing files between Mac and Android or iOS devices judging by its name. To be more specific, contacts, SMS, calendars, calls, folders, Safari bookmarks, iPhoto are all available for syncing. In addition, you can make your device an external hard drive so that it is more convenient to manage the files on your computer. Nevertheless, some disadvantages will show when you are using this tool personally.

  • 1. Many features are not free of charge. For instance, you have to pay for the export version.
  • 2. Only support Mac OS X 10.8 and upper
  • 3. Come into mistakes when syncing Google calendars and contacts. The same error appears in Outlook

1. iMusic for Android

iMusic, one professional file management tool for Android devices, can be seemed as the “iTunes”for Android devices. It enables you to manage your Android devices from the computer directly. It makes syncing music, movies and playlists quite easy and you are allowed to drag and drop media files such as photos and docs from computer to Android as well.

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Download iMusic Free


  • 1. You can select certain media file you want to Android
  • 2. You can drag and drop media files including music, movies, photos and docs from computer to Android devices.
  • 3. Delete duplicate songs in iTunes and correct music info automatically.
  • 4. Support Android 2.1+
  • 5. Fully support Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Google and more.


  • 1. The program is not free of charge
  • 2. Contacts, bookmarks and SMS are not allowed to be synced
  • 3. WiFi connection is not available.

2. iSyncr

As its name suggests, iSyncr is one syncing tool that enables users to sync iTunes playlists with Android devices effortlessly. Both the USB cable and WiFi are available connection for you. Two versions for you to choose: Desktop version and Android version, you can pick the suitable one depending on your needs.


  • 1. You are able to sync all playlists in iTunes to Android devices


  • 1. Cannot work with Samsung Kies installed at the same time
  • 2. You cannot select certain media files to Android devices.

3. doubleTwist

doubleTwist is one Android music player for you. You are able to use this tool to manage files as well as transfer iTunes music, videos and photos to your Android devices with simple clicks. What’s more, it allows you to add music, videos, and photos from your computer to this player directly so that you are able to enjoy the music right away. If you want to search for your interested media files, I’m sure you can get your wanted music and podcasts in the Android market, music store.


  • 1. Three different versions to fulfill the needs of Mac, Windows and Android users
  • 2. Simple steps to sync media files from iTunes to Android
  • 3. Easily add media files from the computer to the player.


  • 1. Incompatible with Android 4.3 devices with a USB cable.