Some people just said that they lost the iTunes Library after they had updated their iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. If you run against this problem as well, don’t be too worried about the media you saved in your iTunes library because you can totally restore them back with simple methods. In the rest part of this article, I will provide three doable methods to retrieve the lost iTunes Library after losing them.

Method 1: By replacing the old iTunes Library files

Sometimes you cannot find your iTunes Library is just because that the current iTunes Library is somehow broken. If you have backup files of your iTunes Library, you can replace it with your backup files to retrieve your lost iTunes library back.

Step #1: Go to the folder where you keep the files of iTunes Library, then delete the newest one from it.

Step #2: Firstly, click “Libraries” of your computer, and then go to “Music“, then “iTunes“, “Previous iTunes Libraries“, and then copy the newest file of YYYY-MM-DD.itl to folder same as in Step 1, and revise the file name to iTunes Library.itl.

After that, you should see your lost library back. However, before replacing the current broken library file, you should assure that there is nothing new data in the current iTunes library compared with the older one, or else you will lose them forever.

Besides, for people who are facing the issue of iTunes Cannot Locate the CD Configuration Folder, this is just for you.

Method 2: Retrieve the lost iTunes Library with a professional third party tool

If you have sync at least one iOS device with iTunes Library before losing it, you can easily get your iTunes Library back with your iOS device which contains all the content of your iTunes Library.

There could be no better method to retrieve the lost iTunes Library with the help of a powerful third-party tool under this case. Here I recommend iMusic for you, which will help you solve this problem perfectly. iMusic enables you to transfer the media from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. to the iTunes Library, so if you have some new songs which haven’t been added to the iTunes Library yet, and after completing the steps below you will not just get the lost library back, but also add the new songs to it.

Step 1: Download and install iMusic on the computer.

Download iMusic to your computer and then install it. After that, run this application.

Download iMusic Free

Step 2: Connect the iOS device to the computer

Connect your iOS device which contains the content of your lost iTunes Library, and the program will detect it immediately.

Step 3: Prepare to retrieve the lost iTunes Library

Click the “TOOLBOX” on the main windows of the tool and select the “REBUILD ITUNES LIBRARY” accordingly. Then you should click the button “Start” to continue the task.

Step 4. Select the Music to start retrieving music files to iTunes

After file scanning has been finished, you could see those files on your iOS device but missing on your iTunes library. Then you can tick those files you would like to retrieve to iTunes Library. And click the button “Copy to iTunes”.

Fix iTunes Library with iMusic

Step 5. Retrieving iTunes Library Succeeds

That’s it, you have already retrieved your iTunes library.

Download iMusic Free

Method 3: Fix the lost metadata of your iTunes Library by rescanning the original media files

You can also refresh the iTunes Library by replaying the original media with iTunes again, which will add the lost media again to your iTunes.

Step 1: Launch iTunes, and click “File“-> “Add to Library

Step 2: Just choose the location where your media files are.

After that, all the content will be re-added to your iTunes Library, and you lost iTunes Library will be back.

For people whose iPhone goes straight to voicemail or have problems with iTunes keeps asking for password, iTunes Could Not Connect to the iPhone Because an Invalid Response Was Received from the Device,  just click to switch.

Method 4: Rescan and Fix iTunes Library by TunesFix Professionally

Part 1. Auto-detect & fix iTunes library in 1-click by TunesFix

With iMyFone TunesFix, you can get rid of any iTunes issues and errors easily without any data loss. Just follow up below simple steps to make it done.

Step 1. Download and launch TunesFix

Download and open iMyFone TunesFix. It will detect your iTunes automatically.

Download iMyFone TunesFix

You will be shown the home interface if no issue on your iTunes; But if there is components or data corrupted or lost in your iTunes, TunesFix will show you all details.

Step 2. Let TunesFix Repair your iTunes issues

TunesFix will start the job to repair your iTunes by click on the “Repair” button. You should make sure your iTunes connected to stable WiFi when repairing.

Note: You can simply click the icon “Back” to get back to the home interface if you don’t want to fix your iTunes issues.

Just be patient, it won’t take too long to finish the job. After finished, you can try your iTunes and check if the errors have been fixed.
Fix iTunes Library with TunesFix

Part 2. TunesFix can also repair your Unknown iTunes Errors

For those unknown errors, such as iTunes can’t install/update issues, iTunes could not connect errors, restore or backup errors, and more, TunesFix can also help you with simple clicks.

Step 1: Click and choose the Repair mode

After auto-detect your iTunes, just choose the repair modes when necessary.

Click the mode of “Repair iTunes Connect Issues” if you wish to repair iTunes connect/detect issues.

Click the mode of “Fix iTunes Install/Update Issues” if you wish to repair any other issues related to iTunes installation or updates.

Click the mode of “Repair Backup/Restore Errors” if you wish to repair errors occurred when backup or restore iPhone.

Click the mode of “Fix Other iTunes Problems” if you don’t know what kind of errors you need to fix.

Step 2. Repair your iTunes error now

Just click the “Repair” button, and TunesFix will do its job to fix your iTunes problems.

When finished, just click “Open iTunes” to check it.

Besides, iMyFone TunesFix can also clean your iTunes easily with two modes: Deep Clean and Quick Clean. Even if you wish to uninstall iTunes with all related software components completely, TunesFix can fix it with no hassle. Just click to know more about it.

Download iMyFone TunesFix

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