How to Restore iPhone X from iTunes Selectively

iPhone X and iPhone 8 are the newest models released by the Apple technology groups. These are the latest devices which have drawn the fascination of technology enthusiasts all over the world. This is owing to its superior features and up to date technology, such as augmented reality, intuitive gestures, OLED screen, etc. for the user’s ultimate convenience. If you possess the fresh new iPhone X device with you, you can avail a wide range of apps and memory storage, for your day to day needs.

Most importantly, you need to learn about the various ways to restore iPhone X from iTunes or restore iPhone X from iCloud backup selectively. This is so that you may get back your valuable data files from your previously-stored iTunes storage. Or otherwise, you may have to restore the iPhone device due to a circumstance where you will need to give it to someone or sell it away. You could also simply run into a device problem, and you may wish to solve it through a restore.

For any such situations, you can make use of iTunes to you in dealing with any of these tasks, even though it may not always be the best means. Hence, we have prepared a list of segments below, where you can learn how to restore iPhone X from iTunes in easy ways. In addition, we have incorporated a competent program, for your handy use in such a task.

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PART 1: Restore iPhone X from iTunes to Factory Reset directly

This first technique would involve a direct restoration from iPhone X to the factory settings, with the use of iTunes. This method is an official way offered by Apple to perform restoration tasks on the iPhone device. Follow the methods below to restore iPhone X from iTunes:

Step 1: You can begin by launching iTunes on your PC, and then plugging in iPhone X. You can put in your passcode when iTunes asks for it.

Step 2: Then, you can hiton the icon of the device after iPhone X has been connected effectively. After this, you will now view the summary part for iPhone X.

Step 3: Now you must hit the ‘Restore iPhone‘ icon. With the aim of confirming, you can tap on the ‘Restore‘ once more. Having done this, you can now simply wait for a while, and the iTunes app will delete the data files as chosen on the phone and start to install the latest edition of iOS. When this is through, the iPhone X device will begin to restart, and soon you can begin to set it up.

Nevertheless, as it happens with any system, there will be a few cons and pros:


  • The process is capable of fixing some of the concerns that you might run into while using an iOS.
  • It is among the top official ways recommended by Apple so that you can be capable of asking their tech community for any support in case you feel confused.


  • While using this method of restoration, you may lose your entire set of data files and settings from the iPhone X device. Such lost data files cannot be retrieved, save for a prior back up storage on your part.
  • A few of the populace do not prefer this tool for the reason that it can get buggy.

Besides, here are the common iPhone Restore Errors for your reference.

PART 2: Entirely restore iPhone X from iTunes backup

If you do not wish to lose your entire collection of data files, you can choose to restore from a backup. Doing this will send your iPhone X device to its prior state, before the arousal of the iOS issues. Follow the methods below to restore iPhone X from iTunes completely.

Step 1: Begin by launching iTunes on your PC where you have already backed up iPhone X.

Step 2: Next you must plug in the iPhone X device and input your designated passcode if necessary.

Step 3: Then, you must tap on the icon of the device in order to view the device summary.

Step 4: Then, you must tap on ‘Restore Backup‘ displayed on the interface.

Step 5: Now, you must decide which backup you wish to restore from and then hit the ‘Restore‘ icon. While doing this process, you cannot pull out the iPhone X device from the PC plugin. Once it has completed the restoration and sync, you can then choose to unplug it.

Nevertheless, as it happens with any system, there are a few cons and pros:


  • The device data files are kept safe as you will be restoring them from a prior back up.
  • The process can solve a few of the general iOS issues face by you.
  • This method is yet a further way that is advised officially by Apple.


  • The data files that currently exist on the iPhone X device will get replaced.
  • You cannot choose to restore any precise data selectively from your back up. It is either all or nil.

PART 3: Restore iPhone X from iTunes back up selectively

It is also possible to restore iPhone X data files selectively from your back up and avoid overwriting the data files that you contain at present. If you simply wish to perform a backup, you can restore the iPhone X to its factory settings, after which you can add some part of your data files back. To do this, you can make use of a third-party tool like the iMyFone iTransor (formerly name: iMyfone D-Port Pro) software. This remarkable program has a lot of helpful restoration and backup features, which can serve to aid you to restore iPhone X from iTunes. To enumerate a few, we have enlisted some main features below:

iMyFone iTransor key features:

  • With iMyFone iTransor, you can choose to perform both the restoration and backing up processes in just one single click.
  • You can make backups and store them anywhere, even on external drives.
  • The iMyFone D-Port Pro software can be used by you to restore iPhone X from iTunes and other backups, selectively. With the help of this program, you will be capable of selectively restoring your messages and data selectively, as opposed to the other types of data files on the iPhone X device.
  • The iMyFone D-Port Pro software is compatible even with the latest iOS 12 version.
  • It is supported with other kinds of iDevices, like iPhone XS, iPhone XR, etc.
  • Your backup need not be overwritten on your existing iPhone data except if you need it to.

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Follow the methods below to restore iPhone X from iTunes backup selectively:

Step 1: After installing iMyFone iTransor, you must launch it on your PC. Plug in iPhone X into the system and click on ‘Restore Backup to Device’. Then choose the ‘Restore Partial Backup’ icon on the home screen and select any data kind you wish to reinstate.

Step 2: Next, you must tap ‘Next‘ to start scanning your backup, after which you will preview the chosen data type.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Next‘, and then choose the data type that you wish to extract and click on ‘Restore‘ so that the program restores your selected backup.


  • Will face lesser limitations than iTunes, such as the capacity to restore about any type of back up.
  • You can also restore a selective backup.
  • Need not fret about your current files on iPhone X being overwritten.
  • It can fix the problem on “how to change iTunes backup location simply.


  • It is not entirely free, but some of its functions are.

In these ways, you can fruitfully restore iPhone X from iTunes. There are numerous ways to do so, and although the Apple’s official methods are simple to use, it can be sometimes more beneficial and safe to make use of a special third party tool like the iMyFone D-Port Pro software. This program allows you to restore your data from your iPhone easily as well as quickly.

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