How to Easily Rip Music from iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus

When it comes to media, and more specifically music, on iOS devices, iTunes is the first program which comes to mind. This is purely because iTunes is a program which is produced by the creators of the iOS platform and while that's the case, iTunes has some known issues which have yet to be dealt with by Apple and furthermore, is lacking in a lot of areas. One of these features is being able to rip music from iPhone 7/7 Plus, which is where dr.fone – iOS Transfer comes into things.

Part 1. Using dr.fone-Transfer to Rip Music from iPhone 7 for Mac

The first method that we are going to take a look at will show you exactly how you are able to rip music from any iOS device when you have a Mac computer.

Step #1 – If dr.fone isn't already downloaded and installed, then go ahead and do this now. Once it's installed, launch the program.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Step #2 – Enter “Transfer” function and Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer using a USB cable and allow a few moments for dr.fone to detect the connection.

Step #3 – On the top panel of the program, select the “Music” tab. This will display all of the music which is currently stored on your device.

Step #4 – Take a few moments to scroll through each of your playlists (select playlists on the left panel) and select each of the songs that you'd like to have ripped from your iPhone 7.

Step #5 – After selecting all of the songs which you'd like to have ripped, click on the “Export” button which can be found other the top panel, and click on the “Export to PC”. You will then be prompted to select a location for the music to be exported to.

Step #6 – Locate where you want the music to be exported to, click on the “Ok” button, and the rip process will begin.

An alternative method, which can be useful if you want to export all of your music, is to head over to the “Music” tab and right-click on the “Music” heading which can be found on the left panel. Click on the “Export to MAC” option, and all of the music that is on your device will then be ripped to your computer.

As you can see, there isn't too much to the process and when you consider the fact that iTunes does not have it implemented, it can seem a tad ridiculous. While this method is great, it is only for Mac computers. If you are a Windows user, go ahead and read the next method.

Part 2. Using dr.fone-Transfer to Rip Music from iPhone 7 Plus for Windows

While the above method is targeted at Mac computers, there is a method available to those who have Windows computers. Let's take a look at the method.

Step #1 – If you haven't already done so, download and install the dr.fone program. Once installed, launch it.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Step #2 – Connect your iPhone 7 Plus to your computer using a USB connection cable. dr.fone should detect the connection within a few moments.

Step #3 – On dr.fone, select the “Home” tab on the top panel followed by selecting the “Transfer Device Media to iTunes” option which will be shown.

Step #4 – A window will then appear on your screen in order to provide you with details about the process which is about to take place. Read what it has to say then click on the “Start” button to move on.

Step #5 – dr.fone will then take a few moments to scan your device in order to detect the data which is stored on it. Once the scan is complete, you will be shown a breakdown of the data which has been found.

Step #6 – For this method, it's only necessary for you to select the “Music” data type, although if you wish to rip other types of data which is shown then go ahead and select those too. Click “Start” when you're ready.

Once the process is complete you will have successfully been able to rip music from iPhone 7 Plus.


With both of these methods in mind, I think that it is clear dr.fone – iOS Transfer is the way to go if you are looking to rip music from iPhone 7 and while that was the focus today, dr.fone is a program which has so much more to offer. Below are some of the features which dr.fone has to offer which stand out from the crowd.

  • With dr.fone, you are able to get past all of the restrictions which iTunes place on your iTunes library. (Read Also: Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone without Limit)
  • iTunes is notorious for downloading applications, movies, and music, and not storing the information correctly. This can be especially frustrating with music as it can result in wrong artists and wrong ID3 tags. With dr.fone, you are able to fix the wrongly stored data manually or let dr.fone take care of it for you.
  • If you've recently gotten a notification on your device telling you that you have recently reached your storage capacity, then it's time to start clearing out some of the data on your device. With dr.fone, you are able to browse your applications, contacts, and media, and select multiple pieces of data at once in order to remove them from your device in a matter of seconds.
  • Recently got a new phone? With dr.fone – Switch, you are able to transfer all of the data from your old phone straight onto your new phone (Read also: Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus). Alternatively, you can selectively transfer the data based on what you want to be transferred.

Whether you're looking to obtain a backup of specific data on your device or you're looking to rip music from iPhone 7 Plus, dr.fone – iOS Transfer is without a doubt the way to go and on top of that, is a program which all mobile users should have on their computers.

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