A Complete Guide for Samsung Gear Fit Manager

If you have no idea what a Samsung gear fit is, then you should read this first before moving on any further. A Samsung gear fit is a smart device that keeps track of your fitness along with a smartwatch. This Samsung gear fit does all functions in just one device. The company Samsung has come up with an innovative smartwatch with a gear fit in it. A gear fit arrives with a curved display that monitors heart rate and comes with a pedometer along with other features of a smartwatch. It is a combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker. The Samsung gear fit has created a renowned place in the tech market. It is currently used by many people all around the world.

This device is very comfortable in wearing and at the same time, looks very trendy. It comes with a long battery backup. In this device, you do not have to configure or manage anything as you can control it through Samsung gear fit manager and as its name suggests, it is a manager in itself that will do the work for you. You can customize this gear fit as per your needs and settings of your choice using the application, Samsung gear fit manager. If you have got hands-on this wonder, then let’s get started to know how to manage it through Samsung gear fit manager. Firstly, you need to know how to install this manager on your device and then, move on to how to make use of it.

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Part 1: Steps for installing Samsung gear fit manager

Samsung gear fit manager is an application that helps you in managing your Samsung gear fit. This manager needs to be installed on your devices for managing the fitness tracker. Through this app, you can customize and manage the fitness tracker as per your choice.

For using this manager, you have to download this application on your Samsung device. In order to install “Samsung gear fit manager”, follow some easy steps as given below:

Step 1: Go to the tab “Application”

Firstly, you have to go to the tab “Applications” on your Samsung device.

Step 2: Look for “Samsung Apps”

Then, you have to find the application “Samsung Apps” to download this application, Samsung gear fit manager or you can visit this link.

Step 3: Search for the application

Now, you have to search this application by typing its name in the search column of the Samsung Apps.

Step 4: Select the application from the results

You have to click on the application “Samsung gear fit manager” to download it.

Step 5: Download “Samsung gear fit manager”

After reading and accepting in-app permissions, click on the option “Accept and Download”.

Step 6: Launch it

After the downloading gets complete, tap on the icon and launch it on your smartphone. After it, click on the option “Next” in order to move further.

So, you are now all set to use this application. Read further below to know how to make use of this application in order to customize your Samsung gear fit.

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Part 2: Steps for using Samsung gear fit manager

After installing this manager on your smartphone, you should know how to employ this app. Before moving on further, you have to make sure that it comprises the latest software. For making it work, you have to pair up the fitness tracker to its manager as prescribed in the instructions given below.

Step 1: Download “Samsung gear fit manager”

You have to download this application and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: Pair it up

Next, you have to pair Samsung gear fit to this manager using Bluetooth of your devices such as a tablet or phone. You have to enable Bluetooth for pairing up on your smartphone.

In this way, after pairing up your device with gear fit, you can make required changes to your gear fit. You can pair up Samsung gear fit to any Android phone through these above-mentioned steps.

Part 3: Other points to look after

You might be thinking about how you can employ Samsung gear fit on any other device than Samsung or on Samsung S5. You can even look for reviews of Samsung gear fit if you have not bought it as of now but thinking of doing the same. Let’s start to know all this!

How to manage Samsung gear fit from other devices

You are wrong if you think that Samsung gear fit works only with Samsung phones. This Samsung gear fit works on any Android phone or tablet. You can check out this article by clicking on here to know more about how you can perform this task through a detailed guide.

How to manage Samsung gear fit from Samsung Galaxy S5

Another article that you can check out here in order to know how you can manage your Samsung gear fit from your Samsung Galaxy S5. The mentioned article provides a detailed account on how you pair these two gadgets together and use them.

Reviews of Samsung gear fit

Before laying a hand on any gadget, it is always recommended to go for their reviews available on the internet. We have picked out one of the best reviews for you that will help you to know more about Samsung gear fit’s reliability and its usability. It provides you with a detailed account of information on Samsung gear fit. You have to check this review NOW by clicking on here if you are thinking of buying this gear fir for yourself.

So, through these above-mentioned steps, you can easily install and use Samsung gear fit manager on your device. This manager helps you to customize your fitness tracker according to your needs or requirements. You can even manage your Samsung fit gear from any Android device.

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