Samsung Reset Code – Things You Should Know About

As a Samsung device owner, you might have heard about “Samsung Reset Code” at least a couple of times. In fact, Samsung Reset Code is often considered as Master Reset Code.

The purpose of this article is to explain what you must know about Samsung Reset Code. In this article, we will also describe its importance, use, and the potential risks associated with this code.

Also, we intend to discuss the instances we need Samsung Reset Code and its usage.

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What exactly Samsung Reset Code is?

Samsung Reset Code (which is also known as Master Reset Code) comprises symbols and numbers. When this code is applied to your Samsung device, it will perform a hard reset.

In other words, Samsung Reset Code, just like the name suggests, erases all the data from your Samsung device. It is true that Samsung Reset Code works with all Samsung smartphones and tablets.

However, it does work for Samsung only. In other words, Samsung Reset Code doesn’t work on other smartphone brands.

With the developments of modern technology, the master reset code of the Samsung devices has changed. This respective code works on all the latest Samsung devices you find on the market.

You should know that the older Samsung Reset Code doesn’t work on newer models. But, you can still use those older codes on old phone models to perform a hard reset.

When it comes to Samsung Reset Code, there are three options you can consider. You can try any of these codes and check which one can reset your Samsung device.

  • For new Samsung smartphones and tabs – *2767*3855# or *2767*2878#
  • For old Samsung smartphones and tabs – #*7728#

What happens after entering the Samsung Reset Code?

There is only one reason for a Samsung user to use this reset code. That is to reset the Samsung smartphone you are using. As soon as you enter this reset code, the device will begin the process of hard reset.

However, this method is associated with a major downside. That is; you never get a confirmation box or any notification before the reset process begins.

Because of this instant activation of hard reset without warning, many Samsung users can end up losing their data. Some Samsung users can try this code without any preparation, and they may not know until the reset process begins.

Once the process is started, there is no going back. Many Samsung users face this problem as a result of trying to check the functionality of the code.

So, it is strongly recommended that you shouldn’t use this code unless you are fully prepared to reset it. Also, as a responsible smartphone user, you should back up your device into an external device.

What is the proper way of using Samsung Reset Code?

Now that you know the consequences of using a Samsung Reset Code. Let’s see how to use it properly. In fact, there is no rocket science behind using this code. Here’s how to do it.

01. Switch your Samsung device on.

02. On the home screen, you should find the “Phone” icon (as if you are trying to make a call).

03. Open up the dial pad of the phone app.

04. Now, you should start typing the reset code of the Samsung phone accordingly.

Samsung Reset Code

05. In general, the process of hard reset will start soon after typing the last character of the code.

06. If it doesn’t, by any chance, you may have to tap the “Call” button to begin the process.

What else must you know about Samsung Hard Reset?

According to the process we have mentioned in the above section, performing a hard reset is very easy. That is despite the downside of not having any notification or confirmation message on the screen.

To perform this resetting, however, the device must be in functional mode. If you cannot access the Phone app of the smartphone, you cannot necessarily input this code. If your phone is frozen or has some errors in the Phone app, you cannot provide the inputs.

Also, if the screen of the phone is locked, you cannot necessarily enter the code. If you cannot input the code, you should find another way to reset your device. Luckily there are several other ways to reset your Samsung device. You can find such methods with a little bit of search.

There are several other codes you can type on your Samsung device. These codes provide different types of information for you. In general, these codes aren’t visible to the users until they input these codes. But, it is strongly recommended that you use those codes unless you have substantial knowledge about Android devices.

In this article, we provide some links in which you can find various other codes. These codes are included in useful articles that were written by expert Android users. Apart from just mentioning the codes, these links provide you a substantial knowledge about the respective codes.

Samsung Reset Codes

This is a very resourceful article that is composed by a very experienced and prestigious member of XDA-Developers. In fact, XDA-Developers is a really impressive source of information that provides plenty of information about Android.

In fact, it comes with a range of tips, tricks, and tweaks that are useful for any Android user. With the help of this resource, you can learn a lot about the entire operating system and everyday hacks.

Samsung Mobile: Secret Codes List

This is another article that comprises various secret codes to be used on your Samsung device. You can use these codes to perform various important tasks as well. If any of the codes doesn’t work, you can read the comments and find an answer.

These comments are left by end-users from various parts f the world. So, this is a very resourceful place to grab considerable knowledge about the functionality of Android platforms.

Some Useful and Interesting Codes for Smartphones

This is a very rich article that contains various codes that work on pretty much all Android devices. These codes can be used on any Android device no matter what the brand name is. In other words, the codes revealed in this article are universal. These secret codes can be useful for any Android user.

Although Samsung Reset Code can be the most convenient way to perform a hard reset, don’t forget its downside. You will lose all the data stored on your phone if you reset the device without any preparation.

Therefore, it is really important to have a better understanding of what you do before resetting.

Unlocking the screen before entering the Samsung Reset Code

As you already know, you cannot enter the Samsung Reset Code if the screen of the respective device is locked. So, is there a solution to unlock the screen of the device? Absolutely yes. This is when you should use Tenorshare 4uKey (Android).

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Also, this tool can be really handy if you have bought a used Android device with a locked screen. If you don’t know or forget the password of any Android device, you can use this powerful tool to bypass it.

More importantly, this respective Android SIM unlock code generator software lets you do it within five minutes. It can bypass pattern lock, PIN codes, passwords, and even the fingerprint lock. Even if you unlock the lock screen, this product will not cause any data loss.

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

Here’s when Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) can help you:

  • If you have forgotten the password
  • If you have purchased a used Android device that has a locked screen
  • And if someone else has reset your device’s password
  • If the screen is locked due to the wrong password entering
  • If the screen is damaged or malfunctioning and you cannot enter the passcode or pattern

Download Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) guarantees 100% security of your data. Although it is a really powerful app, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge to operate it. So, if you have a screen-locked Samsung phone to enter Samsung Reset Code, Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) is the tool.

Important Reminder: Always back up your device before entering Samsung Reset Code in order to prevent data loss.


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