Methods to Save Facebook Messages on Android Phone

Nowadays, social media attracts more and more people to communicate and share information with their friends and families. Among all social media app, Facebook is the most popular one through which you can share the daily moment with ease. Let's suggest that, every day you can see what happens on your friends and they can also see the changes in your life, don't you think the release of Facebook makes the distance between you and your friends closer? In addition, since Facebook is installed on your mobile device, you can send messages quite conveniently. Since there is too many precious and important memory on your Facebook, you may want to save photos from Facebook Messenger to check them even offline. However, when making the conduction, you may find a very serious problem: Facebook on your Android phone doesn't allow you to download photos and messages. Therefore, to complete the task, you need help from a third-party tool.

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Methods to save messages from Facebook Messenger on Android Device

Then, you may wonder how to save these precious Facebook pictures and messages on your Android device, right? In fact, it doesn't need a lot of effort to complete the task. Here I will show you how to save important pictures and messages from your Facebook Messenger in steps.

Saving Pictures and Messages on Facebook Messenger

To complete the task more simpler, we suggest you try a professional third party tool, such as the one Send to SD Card. You can download the app from Android market. Then please install the app on your Android phone and follow the following steps to have a try.

Step 1: Firstly, please turn to Facebook Messenger on your Android phone and log into your account as you normally do. Then you can view your photos, messages and other media and find the ones you want to save. Then please touch on the items you want to save and tap the menu button of your Adnroid phone. On most of your Android models, you need to conduct a long press to bring up the menu that includes “Share”. Please note that the location of menu maybe on screen or on touch button.

Then please click on the Share option and choose the SD card as your share option. You can see the option at bottom of the screen between other options such as Instagram, messaging and Twitter.

Step 2: Then the only thing you need to do is to scroll through your SD card folders to save these messages and photos. We suggest you to be aware of the location which you can access to it easily. After selecting the location, you can see a new screen that consists of Copy here and Move here. You can choose either one to continue. The difference is that Copy here will copy the photos while when you choose the Move here, photos will be moved to the folder only.

Finally, you can see a copy that you can send the copy file to your other device or mail them or print them in one click. In addition to moving the items to folder, you have many other useful options such as messaging or email while using Sharing.

In addition to the method above, you can also turn to another method, for example, from the official website of Facebook Messenger. You just need to log on to the app and save files to your computer. Please note that only with the latest version of Facebook Messenger can you use the method.

To save your Facebook images, please turn to the conversation and find the ones you want to save. There is a download option besides the image, please click on it and tap on Save Image option then. The app will save your images to a default location, and you can check saved image from Gallery app under Facebook Messenger folder.

What's the location of Facebook Messenger photos and messages that are stored on your Android phone? How to get access to the data folder?

In many occasions, you may want to save some special photos and messages on your Android phone. After saving them through the methods above, you may want to open the data folder to check these files one by one. Since there are no special folder drives as your computer do for you, you may feel confused to locate these photos and messages.

Method to Access the Saved Messages and Photos

After the above steps, you now must have already saved your favorite photos and messages on your Android phone. However, the problem comes: after a long time, you may not find the exact location that saved these files. Here is a good tip for you, and you can access your files through explorer apps. Here are steps for you in an easy way.

Step 1: If you have saved your important files under SD directory of your Android phone through the method above, the location will be kept for all other files if you didn't make any change. If you cannot find these files with ease, you can turn to Explorer such as ES explorer for help.

Step 2: Once open the ES explorer on your computer, you can see your file or folder. If you have saved your files to other location, you can turn to the location to open the folder.

Step 3: After finding the files you need, you just need to tap on the files you need for 2 to 3 seconds. You will then bring up a new window with several options, including Email, Instagram, Dropbox, or twitter. Please feel free to choose any app you need.

If you updated your Facebook Messenger to the latest version, you will have the download capability of photos. You can then find photos under the default image save location on your Android phone and named “Images” mostly. Just find the files through ES explorer.

You can also turn to the app Gallery for help, which is available on your Android phone. Please feel free to launch the app and find whether you can see the files or folders in it. The Gallery will start to scan for saved media files such as images automatically on your Android device. Please note that the method will fail if your files are saved under various subfolders. Therefore, the method mentioned above is the ever best method to find saved files on your Android device.

As you ever experienced, you cannot download media files, messages, and other attached files through the Facebook app. However, if you are using the latest version of Facebook messenger, you can download these files directly to save your time.

See? It is quite easy to save Facebook messages on your Android phone. You can just have a try now to save all precious and important files to avoid losing them permanently.

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