How to Share iPhone Live Photos to Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

Now the social website is freaking popular among us, especially the young people. We like to share our lives on social websites like the most famous Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, a static photo is not cool anymore. That must be awesome if we can share the live life condition with our fans and followers on these webs. With the strong need of this situation, the Apple Company innovated the iPhone 6s with a live photo function that can shot the moving life moments and saved them as a live photo. That’s fantastic!

However, almost all the social webs don’t have an iPhone live photo share option on their interface, If we would like to share our live life occasions on the social webs, except we need to use our iPhone 6s to take the live photos, we also need to convert them to GIF format images. Then we can share them on the web. Sounds great, right? Don’t be rushing, now I am going to tell you how to do the conversion from an iPhone live photo to a GIF image, and the ways to share the iPhone live photos to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Part 1. How to Convert iPhone Live Photos to GIF Images

If we want to convert the iPhone live photos to GIF images, firstly we need an image conversion tool. However, the truth is cruel, you can hardly find out such kinds of tools in the market or even in the online resource. Rare conversion tools can support this iPhone live photo conversion. Luckily, the Wonderhsare Company catch this chance and created the omnipotent image conversion tool, Wondershare TunesGo. This software can easily help you convert the iPhone live photos to GIF images in several very simple steps and can automatically save the results on your computer once the conversion is done. What’s more, the TunesGo can not only help you convert the iPhone live photos to GIF images but also can help convert any of your static photos or dynamical videos to GIF images. How unbelievable it is!

Now, let’s start to convert your iPhone live photos step by step.

Step 1. Download the TunesGo

Below you will find two versions of TunesGo, one is for the Windows system, and the other one is for macOS system. Choose the appropriate one for your computer and download it on your computer. Once the downloading of the software is done, click it to follow the instruction on the screen to install the app on your computer

Download TunesGo

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with the computer.

When the software is successfully installed on your computer, launch the program. Then use your iPhone USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. Once the program detected your iPhone, all the data of your phone will be shown on the program interface.

TunesGo - iOS Devices

Step 3. Select the live photos that you want to convert to GIF image.

Find out the “Photos” option on the left side of the interface and click on it. Then you will see an option list shown on the right side of the interface. Find out the “Live Photo” option and double-click on it. Then all the live photos on your iPhone will be listed on the center square of the interface. Select the live photos you want to convert to GIF images by clicking on the live photos.

Step 4. Convert the iPhone live photos to GIF images.

Once you finished your selection, click on the “Convert GIF” button on the top of the interface. Then you need to set the output settings for the GIF images you want. Set the start and end time for the GIF images and also the parameters of GIF image screen resolution and frame rate. Once it is down, click on the “Create GIF” button at the bottom of the interface.


Now, your iPhone live photos are successfully converted to GIF images.

Get TunesGo

Part 2. The Ways to Share GIF Images to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

After the first part of GIF images creation, we can start to share our iPhone live photos to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook now.

How to share a GIF Image to Twitter or Instagram?

For Instagram, you don’t need to use any GIF conversion tools, only need to follow the steps below, you can easily share your iPhone live photos to Instagram.

Step 1. Open the AirDrop app on both your Max and iPhone.


Step 2. AirDrop the GIF suffix live photos from your Mac to your iPhone.

Then the live photos are saved as gif images on your iPhone now, just open the browser and enter your Instagram or Twitter account and share them, that’s it.

How to share a GIF Image to Facebook?

Step 1. If your GIF images don’t have a URL, download and install the app called Giphy on your computer and upload your GIF images to the app.

Step 2. Open your browser on your computer and enter your Facebook account.


Step 3. Share the GIF URL you just get from Giphy on your Facebook.

It’s really easy to convert the iPhone live photos to GIF images, right? Now, enjoy sharing iPhone live photos to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by yourself!


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