How to Share iTunes Playlist with Android Devices

Last week I visited one of my old friends, it was a shame we only got half a day to the reunion. We two are music lovers, so I decide to share the music from my iTunes to his Android smartphone, but apparently we don't have enough to transfer such a large amount of music, the only way to share my new favorite songs to him is to share my playlist to him first, and then he can find time to download the music. Easy to talk, but I actually have no clue how to transfer the iTunes playlist to an Android phone. When I was frustrated by that, my friend seemed quite cool and he suggested me to use the software he recommends, to my surprise, within a few minutes, I had shared my iTunes playlist to my friend. And yesterday, he called me to tell me that he loves the music which he downloads after being shared my playlist. Now I'm so happy, I decide to share other people the software that makes all of this happen.

The software I used is the iMusic. This software actually can do much more than transfer iTunes playlist, other data like photos, videos, phone contacts on your devices can be easily transferred to other devices. Like me and my friend, I transfer the playlist from my Mac to his Android phone. But Windows users can download the suitable version for them too, so basically, there is no need to worry about your devices and the operating systems they running.

PS: you may want to fix iTunes Could Not Connect to the iPhone Because an Invalid Response Was Received from the Device quickly now.

Now the following steps will show you how to use this software.

Step 1: Download the iMusic on your computer/Mac

This step is simple since you only need to choose the correct version to download. Both versions can be handled by a similar process.

Download iMusic Free


Step 2: Connect other Android devices to your computer/Mac

Use USB cable to connect other Android device to PC/Mac. The software will scan this device and then display it at its primary window under DEVICE which let you know the situation of the device.
Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to PC

Note: You should allow the USB Debugging to make sure the connection successfully if this is your first time to connect this Android phone to your computer.

Step 3: Share iTunes playlist with Android devices

After connecting your Android device to computer/Mac, you should check the “DEVICE” on the operation interface and then click “Transfer Music from iTunes to Device” option.


Step 4. Choose those playlist you would like to share with Android phone

When you see the interface for this function, you will find all music files are well organized way, and then you can select those playlist you would like to share, after that just click “Transfer” to share those playlist with the target Android device.

Download iMusic Free

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