Top 8 Ways to Fix ‘SIM Not Provisioned MM#2’

SIM cards are referred to as small chips, which act as a connecting medium between your carrier and cell phone.

These cards are programmed to assist the carrier in recognizing your phone account with some specific information. Eventually, you can make calls and employ your mobile internet.

So, if your Android smartphone is flashing the issue of sim card not provisioned / SIM not provisioned MM#2, then it indicates that your connection to the carrier network has not been established.

Also, it could signify that your network carrier is unable to recognize your account of cell phone.

Part 1: Reasons Behind the Issue SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

There are various reasons behind why you are facing the issue ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2‘ on Android devices. Generally, this error ‘SIM card not provisioned’ affects the mobile users who have scheduled a new cellular card.

In case, you are experiencing the issue ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2’ for other reasons, or if the card is not working on your Android device, then your cellular card is posing the issue. In that situation, you need to replace the SIM card.

However, We Have Listed Here Some Situations Where You Can Face the ‘SIM Not Provisioned’ Issue.

  • Users have gotten a new card for their new mobile devices.
  • While moving the contacts from the old SIM to the new one.
  • In case, the authorization server of your carrier network provider is not available.
  • When you are out of the carrier coverage area’s reach with no active roaming contract.
  • Although a new SIM card works flawlessly, it is mandatory to get the card activated because of some security reasons.

In Case, Users Have Not Purchased a New Sim but Still Facing the Problem ‘SIM Not Provisioned,’ then Other Possible Reasons for the Same Could Be the Following:

  • If your cellular card is really old, it might have certainly gone dead. In that case, you should try to replace it.
  • Possibly, your SIM card is not correctly inserted into the phone slot, or there could be dirt between your smartphone pins and the SIM card.

Another cause might be that the card got disabled by the carrier provider. This is so as your card has been locked to a specific mobile device. Hence, if you have inserted your card to the other phone, you may have to come across the message saying ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2’ or sim card not provisioned.

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Part 2: Different Fixes to Resolve the Issue ‘SIM Not Provisioned MM#2’

Best One-click Solution to Resolve ‘SIM Card Not Provisioned’ on Android Devices

Here, we are going to talk about the foremost and best method to fix ‘SIM card not provisioned’ / ‘sim card not provisioned’ on Android smartphones. For this, we are introducing dr.fone – System Repair (Android), which is a great tool that can repair almost all kinds of Android OS problems within a few clicks.

This impressive tool fixes all errors like SIM not provisioned mm#2, SIM not working, white/black display of death, stuck on boot loop, and various others.

The very common reason behind the errors in the Android operating system corruption. Using dr.fone – System Repair (Android), users can repairs these Android-related issues effectively, efficiently, and hassle-free.

Unique Features of dr.fone – System Repair (Android):

  • With dr.fone – Repair, users can fix almost every kind of Android-related issue such as the black display of death, SIM not provisioned mm#2, etc.
  • The program is designed in a particular way that even complete novices could repair the Android system to the normal hassle-free.
  • Dr.fone – Repair (Android) is compatible with every Samsung smartphone, including the latest models like Samsung S20/S21.
  • It features the largest success rate in terms of resolving Android problems.
  • The tool dynamically supports every device running on Android OS from the recent Android 10 to Android 2.0.

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Steps to Fix the Issue ‘SIM not provisioned MM#2’:

Step 1: Launch the Program

Initially, you have to download and install the dr.fone program on your system. After that, you have to choose the option ‘System Repair‘ from the home interface. Before that, connect your device with the system with the help of a genuine USB wire.

Step 2: Select the Option ‘Android Repair’

Next, tap on the option ‘Android Repair‘ from the available options present on the left side. Once done, press the tab ‘Start.’ Now, you need to put in some information related to your devices such as model, brand, carrier details, and country. After that, hit the ‘Next‘ button.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Confirm’

If you follow up with the Android Repair features, it will clear off all the data on your mobile device. That’s why you have to provide your consent for starting the repair procedure. For this, you have to feed ‘000000‘ into the given field and tap on ‘Confirm.’

  • Please note that it is better to create a backup of your phone data before you proceed any further. In this way, you would not lose anything important.
Step 4: Enter the Mode ‘Download’

Here, it is necessary to put your smartphone in the mode ‘Download‘ for better fixing your Android device. For this, simply go through the onscreen instructions to boot the Android in the mode ‘DFU‘ and select ‘Next.’ After this, the program will automatically begin downloading the latest and most compatible firmware for the Android device.

Step 5: Begin Repairing

After completing the download process, the software will verify the firmware and begin repairing your device. Soon, you will notice that the smartphone has been effectively fixed.

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2. Make Sure Your SIM is Not Wet or Dirty

Sometimes, the problem could be as easy as wiping off the SIM slot and card properly. For this, make sure your SIM is not damp or dirty and put the card back into the slot.

If that works, then the issue ‘SIM not provisioned’ was happening due to moisture or dirt that was stopping accurate contact between the smartphone circuit and SIM pins.

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3. Put Your SIM Card Properly to Fix ‘SIM Card Not Provisioned’

If you have just come across the problem ‘SIM card not provisioned,’ then this could be after your SIM may have been misplaced a little from the actual position. Eventually, there could be a poor connection between the circuit and the card pins.

So, try to insert the SIM card accurately through the following instructions.

  • Switch off the Android device and eject your SIM holder using a Q pin from your device’s SIM slot.
  • Next, take a rubber eraser and rub it across the gold card pins for proper cleaning of them. After that, wipe off the residue of rubber from your SIM card using a soft, clean cloth.
  • Now, push back your SIM into the cardholder correctly and then, the holder into the slot as well.
  • Switch on your phone and see if the issue ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2’ still persists or not.
Put Your SIM Card Properly to Fix SIM Card Not Provisioned  mm#2

4. Activate Your SIM Card to Fix ‘SIM Card Not Provisioned’

Generally, your SIM card activates automatically within the first 24 hours when you purchase a new cellular card and plug it into a new mobile device.

However, if that is not happening with you and you are pondering over how you can activate your SIM, follow the steps as instructed below to facilitate activation.

  • Contact the carrier service provider
  • Deliver a message
  • Log into the carrier’s website. From there, watch out for the SIM activation page.

Please note that the above-mentioned options are quick and straightway ways to assist activation. However, it depends on the carrier network if they support these issues.

5. Get in Touch with the Carrier to Fix ‘SIM Card Not Provisioned’

If your card is not activated, take another mobile device so as to make a call to your network or carrier. Make sure to clarify the whole situation and error ‘SIM not provisioned’ to them.

You need to be tolerant when they are investigating the problem. It may take some time to resolve the error completely while it totally depends on the intricacy of the problem.

Get in Touch with the Carrier to Fix SIM Card Not Provisioned  mm#2

6. Use Another SIM Card Slot to Fix ‘SIM Card Not Provisioned’

Another cause behind the issue ‘SIM card not provisioned’ on Android devices can perhaps be due to the card slot could have corrupted. Due to this dual SIM technology, users do not need to rush straight away to get the SIM repaired or checked.

They can simply resolve this possibility by removing the SIM card from the original slot and then, replacing the same with another SIM slot. If this method works for you, the problem could be the corrupted SIM slot. That’s why you were facing the issue ‘SIM card not provisioned’ on your mobile device.

Use Another SIM Card Slot to Fix SIM Card Not Provisioned  mm#2

7. Use Your SIM Card in Another Device

If the issue ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2’ still persists on your mobile device, then follow this method. For resolving this issue, make use of other Android devices.

Firstly, eject your cellular card from your device that is creating the issue. Now, try to plug the card into another device. In this way, you will get to know if the problem is with your mobile device or SIM card.

8. Try New SIM Cards

Are you still thinking about how to repair your device against the issue ‘SIM card not provisioned’? If so, it is best for you to head to the network carrier store. From there, you have to ask for a new card.

Before you do so, inform them about the issue ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2’. Perhaps, they could run proper diagnostics regarding your SIM and get the issue resolved. If not, they will just hand you over a new card and get the same activated in no time. Eventually, you will get rid of the issue ‘SIM not provisioned’ successfully.

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Now, you know what you need to do if you come across the issue ‘SIM not provisioned mm#2‘ / ‘sim card not provisioned‘.

Out of all these methods, it is best to go with dr.fone – System Repair (Android). This tool will effectively fix any error associated with the Android system. So, go ahead and download the dr.fone toolkit.

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