Everything About SMS Peeper & Its Alternatives to Hack SMS Easily

Today, modern advancements in technology have led to various interesting applications, such as SMS Peeper. SMSPeeper is a text spy application that lets you view text messages of a mobile number without accessing the target device. In this SMS Peeper review, we will discuss every aspect related to SMS Peeper. Also, examine whether this application functions as it advertised or not. To provide you more options, we will compare SMSPeeper with another text spying application, known as KidsGuard Pro. So, let’s get started with our review.

Part 1: Introduction to SMS Peeper

SMS Peeper is an application that lets you monitor text messages of someone else. This spy application tracks both outgoing and incoming text messages without the knowledge of the target device’s owner. Users can use this tool without downloading the application on the monitored device.

When we talk about the earliest tracking solutions, SMSPeeper is one of its own kind. This application will show 100 records of the text messages. Out of the total, 50 text messages are incoming, and the rest are outgoing. Apart from the text messages, users can monitor the mobile number of recipients or senders.

Introduction to SMS Peeper

In the next sections, learn how this innovative spy tool works along with its advantages and drawbacks.

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Part 2: How Does SMSPeeper Function?

For using SMS Peeper, users just have to know the phone number of the target device and go through the instructions listed below. This application will access its text database archive and show the gathered results one at a time.

Steps to use SMSPeeper for monitoring text messages:

Step 1: Go to SMS Peeper

First, you need to go to the official website of SMS Peeper. Enter the mobile number along with the country that you like to monitor. Also, enter your valid email address. After clicking on ‘Get Messages,’ the application will begin populating all the texts on that number immediately.

Step 2: Select ‘Show Messages’

After that, you can view up to 100 messages, where 50 are incoming texts, and 50 are outgoing texts. For reading a text, you need to select the ‘Show Messages‘ option.

How Does SMSPeeper Function

Step 3: Choose ‘Download Code’

Now, you need to enter a code. Tap on the ‘Download Code‘ option and follow some steps to receive this activation code:

  • Select ‘Download Code‘ present on the left. Users will then be redirected to a page having the code, like tinyfileshost.com
  • Tap on the black-colored tab called ‘Download File.’
  • Select one survey or offer from the list and enter valid details there. After completing the survey or offer, downloading of the file having the code will automatically start.
  • Now, put in the downloaded code in the box and tap on the ‘Show Messages‘ button.
How Does SMSPeeper Function

Step 4: Check the text messages

After you have entered that code, you can see the messages along with the sender’s or recipient’s name and the date and time when the text was sent or received.

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Part 3: Reasons Why You Should Go With SMS Peeper

As a message spy application, SMSPeeper is quite popular and well-admired for several reasons. The reasons include:

  • The application is available for free. Users just have to complete some surveys to get all the information.
  • The instructions are pretty simple to follow. Users do not need to download any application on the monitored device or even access it for intercepting the text messages.
  • Users do not need to register for an account.
  • The technology to spy messages can hardly be discovered.

Part 4: Reasons Why You Should Avoid SMSPeeper

SMS Peeper works really well for populating text messages from the given mobile number until you are required to put in the code for reading the text messages. This is where many users get stuck. Many users claim that when they select ‘Download Code,’ they are expected to download programs or take surveys instead of receiving a code.

However, some users even report that they download the programs, take the surveys, or purchase something; the receiving code does not work. Plus, they will be required to enter their email address and full name for completing the survey. This means that your personal details might be exposed.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid SMSPeeper

When tested SMSPeeper, we even received some spam emails. We also encountered a few database errors, where you see a blank screen with no results. Except for all the listed cons, SMS Peeper works to monitor only text messages. If you like to monitor other data like call history, contacts, social applications, location, etc. then you will need a professional tool like KidsGuard Pro.

Part 5: Best Alternative to SMS Peeper – KidsGuard Pro

If you are in search of a better alternative to SMSPeeper to track SMS of someone else, then KidsGuard Pro is what you need. KidsGuard Pro is better than SMS Peeper as you do not have to go through countless hoops for getting the text messages. This ultimate spying tool works behind the scene on the target device for providing you with all the information that you need about it.

For using this monitoring tool, users will need to download the application on the device that they would like to monitor. It should be very easy if you are close to the target user. After installing the application, you can track all types of data, including text messages remotely.

Unique Characteristics of KidsGuard Pro:

  • This application lets you monitor over 25 different kinds of data, such as social media app, incoming calls, GPS, contacts, and more.
  • KidsGuard Pro can also track the location of the monitored device in real-time.
  • It is completely safe and simple to use. It does not affect your device’s data.
  • The tool works in a stealth mode, where the device owner will not know about being monitored.
  • This monitoring tool supports all iOS and Android OS versions. Users do not need to jailbreak or root the device for using it.
KidsGuard Pro

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Part 6: How to Monitor Text Messages Remotely with KidsGuard Pro

Here’s a guide to use KidsGuard Pro in the right manner. Please note that the message monitoring feature of KidsGuard Pro works only for Android devices. To monitor text messages remotely, users first need physical access to the target device that they like to monitor for a few minutes.

Steps to monitor text messages using KidsGuard Pro:

Step 1: Make a new account

In the first place, you need to make a new account on the official site of KidsGuard Pro. This account lets you control everything. For doing so, tap on the tab ‘Sign Up.’ Enter your valid email address and some other information needed for creating the account. Also, you have to buy a premium subscription plan for accessing all the features of this program.

Sign Up

Step 2: Download KidsGuard Pro

Next, you have to visit www.clevguard.net from any web browser on the target device. From there, download the KidsGuard Pro Assistant. Once done, run the application and provide some basic user details. Now, follow the setup wizard for providing the application with the permissions it requires on the monitored device.

KidsGuard Pro

Step 3: Check the text messages

Now, visit the official website of KidsGuard Pro again and then, connect the monitored device. Here, you will come across different kinds of data. Tap on ‘Messages‘ to check the text messages of the target device. For checking the details of any specific text, simply tap on it for expanding it. Now, you will see the text along with the date and time it was received or sent.

SMS Peeper alternative - KidsGuard Pro

Part 7: Another Great Alternative to SMS Peeper – mSpy

Another great alternative to SMSPeeper that you can go with is mSpy. This is a parental control tool that comes with various monitoring features to offer extensive spying experience. So, here are some reasons why you should try mSpy:

1. Monitor messaging applications: With mSpy, users can track various messaging applications, including SMS. Keeping an eye on someone’s text messages could reveal a great deal of information. However, not all kids communicate via SMS. Most teenagers use social media networks to chat with their friends and posting pictures.

mSpy lets you check social apps like Instagram, KIK, and Snapchat. The tool derives data regularly from the account. Using mSpy, users can even read the messages remotely and even access group chats.

2. Get location logs: mSpy is not just an activity tracking tool. This application features GPS location monitoring to offer real-time GPS location of your children. The software stores location logs and saves them in your mSpy account.

Furthermore, users can create geofencing on the target device. Geofence refers to a particular area where your kids usually spend most of their time. The tool notifies you when your kids leave or enter the geofence.

3. Examine extensive reports: mSpy collects activity logs and saves them in the Control Panel. This tool does not delete previous data. So, users can review everything any time they want.

mSpy even offers an option for receiving comprehensive reports. These reports contain information on certain activities. The tool will generate reports and send them to the Control Panel. By examining regular reports, users can find several important details and comprehend each of their child’s activities.

SMS Peeper alternative - mSpy

Try mSpy

Part 8: Comparison Between SMS Peeper, KidsGuard Pro, and mSpy

To give you a better idea, we have prepared a comparison table between KidsGuard Pro and SMS Peeper. This is going to help you choose a better application for phone monitoring.

Features SMS Peeper KidsGuard Pro mSpy
Monitor text messages remotelyYesYesYes
Number of texts that can be viewed100 (the latest ones)UnlimitedUnlimited
Contact person’s nameYesYesYes
Delivery timeNoYesYes
Call historyNoYesYes
Contact listNoYesYes
GPS locationNoYesYes
Social media app messagesNoYesYes
Media filesNoYesYes
Browser historyNoYesYes
Data syncing in real-timeEasyEasyEasy
Success rate20%95%95%

So, SMSPeeper is a good application for checking someone’s SMS messages but has some limitations. You cannot monitor anything other than SMS with SMS Peeper. Go with its alternatives like KidsGuard Pro and mSpy. These applications let you monitor all the activities that happen on the target device, including location, social media apps, contacts, and whatnot! Now, download any of these applications and start phone monitoring hassle-free.

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