Top 5 Spotify Downloader to Free Download Music From Spotify

In a world where everyone relies on the Internet, everything can be searched online. From a simple word search meaning to extensive Physics research topics, the internet has it all! But for most internet users, online games, social network sites are the most searched and downloaded app. To include those popular most used online apps are no other than – Music. And when we talk about music – Spotify, Spotify Downloader, how to download music from Spotify may come first into our minds. Also, click to know about how to uninstall Spotify.
Spotify started its music streaming service about nine years (October 2008) which was created and made by StartUp Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a digital music form that can stream music, podcast and video streaming. Like any other downloadable music stream available online, this can also be downloaded for free, and a paid subscription is also offered for premium users. So far, Spotify has one of the largest numbers of online music users. Although everyone can listen to Spotify, you cannot download music from Spotify and listen to songs offline.

On this article, we will check – out 5 of the most popular Spotify downloader tools. We will teach you how to install these music downloader tools in your device, show you how to download music from Spotify to iTunes and transfer music to other mobile devices.

Spotify Downloader Tool # 1 – KeepVid Music

According to KeepVid Music’s official website, it is an excellent music tool that can play music for free on your personal computer (PC), iPhone, Android Phone, or any other device. The capability of KeepVid is not just limited to music download but lets users enjoy other functions such as record, manage, play and share music.

It is a genius music app that can do a lot of things.

  • Easy download Music and video
  • Unlimited access to over 10,000 music and video sharing sites
  • Complete download including other tags, subtitles, and covers
  • Intelligent deleting of duplicate music, multiple videos, and broken files
  • Provide own music and video player
  • Easy sharing of music and vids
  • Versatile conversion of music and video files
  • Unrestricted transfer of music files to any device
  • Additional feature that can Record Music and Videos
  • Best of all, you can try it for free!

To download music from Spotify to iTunes with KeepVid, here’s how:

Experience how easy to download songs using Spotify Downloader, by trying the simple step below:

Step # 1 – Download, Install and Run KeepVid App

You can download KeepVid for free, just click on the download button (one for free trial app and another complete version)

Download KeepVid Music Download KeepVid Music

Downloadable KeepVid app depends on your device’s Operating system. You can do both of these steps and methods to any Operating System (OS) like MAC or Windows; both ways are applicable. Just download the appropriate KeepVid App for Windows or KeepVid for MAC.

Step # 2 – Download music from Spotify to iTunes Library

2 Ways to Download:

A. Directly download from Spotify the songs you want

Copy Spotify Playlist Link

Download Spotify Music with Keepvid Music

  • Copy and Paste URL of song from Spotify web page ( here is how >> Right – click, then “Copy Playlist Link” or “Copy Artist Link”, perhaps “Copy Song Link”; depending on your chosen music
  • Paste the link from URL in the “Download” page of “GET MUSIC”
  • Finally, click “Download”
  • New song or music playlist has been added to your iTunes Library

*This method in copying music in Spotify using KeepVid is more recommended. The quality of the songs can either be improved or be the same as the existing downloaded file.

B. Record from Spotify music of your choice

Record Music with Keepvid Music

  • Go to Spotify Web page or Spotify app and play a song you want
  • On KeepVid app, press ” Record” icon
  • When the song is done playing, the recorded song will then be added to your iTunes Library

Unlike direct download in KeepVid, recording a song may not always assure good quality. The quality of the recorded song may also depend on the noise background and audio condition of the area where you record your music.

Step # 3 – Transfer downloaded or recorded Spotify songs to other mobile devices

Yes, again there are two ways:

A. Using “Add to” method

Add Spotify Music to iPhone

  • Sync your phone to your device
  • Click on songs from your Spotify playlist that you wanted to copy or transfer to another device.
  • Right click music, then click on “Add to”
  • The, choose your mobile name, example your phone’s name is “Phone123” (during synching)
  • Now, you can enjoy the copied Spotify music to your iPhone, iPod, Android, etc.
B. Using “Export to” method

Export Spotify Music to iPhone

  • Make sure the phone is also synced to the device
  • Click “Export” button
  • And of course, the same as the first method; you have to choose your phone device where you wanted to transfer or copy the song file

Spotify Downloader Tool # 2 – iMusic

Next music downloader app which promises an All-in-one music manager, is AimerSoft’s iMusic. It has a lot of special functions such as:

  • Manages downloaded songs completely with its tags, and subtitles
  • Copy or Transfers songs from and to different devices like iPod, iPhone, among others
  • Readily compatible with different Operating Systems (OS)
  • Covers various categories of music, artists, genre, popularity and more
  • Can be linked to over 3, 000 music sharing sites
  • Record songs real time, perform MP3juice Free Music Download
  • Able to fix broken link tags
  • Music back up ready capability
  • Powerful music app toolbox

To download music from Spotify to iTunes with iMusic here’s how

Try these simple steps, to check out what is good about AimerSoft’s iMusic:

Step # 1 – As usual download app first. A free app is readily available for download so that you can enjoy special features of iMusic for free. Visit website of AimerSoft’s iMusic. Install and launch Here are the steps for how to download and transfer Spotify music to iPod via iMusic.

Download iMusic Free

Step # 2 – Download the music of your choice.
Once launched, check out the iMusic Homepage window to see three selections:

  • > Discover
  • > Download
  • > and Record


<33>3 Ways to Download Music from Spotify using iMusic:

A.Using “Discover” method to Download Music from Spotify

Spotify Downloader

  • Choose, “Discover”
  • Playlist of current most popular and most listened songs from Spotify are loaded by default once connected to the Internet
  • Then, choose which song to copy.
  • Finally, click “download”
  • Song will then be downloaded to your local playlist

B. Using “Download” method to Download Music from Spotify

Download Music with iMusic

  • Choose, “Download” directly
  • On another browser or Spotify app, copy web address or URL link of the song you like to download
  • Paste the copied Spotify songs to iMusic download box
  • Then click “Download”

C.Using “Record” method to Download Music from Spotify

Record Music with iMusic

  • Go to Spotify web browser or Spotify app
  • Play song you want to record
  • Choose, “Record”
  • After music has done playing, iMusic will then automatically place recorded song to your local music playlist

Step # 3 – Check downloaded updated library to see all downloaded, saved and recorded songs from Spotify

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Spotify Downloader Tool # 3 – Streaming Audio Recorder

Another promising Spotify downloader computer and mobile application is Streaming Audio Recorder. With the readily available window tool recorder function, Streaming Audio Recorder can record different kinds of songs in real time state. Like any other music app, custom – made app was also developed to cater to both Windows-based users and MAC users Operating System devices. You can also try free Audio Recorder app. Check out Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows and AllMymusic for MAC for your free download app.

Here are some of the function highlights of Streaming Audio Recorder for both MAC and Windows:

  • Sustains quality of songs during recording online recording
  • Vast link to over 500 audio streaming online sites
  • Compatibility with any Operating system like Windows 10, XP, Vist, MAC and among others
  • Record ready for radio stations frequency broadcast
  • Creates recorded ringtone
  • Allows to record unlimited length of music together
  • Simple app window tools with easy to navigate functions
  • Easy recording of one song or multiple continuous music mash-ups
  • Smart technique in digitally splitting separate songs and videos
  • Clears up online ads

To record music from Spotify with Streaming Audio Recorder here’s how

You only have to record the songs from Spotify and any other music sharing sites to download the music to your local phone or local computer. Here is how to do it easily:

Step # 1 – Check of the Streaming Audio Recorder web page to download this Spotify Downloader and Recorder (it can also record from other music sharing site, as well). You can download this Audio Recorder program for Windows and another AllMymusic for MAC Operating system. Check out above – mentioned links on Audio Recorder download URL site.

Download Streaming Audio Recorder

Step # 2 – Record the song or song list you like.

Launch downloaded Audio Recorder.

record music from Spotify with Streaming Audio Recorder

  • Click on the Record icon on the left top corner of this tool to get ready for music recording.
  • Play any music or audio on your PC, and this powerful Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically record all of them for you, including the whole playlist.

Step # 3 – You will find the Recorded music in the menu of “newly recorded”. And the tool will fix ID3 tags for you automatically as well.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Spotify Downloader Tool # 4 – Max Recorder

Next music recorder on this article to be featured is the Max Recorder. This is an app that could let you record songs without losing a lot of quality of the original music you play. It allows recording from different music websites. Check out your free Max Recorder software at

Max Recorder special features and functions are as follows:

  • Embedded track splitter / smart recording segment divider
  • Records and saves music without limit
  • User – friendly wizard available on Mac Recorder window
  • Provides wide range of music file types
  • Link compatible access with a lot of music websites
  • Auto- volume equalizer feature
  • Best audio – quality recording

To record music from Spotify with Max Recorder, here’s how:

Step # 1 – Download Max Recorder App. Max Recorder is compatible with any Windows based Operating System; like Windows 10, Vista, among others. Refer to the link above. Run downloaded Max Recorder. Then, run Max Recorder.

Step # 2 – Start to record a song.

record music from Spotify with Max Recorder

  • Open Spotify page or app
  • Play Song you wanted to record
  • Go back to the main window panel of Max Recorder,
  • Click “Record” or the circle – red – like icon to record song
  • Song now is recorded successfully.

Step # 3 – After the song has been recorded, you can go to your local playlist songs and rename it.

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Spotify Downloader Tool # 5 – OndeSoft

Last on the list is OndeSoft audio recorder app. A helpful and a smart – music audio app that allows the user not just to record songs but also do a lot of functionalities such as:

  • Apple / Mac compatible music app
  • Records music and all other song genres from different popular music sharing music sites
  • Record real-time music currently played
  • Allow music grab from different websites
  • Record all audio with the provided default music tools into one file
  • Built in song editor function
  • Save recordings to different music file type

To record music from Spotify with OndeSoft, here’s how:

Step # 1 – Download OndeSoft at Install and launch OndeSoft to your computer.

Download Music from Spotify with Ondesoft Audio Recorder
Step # 2 – Start to record a song.

  • Open Spotify to play song
  • Switch to OndeSoft window panel
  • Click circle-red icon to record song

Step # 3 – Song can either be trimmed, multiple songs recorded in one file, etc.

Note: All the 5 Spotify downloader and recorder apps is not limited to Spotify music sharing app/site. All other Music sharing sites can also be downloaded and recorded using all these five apps. And here is the best Android audio manager for you to manage them simply after downloading.