Flexispy Review & Its Best Alternative to Protect Your Kids

Why Need to Know Flexispy?

Internet and technology have changed this world into a global village. With the introduction of the smartphone, the economy is rapidly changing. The average age of kids that have a smartphone or smart device is 10.3 years. Parents might feel proud, but it is an alarming situation. That is why parents need applications like Flexispy.

A common issue that many parents are dealing with is their kids are beginning bullied or harassed. The reason behind it is their own ignorance and freedom they give to kids. No doubt that kids have the right to privacy, but it does not mean that they can access anything they like.

Most of the kids are watching irrelevant content on the internet. They are using social media applications where often kid traffickers contact them. Most of the kids are sharing their nude pictures on the internet. This is the reason they often get kidnapped or rapped.

Parents have to protect their kids, and nothing can be better than a spying application. It is important for the parents to keep an eye on the activities of their kids. That is why they should use a spying app. It will help them to protect their kids before it is too late. Flexispy is a reliable spying application.

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Features of Flexispy

It is an advanced phone application. It is system software that will allow you to keep an eye on the activities of your kids. You can easily install it on the target device and your monitoring device. It will show you everything that your kids are doing on their phones. You can access their private chats, pictures, videos, browsing history and much more.

With the help of Flexispy, you will have the peace of mind that you can stop your kids from doing wrong. There are several interesting features available in Flexispy that will enhance your experience of using the application.

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Price of Flexispy

However, in order to use the application, you will have to root the target and monitoring device. It might raise some suspicions in the mind of your kids, and they might find out. The biggest issue that most of the users have with the spying application is expensive rates. Most of the people are unable to afford the services because of the high rates. That is why they are looking for a similar alternative. There are different plans for Flexispy.


  1. $68 per month
  2. $99 for 3 months
  3. $149 per annum


  1. $199 for 3 months
  2. $349 per annum

Get Flexispy

KidsGuard is the best alternative for Flexispy. It is the similar features and services available at an affordable rate.

KidsGuard: Perfect Flexispy alternative

KidsGuard is developed with the same technology as Flexispy. It has all the latest features and specifications that you need to spy on your kids. It will allow you to monitor all the activities of your children so you will not have to deal with any issues.

The biggest attraction of KidsGuard is that there are different packages available. You can select the one that meets your requirements perfectly. It means you will not have to pay for the services that you do not want. It will help you to save time and money.

With KidsGuard you can monitor your kids on the go. You will know where they are going or what they are doing all the time. Nothing will be hidden from you. Another benefit of this application is that it will remain hidden in the target device. There are no rooting requirements, so your kid will never find out that you are spying on his activities.

It will allow you to give your kids the freedom that they want. You will not have to tell your kids to show you their phone. Customers love this application because of the latest features and interactive user-interface.


Flexispy alternative KidsGuard has the following interesting features.

  • In order to get the Facebook hack software running there is no need to root or jailbreak your device.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • KidsGuard will allow you to spy on call logs, calls and recordings of calls.
  • Check the bookmarks and browsing the history of your children.
  • Check the audio and media files of the target device.
  • To capture login details, a keylogger is available.
  • You can easily spy on all social media applications. It’s the best Facebook messenger spy app, Best WhatsApp Hacker Application & Viber account hacker.
  • Recordings and live screenshots are available.
  • Tracking and GPS location systems are available.


  • There is a well-designed installation wizard that makes installation of the app really easy.
  • No special techniques required to learn to use the application professionally.
  • There is a change of SIM on a target device, do not worry because KidsGuard will still work.
  • Numerous features available like the stealth camera, call recording and GPS tracking.
  • Track the activities of messages and all different texting applications like WhatsApp.
  • Fast and secure channels are available for purchasing of different packages.
  • All the packages are available at affordable rates so you can easily manage your budget.
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support is available.


  • You will need to physically access the target phone.
  • From purchasing to installation, it might take some time for setup.
  • A stealth camera can take some time while capturing an image.

The company is working to resolve these issues so you can have the best experience.

Step by Step User Guide for the Alternative of Flexispy – KidsGuard

There are different ways for the installation of Flexispy alternative KidsGuard to your Android and iOS device. Here is the step by step guide that you have to follow.

For Android phone

1. First, you have to invest in the premium version of KidsGuard. You can have the package that you like. It will allow you to create your account. Now you can select the best plan regarding your requirements.

Sign up KidsGuard Account
2. After registration, you can set up the wizard page according to your requirements. You will have to enter all the information that the system asks for. It includes the name of the owner of your target phone. The operating system runs on the information that you are giving. So assure that you mention everything correctly.

Access the target device

1. Get access to the target device and go to settings. Here you have to tap into security and enable the option of unknown resources. Click on OK to complete the process.

2. Use the official website of KidsGuard to install it on the target device. Monitor the installation process to assure that everything happens perfectly.

3. Wait for the download to be complete so you can install the application and launch it

4. You will see the login page on the home screen of the device. Sign in with the account and select the option of the start. It will activate the administrator service of the device. For maximum effectiveness, you have to assure that all permissions are available. Once the process is complete, you can delete the icon of the application.

5. Once the installation is complete on the target device, quickly login to KidsGuard. Use your computer for the process or your own phone. It will show you all the activities of the target device.

6. The name of the device will be available on the dashboard. You can select the device that you like to monitor if there are many. Use the control panel to select the things that you like to view. In the beginning, it might take time to load. However, with the passage of time, it will get faster.

7. Tabs are available on the dashboard. You can select the activities from here that you are planning to monitor.

View KidsGuard for Android Demo

For iOS device

1. You can access the KidsGuard application on your computer or iPhone. You have to create your account. Subscribe to the premium services.

2. After subscription and registration, you have to follow the installation wizard. You will get all the installation information and how you can monitor the target device.

3. Enter the name of the target device. You have to select the operating system iOS and tap on next.

4.It will show you the iCloud login page once you are on the next page. Mention the iCloud account credentials of the target device.

5. Make sure that syncing and backup of iCloud account is activated on the target device. After the first login, it will take some time to sync the device.

6. KidsGuard will allow you to access the control panel so you can monitor different activities. You can easily view the target device.

7. Once syncing is done, you can easily monitor and track the iOS device and its activities.

View KidsGuard for iOS Demo

Final word

No doubt there are many alternatives to Flexispy available in the market. However, KidsGuard is the only one that has been able to meet the standards. You cannot trust just any other spying application available in the market. Remember it is a spying app. If you are spying on your kids, there are chances developers of the application are spying on your kids as well.

There are some fake spying applications available online. The only purpose of such apps is to collect information about the kids. They will not show you all the activities of your children. Such hackers might try to contact your kids in private that might cause some serious issues.

That is why you have to be careful with the selection of a spying app. The reason Flexispy and KidsGuard are the best is because of their encryption services. The applications have a high-security system. The data of your kids will remain between you and your children. No one else will get access to the data, not even the development team of the application.

Flexispy and KidsGuard care about your kid’s protection and privacy. That is why every service you will find in the application is high-quality. So save some money and install KidsGuard today.

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