Steam Download Stopping – Let’s Fix It Quickly

Steam download stopping” is a random issue experienced by many users. They say that the download process stops for a couple of moments and starts again.

In fact, this is not a new issue for Steam users. So, the reports pertaining to this issue are many.

Some individuals believe that there is a unique solution to address this issue without going far. However, that is a wrong assumption. “Steam download stopping” can happen due to various issues, and based on the reason, the solution might vary.

How to Fix If Steam Download Stopping?

Now that you know, there is no single solution to address this issue. Let’s learn the fixes.

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Method 1: Close the Unwanted Applications to Fix ‘Steam Download Stopping’

Before trying any advanced solutions, it is better to start with the basic fixes. Sometimes, the other applications running on your system can cause various issues on Steam. So, it is better to stop all those applications and see if you can get rid of the issue. Mentioned below are those steps you should follow.

  • First, press “Windows” + “R” keys simultaneously and bring up the “Run” utility.
  • On the dialog box, enter the text “taskmgr” and hit “Enter“. This will open “Task Manager“.
  • Now you can see the list of programs that are currently running in the system. You can stop all the programs that are not necessary at the moment through this window.
  • Once you have done that, just restart your Steam application and see if the problem is resolved.

Method 2: Check If the Time Zone is Correct to Fix Steam Download Stopping

Sometimes, Steam can stop downloading due to a conflict of time. That means a conflict between the time in your computer and the time zone which is set. You should know that the Steam application requires real-time data from your PC, and the timestamp aspect is involved. If there is a difference between the two, the application tends to malfunction and display some errors.

Please Follow the Below Guide in Order to Get It Done.

  • First, click on the “Windows” button or hit the “Windows” on the keyboard. Then, choose the option called “Control Panel” so it will be opened in a new window.
  • In the list of categories, you should choose the option called “Date and Time“.
Check if the time zone is correct
  • There will be three tabs. Choose the option called “Internet Time” and then click on “Change Settings“.
Check if the time zone is correct to fix Steam Download Stopping
  • Now, you will find a dialog box called “Synchronize with the Internet time server“. Just check it.
  • Click on the option called “Update Now“, as well.
Check if the time zone is correct
  • Once the time is updated successfully, you should click on “OK“. Once it is done, you should restart the system.

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Method 3: Update the Drivers of Your nNetwork Adapter to Fix Steam Download Stopping

Steam wants to perform with the latest drivers on your system. So, outdated drivers can trigger various issues on the system if you have not updated your network drivers recently, its time to give it a try and mentioned below is how to do it.

  • Hit “Windows” key on the keyboard, and when the search box appears, type “Device Manager“.
  • Once it is opened, it will display a long list of devices installed on your PC. Scroll and locate the option called “Network Adapters“.
  • You can now see the network adapter installed in the PC. Double click on the driver to open a separate window.
Update the drivers of your network adapter
  • Click on the tab labeled “Driver” and then navigate to the option called “Update Driver“. There will be two options; to update manually or update automatically. You can choose any method and update those drivers.
Update the drivers of your network adapter to fix Steam Download Stopping
  • Once the update is done, you should restart the computer and launch Steam again.

Method 4: Limit the Bandwidth to Fix Steam Download Stopping

In certain cases, there can be mismatches between the download speed and the write speed of the disk. If that is the case, you will experience varied download speeds, and sometimes it can even get stopped. So, this issue can be solved by limiting the existing bandwidth. Be sure to choose a moderate speed that is not too high or not too low. Here’s how to do it.

  • Launch the Steam client on Administrator mode.
  • Click on the option called “Steam” (on top-left corner) and choose the option called “Settings“.
  • Then, navigate to the option called “Downloads“. Click on the drop-down called “Limit Bandwidth to“.
Limit the bandwidth to fix Steam Download Stopping
  • Choose a decent speed and relaunch Steam.

Method 5: Disable Your System’s Windows Defender to Fix Steam Download Stopping

Interestingly, Windows Defender can be the culprit in certain instances. The users who experience this issue can overcome it by disabling the Windows Defender. You can try disabling it and restart the computer. But if it doesn’t work, you must turn it on once again.

  • Hit the “Windows” key.
  • When the “Start Menu” appears, you should start typing “Local Group Policy Editor”.
  • You will see an icon with the name “Local Group Policy Editor” now. Click on it to open the window.
  • Click on the tab labeled “Computer Configuration“.
  • Under that, choose the option called “Administrative Templates“.
  • Now, you will see a folder called “Windows Components“.
  • Click on it and choose “Windows Defender“.
Disable your system's Windows Defender
  • Choose the option called “Turn Off Windows Defender“.
Disable your system's Windows Defender
  • Choose the option called “Enabled” so Windows Defender will be turned off.
  • Apply the changed settings and hit “OK“.
Disable your system's Windows Defender

Restart the computer and relaunch Steam on Administrator mode.

Method 6: Check If You Have Enabled .NET Properly

You will see that ‘Steam download stopping’ because of improper .NET settings. So, we suggest you enable it properly and check if the problem persists.

  • Go to “Control Panel“.
  • Go to the option labeled “Programs and Features“.
  • Then, click on the option called “Turn Windows Features on and off“.
  • Locate the option called “.NET framework“. Expand the folder by clicking on it. If you see any unchecked folders inside, check them as well. Save the settings before exiting the program.
Check if you have enabled .NET properly
  • Now, launch Steam with administrator privileges.

Method 7: Get Rid of CDPUserSvc_3e1f2 Process

You can use this method if none of the above solutions have worked for you. Before you perform this method, however, you must boot into Safe Mode with networking. Then, check if you can download through Steam without any issue. If it works, just reboot the computer in normal mode and follow the steps below.

  • Launch Control Panel and go to the option called “Administrative Tools“.
  • Then, you can see a separate window. Scroll down it and find the option called “Services“. Click on it.
Get rid of CDPUserSvc_3e1f2 process
  • Now, you will find a service called “CDPUserSvc_3e1f2“.
  • Double-click on it. You will then see some options. Choose the option called “Stop“. Once you have stopped it, go to its properties and choose its startup type to “Manual“.

Method 8: Clean the Cache of HTML

You can also try to clear the HTML cache as a solution if Steam download stopping.

  • First, you should exit the Steam client.
  • You can then bring up Run utility by pressing “Windows” and “R” keys.
  • Now, enter the text “control“, so you can see the control panel icon. Click on it and open the control panel.
  • Then, in the search box, type the text “Folder Options“.
Clean the cache of HTML
  • Click on Folder Options and then click on “View“. Then, mark the option called “Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives“.
Clean the cache of HTML
  • Apply the changes you have made and exit the window.
  • Launch Run utility once again.
  • In the search field, you should enter the code mentioned below.
  • C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Steam\htmlcache
  • Please make sure that you replace with the actual username of your Windows account.
  • If you are not aware of the username, you can manually browse through the file location. That can be done through the file explorer.
  • Go to the C drive and then search for the folder called “Users“.
  • Click on the username related to your user account. Then, navigate to the folder called “AppData“. Inside this folder, you could see another folder called “Local“. It has another subfolder called “Steam“.
  • As the last folder, there is another folder called “htmlcache“.
  • When you have reached the respective folder, you should delete all the items in it.
  • Once the deletion is completed, launch the “Run” command once again.
  • In the dialog box, you should key in “steam://flushconfig“.
  • Once you hit the “Enter” key, you will see a confirmation dialog box as well. After cleaning the cache, Steam will work as you to log in once again with credentials. So, be sure to remember your Steam credentials before performing this solution.
Clean the cache of HTML to fix Steam Download Stopping
  • You can now launch Steam without any issue. If everything has gone correctly, you will see that the download will happen smoothly.

Method 9: Reinstall Steam on Your PC

Are you still looking for a way to fix this steam download stopping issue? If so, we assume that your Steam client has an error in it. The best way to resolve it is to reinstall it. However, you can keep some files so the game data will be saved. Also, you must remember to have the credentials of the Steam account before proceeding. You should never try this method if you don’t remember the passwords.

Please Follow Below Steps to Do It.

  • First, exit the Steam application. You don’t have to worry because this method doesn’t delete any gameplay data.
  • Now, start “Task Manager“.
  • Once the Task Manager is opened, find all the processes under “Steam Client BootStrapper” and end them.
Steam Client BootStrapper
  • Go to “Run” utility once again and enter “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam” in the search box.
Reinstall Steam on your PC

Be Sure to Locate All the Files and Folders Mentioned Below.

  • Steamapps  Folder (This is where all your games are located)
  • Userdata   Folder (This is where the progress of your games is saved)
  • Skins Folder (This is where your steam skins are located)
  • Steam.exe Application (This is the launcher for Steam)
  • Ssfn files They may be more than one and each one may have a number in front of it

(Keep it, so you don’t have to wait 7 days for trade cooldown).

  • Now, you should delete all the files in the installation folder except the ones mentioned above.
  • Once you have done that, Steam will start to download some files and update the application. Once the installation is completed, you can enter the credentials (there will be a prompt).
  • After a successful login, the download should work. You must remember to launch the Steam application with Administrator privileges. To do that, please right-click on the Steam and choose open with Administrator privileges.

Method 10: Change the Region

In certain cases, the reason for Steam download to stop could be a region where the servers are located. Some servers can experience issues at least once in a while. So, you can try to change the download region of the Steam and see if it works.

  • First, you should run a Steam client and wait until the login screen prompts.
  • You can click on the option called “Steam“, which is located at the top-right corner. Then, click on the option called “Settings“.
  • You can click on the option called “Downloads” and then go to the option called “Download Region“.
Change the region to fix Steam Download Stopping
  • You can now change the location. Be sure that you choose a location with a considerable distance from the existing one. Also, it is much better if you can try the locations that are not frequently used.
  • Click on “OK” now to save the changes you have just made. Then, launch Steam and see if the issue is gone.


So, those are the solutions to try if Steam download stopping constantly. Do you know better solutions than the ones we have mentioned above? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.


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