How to Overcome the Problem of Swipe to Unlock?

Every Smartphone in the market now comes with proper security measures so that no one can gain access to your information without your permission. This feature basically allows you to lock different folders of the mobile phone like the gallery, email, messages, notes, and many other folders. A simple lock pattern is enough to protect our phone from people who like to snoop around. They will not know the correct passcode even if they swipe to unlock.

Sometimes, when we fear that our siblings, friends, or other people might have figured out the passcode, then we change it. Due to changing the pattern or the passcode too many times or not paying enough attention to it, we forget the passcode or the pattern ourselves. This can be really embarrassing and frustrating as well because you would not be able to use your own device. If you are facing this problem, then don’t worry as there are ways in which we could solve the swipe to unlock problem.

1. Disabling swipe to unlock when you have access to the device

Most of the people who use a Smartphone use the feature to lock their screen so only they could use it. If someone locks their screen, it does not mean that they have something to hide, for most people it just means that they value their privacy. In case, you locked yourself out of your phone then you wouldn’t know what pattern to put when you swipe to unlock the screen.


1. First of all, you should go to the Settings. You could go through the menu, or some people have a short-cut of important apps like these on the home screen as well. You could go to Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. Now, choose the “Security” tab.

3. When you tap into the “Screen Security,” you will see three options which are “Screen lock”, “Lock Screen”, and “Owner information.”

4. Select the option by the name of “Screen Lock.”

5. Now, you will be asked to enter the PIN code as a security measure. This is a way of Android devices to ensure that it is the owner of the device.

6. When you click on the PIN code option, the drop-down menu will have some new options. From those, choose “None.”

This is how you can successfully disable the swipe to unlock option if you forgot what your passcode was. You should now be able to access all the information without having to put any passcode when you unlock the device.

2. Disabling swipe to unlock option when the device is locked

Disabling the lock screen when you have access to the device is still much easier than it is when you have to disable swipe the unlock option when you are locked out of the device. One of the only options you have that would be super effective is using dr.foneAndroid Screen Unlock. This tool would help to solve the problem without causing your device to lose any of the precious or important data that may be on there.

Features of dr.done – Android Screen Unlock

  • By using this app, you can reset iPhone without password & conveniently remove four different types of lock like a PIN, pattern, password, and even fingerprint.
  • When you are only removing the lock screen, you do not have to worry about losing any data.
  • Even newcomers who are not into technical stuff can handle this app/software to fix locked out of iPhone without any problem at all.
  • It is totally compatible with Samsung Galaxy/ Tab Series/ Notes and even other Android-based devices.

Download dr.fone – Screen Unlock (Android)


1. Launch dr.fone on the computer. In front of you, there will be a bunch of different options. Choose the option that is titled “Screen Unlock.”


2. If you want to overcome this swipe to unlock the problem, then connect the computer to the device, and it will initiate the process.

3. You will have to enable the download mode on the device. To do this, you will have to turn the device off then press the home button, volume down button, and the power button together. After you are done, press the volume up button.

4. These steps should successfully put the device in recovery mode; once it is done, the device will automatically download the recovery kit.

5. You will be able to see it on the screen as dr.fone – Unlock gets to work without damaging or losing any of the data on the device.

You will be able to use the device without having to put the passcode on the lock screen.

3. Disabling swipe to unlock when the pattern lock is enabled

This section will cover up the options on that you have when the pattern lock is enabled. We will have to figure out a way to turn off swipe to unlock feature. Although this seems like a big problem, there is a solution to it.


1. The first thing that you will have to do is to go to the Settings.

2. Among the multiple options, choose the one that is named “Security.”

3. In order to turn the swipe to unlock option off, go to “Screen Lock” and then choose the option “None.”

4. If you had previously chosen the pattern, then it will ask you to put in the pattern once again. Once you put in the pattern, the lock screen should disappear completely.

5. You should reboot the device once so that you can get the latest feature of knowing how to turn off the swipe to unlock option.

If there is any problem related to the lock password on an Android device, then you could choose the option of going for an email account. It is specially set up for swiping into the device.

Locking our phone is no longer seen as a way to hide some information on our device. It is simply a way for us to keep the information safe. A lot of the times, we give our smartphones to a friend or to a sibling when they need it but, they might snoop around. Having it locked down helps to keep others secret safe with you as well.

If you have mischievous friends or younger siblings, then they may attempt to figure out the lock so that they can blackmail you with the information they can get their hands on. In order to protect ourselves, we often change the passcode or the pattern to something, which is super hard to remember thus, locking ourselves out of the device. This can be a rather embarrassing situation especially if you are out and about then you will need to access your phone.

One of the most plausible and common options that are out there is erasing everything off of the device. This will, however, mean that all the data will also be lost if you hadn’t backed it up. All of us have some data on our devices that we cannot afford to lose. The good news is that apps like dr.fone exist to help remove the passcode without damaging or causing the loss of any data.

dr.fone for Android is nothing less than a lifesaver in situations like these. It is one of the most reliable apps that you would find on the market to unlock stolen iPhone & even Reset iPhone without passcode and computer. In a matter of just a few minutes, it will solve the problem of swipe to unlock. The ratings for this software are mostly positive. Another amazing feature of this is that you will be able to use it without any problem even if you are not that into techs and gadgets.