Part 1. The reason why more and more users switch from iOS to Samsung devices

With the continuous development of phones, more and more useful devices are created all over the world, in this regard, almost all the people want to have the access to the latest technology. If you analyze the user behavior, you will find out that the trend of switching from iPhones to Samsung devise is more and more obvious. Why these users abandon the popular iPhone to choose Samsung devices? Maybe some of them are tired of the same brand of mobile phone and want to try out new flavors, or other of them think that Samsung devices have more friendly user experience and more comprehensive functions with the latest technology. All of these make even loyal iOS supporters have to leave iPhone for the Samsung phones. According to the customer analysis, users prefer to buy the cost-effective products, that is to say, they want to buy the best products with the least amount of money, as far as possible. It gives no cause for much criticism since every customer wants to buy cheap goods which worth spending. So the users review the functions strictly from the hardware capability to the screen size and to the camera resolution.

Perhaps because of the development of the network, the novices can get information conveniently, so that they have a better understanding on products, also have more objective evaluation on the function of different mobile phone brands. In order to better understand the characteristics of the two phones, we make a comparison data. Let's refer to it together as shown below.

Part 2. How to switch from iOS to Samsung within one click

If you want to switch from iPhone to Android phone, there must be lots of data should be transferred. But don't worry, just take it easy, since dr.fone – Phone Transfer can be a good helper to complete this task excellently.

It makes this possible to transfer the data all at once from iPhone to Android phone just within one click. That is to say, the transfer process is very easy to operate instead of creating backups manually or selecting files one by one on your computer or laptop, which seems to be boring and messy. dr.fone is so caring that it will do all of these jobs for you. Next, let's take a look at its working principle together and see what things should be prepared before the data transfer. Now, look at its features as shown below.

  • 1. It can transfer data between different operating systems, such as Android, WinPhone, Nokia (Symbian) and iDevice within just one click.
  • 2. Almost all the data types are supported, like call logs, contacts, messages, calendar, photos, video, apps, and music.
  • 3. You can backup phone data of Android, WinPhone, Nokia, and iDevice to the computer.
  • 4. Backups which are created by BlackBerry Desktop Suite iTunes, Samsung Kies and so on can be extracted and transferred to your phone as well.
  • 5. Supports various networks, like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile.
  • 6. More than 8000 kinds of phones support which are running Android, iOS and Nokia (Symbian)

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Now, follow the steps one by one as shown below to Switch from iOS to Samsung.

Step 1. At first, you should download dr.fone and then set up the program according to the installation wizard. It won't take a long time to finish the installation process, please be patient and wait for a minute.

Step 2. After the installation is fully completed, launch the program by clicking on the icon on your computer or laptop. Then connect both Samsung mobile phone and iPhone to your computer or laptop with the help of USB cables.

Step 3. As it introduced above, dr.fone is so caring that almost does all the jobs for you. The program can also detect your devices rather than configuring devices manually. Wait for a minute again and it will recognize both devices automatically. If it is the first time to initialize the device, it will take you a few time since it should install a specific driver on your computer or laptop to detect devices.

Step 4. After both devices are identified, you'll see a similar screen as shown below. Both devices are displayed on the screen. If you want to change the Destination and the Source device, the “Flip” button will help you with a mere click. The data which should be copied to the destination device will be shown on the menu at the center.

Switch from iOS to Samsung

Step 5. It is your turn to decide which data should be switched from iOS to Samsung device. Check the corresponding boxes to choose the desired data. Press on the “Start Transfer” button to start the transfer process between iPhone to your Samsung phone. Wait a few minutes until the progress bar shows 100%.

Step 6. You can see the progress of task completion according to the progress bar. It will display the status of each file on the screen. You will see the tab of “Success” written against those files which have been transferred already.

Switch data from iOS to Samsung galaxy

Step 7. After all these jobs are done, it means that your data have been transferred from iOS device to Samsung phone safely and successfully. In this regard, you can disconnect both phones from your computer or laptop. Now, you can use your new phone with all previous data saved in it.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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