How to Switch from iPhone to Samsung S10 / S20 in 1-Click

Apple and Samsung have been fiercely competing for years. New iPhone models are being pushed out annually, and Samsung is releasing brand new models just as fast. As a result of how many devices are being released and how intricate some of the features are, a number of users choose to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10 / S20. Don’t take this as an indication that iPhones are less impressive than the Samsung Galaxy range – the iPhone 10 is proof that the competition is still very much alive.

What a lot of these people forget about is moving their personal data. Since iPhones and Android devices use different operating systems, it can be difficult to move files between them. Similarly, some data and apps aren’t compatible and therefore, can’t be moved. So, with this in mind, we’ll be walking you through everything you’ll need to know about switching from an iPhone to your new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Preparing to Switch from iPhone to Samsung S10

Transferring data to your new Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. It involves a little more preparation, and below are the important things to do before you even begin transferring data.

Back-Up Your Data

Of course, taking a backup of your iPhone data is a great first step. This ensures that all of the important files are secure, and should something go wrong, you won’t be upset about losing personal data. Generally speaking, you should take regular backups of your iPhone data anyway.

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Charge the Batteries

Something that too many people overlook is their smartphones’ battery lives. Before you switch from iPhone to Samsung S10, you must make sure they both have at least 70% battery.

Although the recommendation is 50%, a little extra gives you a safety net if the transfer takes longer than expected. If one of the devices’ battery dies during the switch, you risk corruption. Taking a backup in this situation would mean none of the data was lost forever, but it is an easily avoidable inconvenience.

Sign Out of All Accounts

Another step that people forget is to sign out of all accounts. When you buy a new smartphone, it’s easy to discard it and obsess over your new piece. This could lead to the iPhone falling into the wrong hands, and if you decide to sell it, your accounts may be hacked. Always take the time to sign out off any accounts you’ve signed into on the iPhone.

Wipe Your iPhone

After you back up your data and sign out of your accounts, thoroughly wipe your iPhone. Using a professional data wipe tool will ensure that there’s no trace of your personal data or account information on the device.

What Data Should I Transfer?

You’ve taken the time to prepare, what’s next? Now you need to decide what data you want to transfer when you switch from iPhone to Samsung S10. Here are the most important data types that we recommend.

  • Contacts. Obviously, you’ll want to transfer your contact information. In the past, you’d have to do this manually, but with the right tool, all it takes is a few clicks, and all of your contacts are ready on your Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • Texts. Depending on who and what you’re texting, you might also want to transfer your texts as well. Sentimental texts or those which contain important information are worth keeping.
  • Photos & Videos. Photos and videos that you take with your iPhone are a way of capturing life’s important memories. It goes without saying that they are both on the list of data types to transfer.
  • Music. All of your music, whether you listen to it while exercising or in the background when working, should be transferred. Doing this also saves you the hassle of redownloading all of your songs.
  • Calendar. A less important data type is calendar information. Although not a crucial piece of data, if you constantly use the Calendar app to keep track of any events or special days, take that information with you.

In addition, you may also consider transferring sensitive documents too. These are the main data types to consider transferring but really, transfer anything that’s important to you.

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Introducing dr.fone – Switch

You’ve now got an idea of the data you’re going to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10, but you need to know how. Compatibility is the biggest concern with iOS and Android data transfers, so we recommend dr.fone – Switch.

  • Transfer your personal data between any iOS and Android device
  • Directly move iPhone data to Samsung S10 in one click
  • Significantly easier than manually transferring data to your new phone
  • Supports transferring most data types (aside from certain App’s Data)
  • Compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions

Go ahead and download dr.fone – Switch, and you too will appreciate how great it is for transferring data. You’ll also see that the dr.fone Toolkit includes data recovery, lock screen removal, and firmware repair tools. Overall, it’s an amazingly useful program to have.

Download dr.fone – Switch

Switch from iPhone to Samsung S10 with dr.fone

With the assistance of dr.fone – Switch you can quickly and easily move files from your iPhone to Samsung S10. All it’ll take is a few minutes, and here’s how.

Step #1 – Install dr.fone – Switch on your computer and launch it.

Step #2 – On the main menu, you’ll have all of the toolkit’s key features shown to you. Click on “Switch” from here.

Step #3 – Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S10 to the computer using the appropriate USB cables.

Step #4 – Once dr.fone detects the devices, they will appear on your screen. Make sure that the source device is your iPhone.

Note: if the source device is the Samsung S10, click on “Flip” to correct this.

Step #5 – A list of data types will be listed in the center of the window. Check the boxes of whichever datatypes you would like to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10.

Step #6 – If there is data on the Samsung device, you may select “Clear data before copy” to wipe it prior to the transfer. Finally, click the “Start Transfer” button.

Now you wait. dr.fone – Switch will handle the whole data transfer process, and as long as you don’t disconnect either of the smartphones from your computer, there’ll be no issues. Improperly unplugging them could cause data loss, so avoid this if possible.

All that aside, it’s clear that if you want to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10 efficiently, then your best bet is to take advantage of dr.fone – Switch.

Introducing Samsung Smart Switch

Instead of dr.fone, you might take a gander at Samsung Smart Switch. This is Samsung’s official app, but it, unfortunately, has a few disadvantages which in our opinion make it less useful.

  • Users can only transfer data to a Samsung device, not an iOS device
  • This app offers limited support of iCloud backups that were uploaded with iOS 9
  • Many Android devices are not compatible with Samsung Smart Switch
  • Some users report data loss and corruption whilst using this app

Setting these negative points aside, there are a few positives. Wireless data transfers, ease of use, and if you have an incompatible backup, you can use a wire to transfer data instead.

Wired Transfer with Samsung Smart Switch

Although we suggest dr.fone – Switch, here’s how to use Samsung Smart Switch. This first method explains how to use this app with a USB cable and OTG cable.

Step #1 – Start by installing Samsung Smart Switch on both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Step #2 – Launch the app on each device and choose “USB CABLE” from the main menu.

Step #3 – Using the OTG and USB cables, connect the devices together. If your iPhone shows the trust prompt, tap “Trust” and then “Next.”

Step #4 – After the connection is made, you’ll be able to choose what data to transfer.

Step #5 – Once you’ve chosen specific data types, tap “Transfer” and wait.

Not everyone has an OTG cable readily available. Thus, you might prefer the wireless approach if you use this app to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10.

Wirelessly Transfer with Samsung Smart Switch

For the wireless approach, the app works by downloading iCloud backups. Here’s what you need to do.

Step #1 – On your Samsung S10, download the Samsung Smart Switch app.

Step #2 – Open the app and tap “Wireless,” then choose “iOS” from the list of devices.

Step #3 – It’ll now request your iCloud information. Sign in with the same iCloud account that you have on your old iPhone.

Step #4 – After successfully signing in, choose any of the data that you want to transfer.

Step #5 – Click on “Import” to complete the process and transfer the data.

Although convenient, the downside of using Samsung Smart Switch is that there are some data types which it doesn’t support. Aside from that, it’s easy to use and can swiftly transfer your data.

Restoring iPhone Data to Samsung S10 with dr.fone

Perhaps you have an iTunes backup that contains all of the data you want to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10. Restoring this backup file to an Android device is possible with dr.fone.

Step #1 – Download and install dr.fone – Android Backup&Restore, and launch it.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore

Step #2 – Choose “Backup & Restore” from the main menu once dr.fone launches.

Step #3 – Connect the Samsung Galaxy S10 to your computer with a USB cable.

Step #4 – Click on the “Restore” button, and then from the bar on the left, click “Restore from iTunes backup.”

Step #5 – All of your iTunes backups will now be shown to you. Select the one you want to restore and then click on “Next.”

Step #6 – The next menu will allow you to restore the backup selectively. Browse the backup’s contents and select all of the data you want to restore.

Step #7 – Lastly, after selecting the data to restore, click “Restore to Device.” Use the drop-down menu to select your device, confirm the data types for restore, and click “Continue.”

The benefit of using dr.fone in this situation is that you don’t have to restore everything. If you only want to restore contacts and texts, or maybe just the photos, you can do that. There’s no need to fill your device’s small storage capacity unnecessarily.

To Conclude on Switch from iPhone to Samsung S10

Getting your hands on Samsung’s latest smartphone can be a fantastic idea. Stressing about having to transfer data manually makes this a much less exciting purchase, so using dr.fone – Switch to transfer in a single click is ideal. Better yet is that a quick look at dr.fone’s main menu will show you some of the other abilities that this toolkit has. All in all, whether you switch from iPhone to Samsung S10 and need to move data, or you want to take a backup, dr.fone is the software for you.

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