Sync All Data/Videos/Photos/Music/SMS between Android and Android

It is true that transferring data, like music, videos, and photos from one Android device to another is easy since they are based on the same operating system. You can also copy contacts to another Android device if you have uploaded your contacts on your Android to the online accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to transferring apps, text messages, and call logs, however, you may feel helpless on a sudden, because you are unable to move these data from one Android device to another Android phone or tablet. Thus, to achieve the Android to Android data transfer task, I strongly recommend you to use dr.fone – Phone Transfer , which empowers you to transfer all data, namely contacts, music, videos, photos, call logs, SMS text messages, and apps, from one Android device to another within one single click.

What’s more, it supports more than 7,000 phones, like HTC, Samsung, iOS, LG, and Sony, you name it. So, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility problem. Being curious about it? Then let’s check the step-by-step tutorial below. You will find out how to transfer data, especially for Apps, call log, and SMS messages from Android to Android devices.

Three steps to sync all data/files between any two Android devices

Step 1: Install and launch dr.fone on your computer

To get started, please download dr.fone on your computer first. After downloading, install it. Launch it by double-clicking the icon of this Android to Android transfer tool on the desktop. Then a primary window of this transfer tool will show up.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


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Step 2: Connect both your Android devices to your computer

Use two USB cables to connect both your Android devices to your computer. Once this transfer tool detects your devices, it will show them in the primary window. You may notice that one device is on the “Source” and the other on the “Destination“. If you want to switch the position of them, just click the Flip button. Also, you can make room for your importing data on your Destination phone by clicking “Clear data before copy“.

sync all data between android and android phone

Step 3: Sync data/SMS/apps/call log from Android to Android phone or tablet

As you can see, all the selections are marked. You can remove the marks of some content you don’t need. When everything is ready, you just need to click “Start Transfer” to begin transferring data you needed from Android to Android, such as apps, SMS text messages, call log. Then, a transfer dialog will pop up showing you the percentage of the transfer progress. Please make sure that your devices are connected to the computer during this whole process. In a few minutes, it should be done. When the transfer process comes to an end, click OK to close it.

transfer data from android to android

Well done! You have successfully transferred data from Android to Android. Now you can browse the data on another Android device. With the help of dr.fone – Phone Transfer, it is really easy to transfer all data, videos, music, photos, SMS messages, apps, and call log between Android and Android, right?

So, let’s waste no time to download this amazing transfer tool right away.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer