How to Sync Audio Books from iTunes with Android

How Can We Load & Sync Audio Books from iTunes with Android?

Audio book brings great convenience to people who cannot read or who enjoy learning something through listening. Besides, with it, you don’t need to carry books with you when you want to do some reading. When you feel tired, you can play it as a background music while picking up some ideas from it. However, it seems difficult to transfer audio books from iTunes to Android device since Apple has a special DRM that makes it impossible to do the transferring manually. So, that’s it? Isn’t there any way to tackle this problem? Sure, there are ways to deal with this problem. All you need is turning to powerful iTunes to Android apps for help. In the following, we are going to share with you four amazing applications that enable you to perform the transferring with one tip to convert iTunes audios books into MP3 file in the end. Just check it out!

1. iSyncr Android

If you want to experience a wonderful iTunes to Android tool, iSyncr Android is the one that you would never miss. This tool allows you to move data you want from iTunes to Android freely, and it is quite easy to use. What you need to do is to download it and install it on your computer. Once it is done, run iSyncr Android and it will automatically connect with your iTunes installation. Then you can install the Android client and perform the data transfer between iTunes and Android with ease.

To download this tool, hit here:

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2. iTunesForAndroid

What differs iTunesForAndroid from the other apps is that this program is totally free. Yet it enables you to do the data transfer between iTunes and Android device with nearly the same steps. Make sure you install the Android client so as to run this program properly.

Try it here:

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3. DoubleTwist


Just like the other apps mentioned above, DoubleTwist is another amazing tool that helps you transfer audiobooks from iTunes to Android phones. What makes it different is that DoubleTwist is quite reliable and user-friendly. Although it may take a few minutes before the job is done, you can always trust it will get the best result for you!

To explore this program here:

In addition to the audiobooks transfer apps, we also want to share a brief guide on how to convert audiobooks into an MP3 file with you. Keep reading on!

Easy way to convert audiobooks from iTunes into MP3 files

Before we get started, you need to download AAC to MP3 Audiobook Converter on your computer. This app features in unprotected music and audio books from a great range of online stores, such as iTunes.

After downloading and installing this tool, you can move the audiobooks from iTunes. Just click the audiobooks you want to transfer, choose the output file as MP3 format, and press the Start button to initiate the process. Within a few minutes, it will be complete and then you can enjoy the audiobooks as MP3