How to Sync iPod Music with Samsung Galaxy S6 | S7 Edge | S8 | S9

I know a lot of people are expecting the coming of Samsung Galaxy S6 which is a new star of Samsung high-end Android smartphone by its premium looks and cutting edge specs. This phone also equips with the 8-core processor that can perfectly support the Android 5.0 Lollipop operation system. Anyway, with so many charming points, there is no reason not to purchase one and enjoy its powerful function, like listening to music. You might need to transfer music in your iPod to this new Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) or Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) phone phone since to download them all over again is just boring and tedious work. But obviously, these two devices are running a different OS which brings you the problem to find a platform that can support both iOS and Android systems. Transfer only music will be difficult because sometimes the format of your media files cannot play both on iOS and Android devices. You have to face an extra process to convert the music files’ formats and it will be even more complicated than just transfer data.

Is there any tool can allow you transfer music efficiently and at the same time automatically help you to convert the format? No need to wonder about that, since you click into this article and here is the professional iPod to Samsung Galaxy S6 music transfer tool you are asking for. The software named dr.fone – Phone Transfer. This software can meet all your requirements and even do more than your exception. Don’t think this software needs many steps to finish the data transfer and formats convert, actually, all of this can be done within 3 steps. You don’t believe it? Why not check the following part and see if I was wrong about it.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Download and install this software on your Windows PC or Mac.

Wondershare provides both Windows and Mac versions for its users to download. After you choose the correct version to download, please follow the instructions to install this software on your device. You can see the screenshot below to check the primary window of this software which is very simple and clear without any confuse buttons and functions. You can choose “Phone Transfer”; “Phone Backup” or “Data Erase” functions.


Step 2: Connect your iPod and Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer

You can use USB cables to connect both your devices to your computer. After detecting these two devices the software will separately display them at its interface. There is a Flip button that allows you to exchange your devices’ positions. And right under this button, you can find data like contacts, calendars, and music been listed one by one. You only need to mark music if that’s all you need to transfer to Samsung Galaxy S6. Before you clicking Start Transfer, you might want to check an option named Clear data before copy, if you do not want to delete all data saved on your Samsung S6, please unmark this option.

sync music from iPod to Samsung s6

Step 3: Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Samsung Galaxy S6 | S7 Edge | S8 | S9 | S10.

After clicking start copy, there will be a small dialogue box pops up to show you the transfer progress. When it is 100% done, just click OK to finish. All the music files on iPod Touch you wanted should be in your Samsung Galaxy S6 now and automatically convert formats for you.

transfer iPod music to galaxy s6

With dr.fone – Phone Transfer, you can not only sync iPod songs with Galaxy S6, but also transfer music from iTunes to Samsung S6|S7 (Edge) |S8 (Plus) | S9 (Plus), and so on.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


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