How to Sync iTunes with Android Phone

If you want to Sync iTunes with Android, like syncing the playlists in iTunes with your Android phone, iMusic can help you solve the problem.

We are all familiar with how to sync the iPhone, iPad, and iPod with the iTunes system but in terms of Android cell phones, we are all lost and have no idea of the way to sync iTunes to Android. Nowadays there is a good news that the iMusic for Android can help us to solve this problem. The software is the necessities if we want to sync our iTunes with our new Android cell phone quickly and conveniently.

You can download the program to solve the above problem.

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Ways to Sync iTunes to Android phone or tablet

We can use all these two versions (iMusic to sync iTunes with Android according to our computer system. In this article, I choose the Windows version for example. And iMusic for Android (Mac) works in the same way. Pay special attention to downloading a suitable version for you.

Step 1. Set up iMusic for Android on your PC

Firstly, the iMusic for Android should be set up in your Windows PC and operate it to sync iTunes to Android devices. Next, you should link your phone or pad of the Android system to the computer by USB cable. Then Android cell phone or pad appears in the main window of your computer.

Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to PC
Note: Most of Android OS 2.1 ~ 10.x cell phones and pads supported by the iMusic for Android are available here including HTC, LG and Samsung.

Step 2. Sync iTunes to your Android system phone

Firstly you should choose “Music” under iTunes Library that will open the list of songs present.

Then select the songs you would like to transfer to your target Android device.

Step 3. Use “Export To” function to transfer iTunes music to Android

Click on “Export To” function on top most menu to open the list of available devices and select the target Android device to transfer the music.

Note: The basic prerequisite for this process is that you can not disconnect your Android phone or pad with the PC during whole music transferring process.

From the above description, the iMusic for Android program is the very useful tool for you to sync iTunes playlists to your Android phone and pads. Without it, the process must be complicated and may not be realized easily. The iMusic for Android program can not only sync playlists in iTunes to Android phone, but also it can do other things beyond your imagination:

  • 1. It can transfer music from Android devices to your PC/Mac.
  • 2. It can fix the ID3 tags, covers for you.
  • 3. It can manage music without iTunes restrictions.
  • 4. It can download online music freely, such as YouTube, Pandora, Spotify.

Download iMusic Free

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