How to Sync Music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10, S20

Practical Guide to Sync Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/S10/S20 with iTunes Directly For You

With no doubt, Samsung has become the most famous and creative digital product company by its advanced producing techniques and innovative ideas about their products. However, if the phone you used before is an Apple OS system one which functions with the assistance of iTunes, and now you want to drop this one to change a new Galaxy S7 (Edge) or another Android system smartphone, there will be a problem occurred. That is how to sync the data you stored in your old phone with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The data might be your library that includes the music, playlist, pictures, and such kind of files. The key point is to sync iTunes with your Galaxy S7 directly.

In fact, it is not a bothering problem anymore. You should realize that this is a high technology world now. And with the different problems creating, thousands of software are also being created to kill the matters. What you need to do now is to search a fit software in the abundant online resource to give you a hand to complete the sync between your iTunes and Samsung Galaxy S7 and bring you a suitable consequence you look forward in the shortest time.

Unfortunately, though you can get a list of such kind of software on the internet, not all of them are useful. There are always flaws here or there in that software. Or maybe the operation is too complicated or spending too much time. What is most easy-use but also help one? Don’t panic, read this article, I am willing to help you walk out the trouble for telling you the two best and user-friendly software for you and how to use them to transfer your music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S7.

Part 1. How to Transfer Songs from iTunes Library to Galaxy S7 by Samsung Kies

It’s lucky that there are lots of free software that can help you transfer the music from iTunes to your new Samsung Galaxy S7. The first software I would like to introduce to you is Samsung Kies, the software that innovated by Samsung Company own.

Samsung Kies is user-friendly files transfer software created by Samsung Company for the purpose to help its users to manage, download, and transfers data from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy series devices. The transfer range includes music as well. So you can use this software to transfer your music from your iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S7. The following music transfer operation is based on a Mac OS computer.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to this website to download the free and useful software.  Here choose the Mac OS version.

Step 2: Wait a few moments until the software is successfully downloaded, and then install it on your computer and launch it.

Step 3: Use the matched USB cable to link your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the computer and wait a moment for the detection of your phone by the software program. Once the device is confirmed being detected, your phone will be showing on the left column of the application window.


Step 4: Click on the “File” button on the top of the interface, a menu will drop down and click the “Import iTunes playlist to Library” option. Then find out the “New playlist” option under the “Library” menu on the left side of the interface, click on it, then all music from iTunes library will be saved.


Step 5: Select the music among the music files that you want to transfer from iTunes form to Samsung Galaxy S7. Then click on the “Transfer to device” button to transfer the music to your Galaxy S7. All the operation is done, so quick and easy.

Part 2. How to Sync Music/Playlist from iTunes Library to Galaxy S7 by iMusic

Except for the Samsung Kies software, there is also other useful transfer software on the market which can enhance you an ideal result for the music transfer from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S7.

To fit the need of the Samsung Galaxy S7 users, the Aimersoft Studio also created another efficient data transfer software which called iMusic. The fabulous features this versatile software offers also support the music transfer function for the Galaxy S7 from iTunes. Now, let’s start to use this excellent tool to transfer your music from iTunes to your Samsung Galaxy S7 step by step.

Step 1: Just download the appropriate version of the iMusic software for your computer below.

Download iMusic Free

Step 2: Take some time to install the software on your computer and then launch it after the installation is done. Now, we can start the music transfer procedure.

Step 3: Use the matched USB cable to link your Samsung Galaxy S7 and your computer. Wait a few minutes to allow the software program detecting your phone. Once your Galaxy S7 is successfully detected by the program, your phone will be showing on the left column of the program interface.

Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to PC

Step 4: Find out the small “Music” option which is under the big “iTunes Library” option. Then a music playlist will appear straight away on the interface which shows your current playlist on your iTunes.

Step 5: In this playlist, all your songs are here. Now you can tick any of the music files that you want to transfer from the iTunes to your Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge).

Step 6: Once you finish the selection, click on the “Export to” button which is located on the toolbar of the interface to decide the saving destination where the transfer music files are supposed to save.

Step 7: After the export process is completed, find out the big “DEVICES” option on the bottom of the top of the interface, click on the small “Music” option. Then you can see all the music that just transferred from iTunes is listed at the bottom of the music list.

Since now, the music transfer process is done. Though the operation steps seem a little bit more, the process is also easy, and the result is good.

By these two data transfer software, media music transfer from iTunes library to Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) is not involved anymore. Hope this article is helpful for you, and you would like these two genius data transfer software.

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