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Galaxy S5

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Ever since the historic release of Android 4.4 KitKat, many Smartphone manufactures catch up this trend release their new productions. Like Google Nexus 5, hands-free with voice actions, a brand new Android phone definitely regards as one of the most outstanding new productions. I cannot blame people rush to buy one. But never forget the Samsung Galaxy series; also bring people a lot of fun. Its Galaxy S5 also has good reputations among smart phone users as well as music maniacs.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, you probably need to create a backup of the phone for emergency use. For example, when you update your Android system, reset the phone to the factory, flash a ROM or root the phone, you will lose your data if you don’t backup the data.So you should learn how to create the backup. In this article, I’ll introduce you 3 ways to backup your valuable information on your phone such as songs, photos, contacts, app data and more in your Samsung Galaxy S5.


To transfer your Android contacts from one device to another, backing up and then restoring them to another device can be a doable way. And if you always change your cellphones frequently, you must have backed up and restored your contacts for many times, and the result of it is that there would be some duplicate contacts on your cellphone. After restoring all contacts to your new-purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 4, how to deal with these duplicate contacts which make your Samsung Note 4 mess?


It is quite common for us to use an iPhone, iPod or iPad, but if we want to listen to the songs originally saved in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and what can I do? And you are extremely familiar with iTunes, the files manager program specially made for iPhone, iPad and iPod. As a result, the main problem lies in how to transfer or sync music from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to iTunes.