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Facebook is a very popular social media app through which you can connect with your friends by sending and receiving messages. Thus you can review these messages even after a long time. However, due to various kinds of reasons, for example, you just want to free up more space, you may want to delete some Facebook Messenger Messages on your iOS device. Also, you may want to delete these messages since you don’t need them any more. In fact, you have many alternatives to delete messages such as delete the messages you don’t need any more or just delete the whole Facebook Messenger application. You can choose either alternative according to your condition.


A lot of people don’t realise it, but music plays an important part in our lives. When we have our headphones in listening to something that we specifically enjoy, and we can enjoy it to ourselves with nobody else around, it’s a truly special moment. Music contributes to defining who we are, that’s why it’s so important. So with that in mind, syncing iPad music to computer is very important so that we don’t lose any of our carefully chosen music, and if we do, we can easily recover it and have it back on our iPad in no time at all.


Even your music still in your iTunes, disappearing of the playlist can still be really frustrated. But such situations happened again and again since many people choose to update their iTunes. Just search the Internet, you can easily find a lot of people had met the same situation and they all want some solutions for such an awkward problem. Lucky you click in this article, because it will provide you not one but three methods to help you. Definitely give you freedom to selection your own most suitable method.