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iPhone 5

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Your iPhone password and other Apple ID details are very important when using the Apple devices, because they can ensure the safety of your personal information. However, there are some situations that you forget the password or even don’t have one. Maybe you buy the iPhone outside the apple store, or just purchase the secondhand one. In this regard, it becomes more difficult to reset your iPhone. In fact, Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad make connections with each other by means of the Apple ID details.


The iPhone is famous for its excellent operation system, but no matter how good the operation system is, there will be some problems on your iPhone. After a long time using, junk files accumulate, and they make your iPhone perform slower and slower. Fortunately, there are many ways that can help you delete such junk files, and you will see ten nice ways in the following article.


Nowadays, more and more people prefer using iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus as a mini camera to take photos to record their daily life. Thus, you must have saved huge numbers of photos on your iPhone device and all these photos have a large size to ensure high resolution of these photos. However, you may encounter such a dilemma: keep precious photos on iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 Plus to view them anytime anywhere or transfer these photos to computer to free up more space. In fact, there is a good way to solve your problem – you can reduce size of these photos on your device so that you can save them in a small size and view them whenever and wherever you need!


Facebook is a very popular social media app through which you can connect with your friends by sending and receiving messages. Thus you can review these messages even after a long time. However, due to various kinds of reasons, for example, you just want to free up more space, you may want to delete some Facebook Messenger Messages on your iOS device. Also, you may want to delete these messages since you don’t need them any more. In fact, you have many alternatives to delete messages such as delete the messages you don’t need any more or just delete the whole Facebook Messenger application. You can choose either alternative according to your condition.


We all know that it is pretty simple to delete certain contacts on your iPhone. You just need to go to the Contacts app on your device and then tap Edit on the upper side and then tap Delete Contact. That’s it. That is how you think the deleting process ends. However, that is far from finishing if you truly want the contacts gone permanently.


It happens a lot that when users try to search for some wanted information with the spotlight on their iPhone, the results turn out to be the same. Some can even locate the deleted text messages in the spotlight search bar. So it becomes quite a mystery that these deleted files keep coming to your eyes. That makes users start to ask questions: How to erase spotlight search history on my iPhone permanently?


You may presume the reminders gone for good after you deleted them from your iPhone by yourself. But unfortunately, the truth is not what you think it is. The reminders are still hiding somewhere inside your iPhone even though you have deleted them. The files hidden are waiting to be overwritten again. For instance, you are able to recover the deleted files with the help of some professional recovery tool such as Dr.Fone for iOS.