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Now it is called the information age nowadays, in which we are surrounded by the digital products, such as the computer, mobile phone, tablet, music player and so on. The common point of the products above is that they can all be used to listen to the music. The music isn’t strange for us. The TuneUp is a tool for editing and fix the tags of the MP3 files. It can help you add or correct the label, add or correct the album art, remove the duplicated tracks and so on. All the functions listed above are wonderful, but the thing is that this tool is not free. If you want to use it, you need to pay for it. Instead, the following tools are all handy for your information as the alternatives for the TuneUp. Just take a look.


Since the Apple products are very popular nowadays, some people may have not just only one Apple device. You may have an iPhone as your communication tool, an iPod as your music player and an iPad to enjoy the wonderful movies. And conveniently, all media saved on iOS devices talked above can be managed by an identical tool – iTunes. Thanks to that, you can enjoy the same content with all your iOS devices conveniently by syncing the playlists and media amongst all your devices with iTunes, such as combining two iTunes playlists, or adding media from one iTunes library to the other.


As a newly Android user who just switched from iOS, you may be desperately looking for the method to migrate / transfer the data from your old iOS device to Android phone. In fact, it is really simple to complete this task. What you need is to find a professional third-party iTunes to Android data migration tool. Here, we are going to recommend two wonderful iTunes to Android data migration tools to you. Let us check them out one by one.