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Do you still connect your Android phone to your computer with USB cables? What do you do if you cannot find a suitable USB cable or it is just broken? In fact, there is another way for you to connect your phone to your computer, which is to do it via WIFI. It will be much more easier to manage your Android phone via WIFI. And here are some good methods for you, if you want a tool like that.


With the development of Internet, WIFI is available everywhere. So WIFI nearly become an impartible part of our life for many people. We use it to surf the Internet, watch videos and check Twitter and Facebook and more. We also use it to back up our personal data of Android device to the Internet. Because if we use 4G/3G/2G to back up data and the size of those data are too big, we may need to pay a lot of money and waste too much time. Sometimes you may forget your passwords for WIFI, so we need to back up the Android WiFi passwords to some place safe to prevent you from using the WIFI. Here we will introduce some easy methods to backup your WIFI passwords & Android data via WIFI.