The Top 5 Substitute for MoboRobo

If you are searching the Internet to find a MoboRobo substitute for your Android phone, you are in the right place. In the article, I will show you the top 5 MoboRobo Substitute, which enables you to manage all Android files with ease. Just continue reading and find the most suitable one!

PS: Here, you will find out the professional Android App Manager.

dr.fone – Transfer for Android

The best alternative tool to MoboRobo is dr.fone – Phone Manager for Android, which is a comprehensive, highly interactive and facilitating program. With it, you are able to manage everything on your Android Smartphone effortlessly.

Features of dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

  • Manage all data and files on Android smartphone with 1-Click on your computer easily
  • Transfer contacts, music, photos, messages and more between your Android device and computer
  • Import/export music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps and the like
  • Transfer data between iTunes and Android
  • 100% compatible with Android 9.0


  • Backup and restore Android data with the just simple click
  • Sync contacts with your Outlook
  • Fully compatible with all smartphones, from LG, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motorola, and more
  • you can send any text messages to a lot of people on your computer effortlessly


  • You are not able to update the apps on Android device

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

Myphone explorer

If you are user of Sony Ericson, Myphone Explorer will be the best choice for you. Myphone Explorer enables you to manage all files on your Android phone with ease. You can connect your Android device to computer via USB cable, Wi-Fi and even Blue tooth.



  • Sync and get all contacts from your Outlook, SeaMonkey, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Thunderbird and Tobit David with ease.
  • Export, import and archive your SMS files in just one click.
  • Manage and sync your calendar view to Google, Outlook, Tobit David, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Windows Calendar Vista and Lotus Notes easily.
  • Provide you a cache system which can minimize file transfer & syncing of photos automatically.


  • Some issues occurs when applied to your Samsung Galaxy S4 on Windows XP
  • Many extra stuff, such as toolbar malware and pop-up windows, are added during the process


AirDroid is another very useful MoboRobo Substitute for you. With help of the program, you can easily manage all files on your Android phone through a web browser.



  • Through the program, you can easily transfer your ringtones, audios, videos, photos and more from your Android device to computer or do the transfer on the way back. During the process, you don’t need to plug-in a USB cable.
  • Receive/Send SMS messages to your friends directly through your computer when a network service is available.
  • Backup the SMS messages you sent/received with ease.
  • Locate your Android phone when it is stolen or lost.
  • Manage Android Apps with ease and provide security when unlock your Android device.


  • Quick Time is required to install when you want to watch online videos.

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is equipped with many options and features to provide you a better Samsung device management experience. To complete the task, you just need to connect your Android device to Samsung Kies, and the program will then find photos on your Samsung device.



  • Manage all playlists on your Samsung device, and provide you the chance to create new playlists, transfer them to your PC and do the transfer on the way back.
  • Inform you all available software updates for your Android phone.


  • Runs slower than other Substitutes and get stuck sometimes
  • Unresponsive during the backup process at times

Android Commander

Android commander is another very useful MoboRobo Substitute, which enables you to manage all files and apps on your rooted Android phone.



  • Comprise of numerous integrated components which have been devised for big picture aspects, such as device information, file exploring, flashing capabilities, application management, console and app signing.
  • Developed with an interactive graphical user interface to provide you better view of all Android files.
  • Install apps in just one click.
  • Manage Android files and folders with ease and edit files in private.


  • Runs slower at times and is not a standalone tool

MoboRobo Substitute – MobileGo for Android

Last but not least, I recommend the program Wondershare MobileGo for Android strongly. As a comprehensive MoboRobo Substitute, Wondershare MobileGo for Android enables you to manage all your Android files in just one click. The task cannot be more easier.



  • Backup all Android files and retain them with ease.
  • Install/Uninstall apps with ease and transfer apps from Android phone memory to SD card to save more space.
  • Provide you an built-in video and audio converter
  • Sync contacts from Outlook to your Android phone or to the transfer the way back
  • Compatible with more than 2000 kind of Android devices fully
  • Send messages to many people in the same time directly from your computer.


  • Not support the updates for your Android apps

Download the free trial version of the best MoboRobo Substitute – MobileGo to have a try now.


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