Top Dialer Apps for Android in 2022

There are so many dialer apps for Android that you could download on your smartphone.

If you are not someone who is into tech or understands the complications of downloading and running new apps, then you must be satisfied with the contact manager app that comes pre-installed on the phone.

However, if you are not happy with the pre-installed version, then you want to look at other options.

Over time, using the same caller or contact manager app can get pretty boring. You may want to download a dialer app for a number of reasons, which can be as simple as wanting a more fun layout or you could want to lock it with a password so people can’t snoop around on your phone.

The options of having speed-dialed and being able to personalize the phone book are some of the other features that make people want to download such apps.

If you go looking on the Play store, you will realize that there are many options when it comes to dialer apps. The large option might confuse you even more.

To help you with that, we have come up with a list of seven dialer apps for Android. These apps allow you to redesign your address book, and make it easy for you to search for contacts, among other important things.

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Part 1. Top 5 Dialer Apps for Android

1. Drupe Dialer

It is one of the best dialer apps for Android that you could find on the Play store. It has been developed by the Drupe – Contacts & Caller ID and has a solid 4.6 stars rating. And it has over half a million downloads as well.

There is a new talkie app that allows you to send or receive voice messages between friends free of cost. If you want to send a message, all that you have to do is to drag the contact that you want to talk with to the Talkie and simply record the message.

If you want to send a voice message to someone who does not use Talkie, then it would go to his phone as an SMS. You can also view the history of all the messages that you have sent. Simply tap on the Talkie Action Bubble to have access to the recordings.

Drupe’s notes are another one of the cool features of this dialer app for Android. The note would appear every time you either get a call from that person or you call them back. All you have to do to create a note is to drag the contact to the notes icon and write the message.

Drupe Dialer apps for Android


  • You will have the call-recording feature.
  • It has a very attractive dialer.
  • You could also set a timely reminder to remind you to call someone etc.
  • You will also have a call-blocker as well as a call manager in this dialer app for Android.
  • Can block unknown numbers and also have caller ID check.
  • You will also be able to manage apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, SMS, etc.

2. DW Contacts, Phone, and Dialer

It is an amazing application for dialer, phone, and contact management. It has over a 4.3 starred rating, which is very good, and has over 1 million downloads. The app has been developed by DW and has free as well as a paid options available.

It is one of the many dialer apps for Android. It has dialing as well as messaging features. Installing this on your device can change the whole look and the feel of the Android phone or tablet. There are many extra features that you could choose and customize as well.

DW Dialer apps for Android


  • You have the ability to make notes to the calling log.
  • Being able to create reminders for particular contacts is also a very useful feature.
  • It is also compatible with Skype, Viber, MobileVOIP, Smalltalk, and many more.
  • You will also have access to call statistics.
  • It also has automatic redial and the option for T9 search.
  • You could have over 1000 numbers on speed dial. Just type the number 501# for the 501st number on your list. This is one of the great features of this dialer app for Android.
  • There is a batch mode that could be used for the fast delivery of MMS, SMS, or even emails.
  • It is very easy to send gathering about events.

3. ZenUI dialer and Contacts

This is another one of the free dialer apps for Android that you could download and use. It is from ASUS Computer Inc. This game has had over 10 million downloads and has over 4.5-star ratings by its loyal group of users.

This is an all-in-one app. You could block calls and spam numbers without any trouble. And you could also search the history and run a smart search, saving up to 8 numbers that could be linked up with some of the important contacts. You have options to customize the themes.

ZenUI Dialer apps for Android


  • You have the feature to block out calls from strangers.
  • Quickly search for names or contacts.
  • You also have the feature of one tap speed dialer.
  • Can also turn on the security camera and take pictures of unauthorized users.

4. Caller ID and dialer by Simpler

This is another one of many free dialer apps for Android that you could find on the internet. The developer is called simpler apps. It has over 4.4 stars in rating and has over 1 million downloads.

Some simple features like social network support, 40 themes, control over the duplicate of contacts, and offline backups can go on to make a huge difference. The design interface is pretty simple and nice.

Simpler Dialer apps for Android


  • Identify unknown callers.
  • You can clean up and tidy the contact list as well.
  • The design interface is simple yet attractive.
  • The basic version of the app is free to download, which is not the case for many other dialer apps for Android.

5. True phone dialers and contacts

This is one of the more stylish types of dialer apps for Android that you could opt for. The developer of the app is Hamster Beat. It has over 1 million downloads and has a solid rating of 4.6 stars.

You can make all the edits that you want from the same interface. You also have options to customize the way you interact with the app. Some of the changes that you can make are the themes, increase or decrease the font size, the addition of more numbers to a contact list, or even a whole new SIM card.

True Phone Dialer apps for Android


  • It supports the quick T9 search for contacts as well as call logs.
  • It also supports many major languages.
  • Be quite easy to navigate this app.
  • The design of this app is customizable and very modern.
  • You can view any contact very easily.

Part 2. dr.fone- Data Transfer for Android

It is one of the best apps that you could find on the market. Its loyal supporters swear by the quality and the performance of this app. It is better than many other dialer apps for Android that you could find on the market.


  • Transfer files between the computer and your Android device with ease. Files could be contacts, music, SMS, photos, etc.
  • You could also transfer your iTunes to Android.
  • From your computer, you could manage your Android-based device.
  • It is fully compatible with Android 9.0 and has over a 5-star rating.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

Part 3. dr.fone – Data Backup and Restore for Android

This is another one of dialer apps for Android that you could use. The users of this app are very happy with how it’s been performing and recommend it to others as well. The pricing of this app is pretty reasonable. The support team for Wondershare has a prompt response if you are facing any difficulties or need any assistance. The app is also pretty easy to use to new users also flock to favor this app overall.


  • Choose the files that you want to backup with just one click.
  • Preview the files before you restore them onto the Android/iOS device.
  • You can restore the iCloud or iTunes backup to the Android devices.
  • It supports well over 8000+ Android devices.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore(Android)

These are seven of the best dialer apps for Android that are available for download on the PlayStore. You can download any one of them as they all have different features to offer. The different features and customization options are the main reason that people get attracted to such apps.


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