Ways in Which You Can Track Phone Location Effortlessly

Why Need to Track Phone Location?

The scary feeling of misplacing our cell phone is present in every one of us. Whether we use an expensive Smartphone or a cheap one, we still care for our phones the same way. Some people go as far as saying that they would rather have a broken arm than lose their phone. Being scared to lose your phone or having it stolen is so common and so strong that it is a diagnosable fear called Nomophobia. According to a survey, about 50% people have the disorder called nomophobia to some degree. People could avoid this disorder if they knew about the apps which they can track phone location.

The scary feeling of misplacing your phone is pretty reasonable because it has all our lives memories and personal information stored in one place. A lot of the times, we don’t back up our phones. We delay backing up important data and information by putting it on tomorrow thinking nothing would happen, but we start to quickly panic when we can’t find the cell phone in our pockets or purse. We store all kinds of information on our phone. Be it somebody’s birthday, friends embarrassing pictures, your dad’s credit card info just in case you need them and many other things. There are many apps through which we could track phone location.

When we lose our phone, we lose all the information and countless memories that we had on it with the fear that we may never be able to see any of it again. Along with the sadness of it all comes the fear of your personal information getting into someone else’s hands. All kinds of negative thoughts start popping into your head, from your bank information being stolen and misused to your pictures being exploited. Then we desperately try to track phone location hoping to find it.

Stated below are how you could track lost phones location in case we misplace our phone or if it gets stolen.

Part 1: Best way to track phone location through mSpy

If you are someone who has lost their phone or you are trying to help someone in a similar situation, then mSpy is the right software to use. It lets you track a phone without letting them know that you are doing so, pretty amazing huh? mSpy is a spy app that is very effective. You can use this app to track a person’s lost phone. There are numerous other apps out there through which one could trace their phone. But, mSpy has not only been proven to be effective among others, but it is also very user-friendly also which makes it people’s favorite.

Reasons why mSpy is the best app to track phone location

  • mSpy is compatible with most Android-based devices.
  • You do not need an iCloud, Google, or Samsung account to be able to use the app. Data can be retrieved without giving out any such information.
  • You could locate a number of phones, not only your own. Get how to spy on a cell phone easily.
  • Tracking a phone’s location, by extension can mean tracking any person as well.
  • mSpy makes it impossible to keep track of a device,spy line chat & spy text messages.
  • Among many other features, this software is solely the one that uses a method based on the solution which does not have any roots. It ensures that the person’s phone which you are trying to find does not know about it at all.
  • This Snapchat hack iPhone app is great for keeping tabs on your young ones or your employees if you are suspecting foul play.

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How mSpy can track phone location

GPS enabled tracking

Using mSpy will not only show you accurately on a map where your phone is, but it also can showcase for you, a detailed history of the route that the person has been using. This feature is not available on similar apps. This can be useful in cases where you are trying to track an employee’s location, see where your child has been, or are trying to find the thief who stole your phone.

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Part 2: Ways to track phone location free of cost through Find my iPhone

Even the thought of misplacing or losing our iPhone can be really painful. One of the reasons is that the iPhone only works with other devices from Apple, not to mention they are pretty expensive. If you have lost your iPhone, and think that the only way to overcome this is by purchasing yet another expensive iPhone, we have got the solution for you. You can keep track of the location easily with Find my iPhone, free of cost. This app helps to locate any Apple device that has been stolen from another phone.

Features of Find my iPhone to track phone location

  • It can tell you exactly where your device is on a navigating map.
  • It could put the device under lock with a passcode for you so no one can access your information.
  • A feature of Find My iPhone can start a siren alarm sound for a full two minutes. In this way, everyone nearby can be alerted that this is a stolen phone and can help return it to its rightful owner.
  • The map also provides you with the shortest driving route so you can reach there soon and retrieve your device.
  • You could click on “Lost Mode” and can write a custom message which would flash on your phone, so the person who has your phone can see it and hopefully return the phone to its owner.
  • You can erase data completely from your phone in case you think that your phone was stolen or the information on it has been compromised.

Ways in which you could track phone location with Find my iPhone

Step 1: Open phone, download the app and enable it

1. Download Find my iPhone app from Appstore if you don’t already have it.

2. The app called Find my iPhone should be enabled before you lose your phone. To do so, click on to settings, click on iCloud. Turn on setting for Find my iPhone.

Step 2: Using another iOS-based device to track phone location

1. The app Find My iPhone can be accessed from any iOS device.

2. You can find the accurate location on the map of the phone.

3. You can choose to perform a number of other options like playing siren for two full minutes to alert those nearby, flashing a customized message, or even wiping off all data from the phone among others.

Part 3: Ways in which you could track location through iCloud.com free of cost

In case the only Apple device around you was the one that you have lost then there is nothing to worry about. You can track phone location from iCloud.com for free. iCloud.com is similar to Find My iPhone and can do the same tasks for you without any hassle.

Ways to track phone location using iCloud.com

1. Open iCloud.com. Log into iCloud with your password and Apple ID that you used on the iPhone you want to track.

2. Click on Find my iPhone option.

3. You should be able to see the map displaying the accurate location of your lost iPhone.

4. Click on the ‘Devices’ option visible towards the top of the screen.

5. Select the device that you want to trace.

6. You will find the similar functions here that you would through Find my iPhone app.

7. Find the accurate location on the map of the lost phone.

Part 4: Way to track phone location for Samsung devices free of cost

Keeping track of a Samsung phone is similar to that of tracking an iPhone. Even the features and procedures for both systems are very similar. For most other Android devices, you have to separately install apps if you want to safeguard or track your phone, but it comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy series. The app is known by Find my Mobile. You could track phone location for free using a Samsung account.

Find my Mobile features

  • Track your phone through GPS.
  • Lock the device.
  • Make the phones siren go off to inform those nearby.
  • Wipe off all data from the phone.

How you could track phone location (Samsung) free of cost

Step 1: Create an account on Samsung.

Similar to Find my iPhone, you must do this step before the phone gets stolen or misplaced. Click on the Android setting, click on account, add an account, and click on Samsung Account.

Step 2: Sign into your Samsung account

Enter the Samsung password and ID that you used on your Samsung device.

Step 3: -You can track phone location for free

1. Click on Find my Mobile.

2. Click on the Registered Mobile tab.

3. You could now use any of the features from before, or you could track phone location free of cost through GPS.

Losing cell phone devices can be traumatic for anyone. But, what can help is us being aware and setting up our phones properly so we can track it in case we lose it or it gets stolen. Nowadays, there are many apps out there which claim to track phone location of your device. Listed above are some of the most trusted, efficient and easy to use applications that can help track phones from different companies and different software’s.

Part 5: Ways in which you could track phone location for Android free of cost

If you use an Android-based phone, then you must be having an active Google account. Having a Google account makes it significantly easier to track phone location with the help of Android Device Manager. This feature is already built into Android devices that run with a Google account. All you need to do in order to turn it on is go into settings and switch it on. Then you will need to download an app called location tracker app from Play store or any other Android device. Now you can use it to track phone location free of cost.

Find My Device features

  • You could locate any Android-based device that is signed into a Google account.
  • Reset the passcode or PIN so no one can access it.
  • You can also delete every last bit of data.
  • Set the alarm to go off.
  • Lock your Android device.

How you could track phone location of an Android device with Android Device Manager

Step 1: – Turn on Android Device Manager

1. Click on settings, and then click on security.

2. You will come across “Remotely locate this device” option. Click on “Allow Remote Lock and Erase” among all the other options. Do not turn it off.

Step 2: – Click on Location Access to turn it on

1. Click on settings, and then press locations.

2. Turn it on.

Step 3: – Track location using Android Device Manager completely free of cost.

1. Open the phone tracker app.

2. Log into your Google account.

3. Swipe at the bottom of the screen to have access to all your devices.

4. Click on the device you wish to locate.

5. The location of the phone should pop onto the screen.

6. You can go through the features that were mentioned earlier.

All of the apps are great ways to track phone location for free. Most of these apps only let you track your own phone. mSpy is the only software that allows you to track anybody’s phone without even letting them know that their phone is being hacked. It all comes down to the type of phone you are trying to locate and why you are trying to locate it.