How to Transfer Apps from iPad to iPhone in a Batch

There are a lot of people who aren’t sure how to transfer apps from iPad to iPhone, and unfortunately, the process is more difficult than it should be, but Apple is yet to address this and make it simpler.

If you’ve recently gotten yourself an iPhone and made a move from an Android phone, so you aren’t able to transfer the apps from Android to iPhone, then you must move the apps from your iPad device onto your iPhone.

Fortunately, in this article, we are going to be discussing three different methods which allow you to transfer apps from iPad to iPhone in just a matter of minutes, and without any issues at all.

How to Transfer Apps from iPad to iPhone with iTunes

For this method to be successful, you must connect both the iPad and your iPhone to your computer. If you don’t have a computer, you must use one of the other two methods.

Step #1 – First of all, make sure that you’ve downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer.

Step #2 – Once iTunes is installed, connect iPad to the your PC. Then iTunes would automatically detect this connection and will launch the iTunes program.

Step #3 – Next, connect your iPhone to the computer. Now, click on the “File” tab at the top of iTunes, followed by “Devices“, and lastly click on “Transfer Purchases“.

Step #4 – Now that your iPhone is connected and recognized, click on the icon of “iPhone” which should now have appeared, and click on the “Apps” button.

Step #5 – There will now be an “Install” button next to any of the applications which were on your iPad, but which are not on your iPhone. Click “Install” next to any of the apps which you would like to transfer apps from iPad to iPhone.

Even though this method isn’t ideal, it gets the job done, and if you aren’t able to use either of the other methods, it’s worth using this one.

How to Transfer Apps from iPad to iPhone with iCloud

For this method, you will be using the free iCloud service that Apple has to offer. With it, you are able to transfer apps from iPad to iPhone, although you must be connected to an internet connection.

Step #1 – On your iPad, head over to the “Settings” application and scroll down to the “iCloud” option. From here, click on “Back Up to iCloud” and make sure that this is enabled.

Step #2 – Next, go onto your iPhone and head over to the App Store.

Step #3 – At the bottom right of the application, tap on “Updates” and then tap on the “Purchased” option at the top of the list of applications that need to be updated.

Step #4 – You will then be able to see a list of all the applications which you have ever downloaded and installed using your Apple account. Tap on the “Not on this iPhone” option at the top of the display.

Step #5 – Simply tap on the cloud icon which is shown next to the applications not on your device, and they’ll be downloaded and installed.

As we said before, you are required to have both of your devices connected to an internet connection in order to transfer apps from iPad to iPhone. This method takes slightly longer due to your internet speeds being a limitation, although it’ll transfer apps from iPad to iPhone easily.

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To Conclude…

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