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How to Transfer Call Logs Between Two Android Phone

Out of some reasons, you may want to copy your call history from your old Android phone to a new one. How can you make it?

The call log is a kind of record that records the call history every time you receive or make a phone call on your mobile phone. Although it is not common to transfer the call log, it is not harmful to you to know how to do so, right? Well, in this article, we are going to talk about how to transfer call logs from one Android phone to another one.

At the very beginning, to transfer call logs between Android phones, you need to resort to a powerful third-party data transfer tool. We here highly recommend dr.fone – Phone Transfer featuring in data transfer between all kinds of smartphones. This tool empowers you to transfer call logs from one Android phone to another one easily and efficiently. In the following part, a step-by-step guidance is provided to show you how to transfer call history from Android to Android. If you need to transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to Android, please switch to dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer.

To get started, please download dr.fone on your computer first. Just click the green Download button will do. Then let's move forward.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Install and launch this tool on your computer

Double click the .exe package (.dmg package on Mac) to install dr.fone on your computer. After it, launch this tool by clicking the icon on the desktop. Then there will pop up a primary window of this transfer tool.


Step 2: Plug in your two Android phones with the computer

Connect both of your Android phones with the computer via two USB cables. Once they are connected, this tool will detect them and display them on the main interface. You will see one of your phones is shown as “Source” and the other “Destination“. If you want to clear up the “Destination” phone, you can click “Clear data before copy”. Besides, you can change the places of your two phones by pressing the rectangle “Flip” button so that you can transfer data from your new Android phone to the old one.

Call logs from android to android phone

Step 3: Copy call logs from Android to Android

By default, all the marks are selected automatically. To transfer call logs only, you ought to remove the relative makes before the items, namely contacts, music, videos, photos, apps and text messages. When everything is all set, click “Start Transfer” to initiate call log transferring. Please do not plug out any of your phones until the process is finished. In a few minutes, the process should be done. After it, you can hit “OK” to close it.

call logs transfer between android phones

Wonderful! The call logs have been successfully moved to your new Android phone. It is really easy, isn't it? What's more, dr.fone Phone Transfer is able to transfer data between Android and iOS. This amazing tool supports over 8,000 mobile devices.

So, to explore such a fantastic data transfer tool on your own, just download it right away. dr.fone – Phone Transfer is worth your try.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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