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How to Facilitate the Transfer of Call Records to Moto X Style / Play

It occurs that your former phone may break out suddenly. Also it may be that your phone gets an unexpected virus invasion. At such times, you must be in urgent need of transferring your call records from the former phone to a new Moto X Style / Play. So how can the users do the transfer of the call history to Moto X Style / Play? Is there a way easy enough to help the users if they are not good at the tech? It is truly nice that you will be taught a really simple Motorola Migrate tool to do this conveniently.

The best software that can efficiently and effectively facilitate the transfer of call records between two phones is dr.fone – Phone Transfer. It is virtually a professional and functional software that can apply to large quantities of phones, not only safely but also without any risk. Therefore, no matter the transferring between iPhone and Android phones, or from Samsung or HTC to Moto X Style / Play is all can be done with this reliable mobile transfer tool. In addition, not only the call logs cans be transferred but also many other data such as videos, SMS, videos, photos, apps, music. Here are other things you can do with the dr.fone – Phone Transfer:

  • First, the transfer of call history between all brands of phones is completely possible merely via a click, without any special skill nor ability requirements, including Moto X Style / Play.
  • Second, almost anyone can use this method to achieve the backup of Moto X Style / Play data to Mac or Windows without any alteration or damage.
  • Third, phone data in iCloud or iTunes backups are capable of being restored easily and fast.
  • Last, you can also remove your Moto X Style / Play phone data safely again.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

The solution to the transfer of your old phone call history to Moto X Style / X Play

First, get the dr.fone downloaded and launched

To do this, you need to download the transfer software, then make it launched on your computer. Next you will find four transfer mode options, including back up your phone, phone to phone transfer, erase your old phone and restore and backup, shown on an interface. But you are supposed to choose “Phone Transfer” from them to start the transfer your call records to Moto X Style or Moto X Play.


Second, make your old phone & new Moto X Style linked with a computer

Use USB cables to get your two phones connected to the computer. And the phones which will be checked by the program, then will be shown on the main interface.

copy call records from android phone to moto x style

Third, get down to transferring call history to New Moto X Style or Moto X Play

You are able to see the display of a content box after the step of detecting the phones by the program. Furthermore, you are demanded to tick the boxes. If you do not want to do the data transfer, you can also uncheck items. After this step, now you just need to hit the “Start Transfer” so as to start transferring the call history.

Android to Moto x play call records transferRemarks: You must keep your phones linked with your computer all the time, only in this way can call records be transferred to Moto X Style / Play once for all, without restarting it again.

Forth (for choice)

You will be reminded of the completion of the transfer, and it is a signal for you to cut off the connection between the phones and the computer. In addition, when you go back to the main page, a backup of the data on your former phone can be done via a program restart, and then click button “Phone Backup“. While a click on the tab “Data Eraser” can also help you remove all data.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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