The reason people don't want to change their cellphone may be because of the barriers of transferring the old data from the old device to the new one. Such problem can get worse when they switch from one platform to a new one. For example, if you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, to replace your old BlackBerry, you will come across some problems because of the differences between Android and BlackBerry. Just like iPhone, BlackBerry has its own data management suite, which enables you to manage the data saved on your BlackBerry device, import, back up the data or more in convenience. However, to transfer the data to Android, you still have some limits and could not do it directly and efficiently. In this case, it is necessary for you to choose a powerful third party BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data transfer tool for help.

If you ask me, I may say the best choice must be MobileTrans. This brilliant portable devices BlackBerry to Galaxy S6 Edge data transfer tool, is designed to solve such kinds of data transfer problem. It has some advantages just like below:

  • 1) The interface is simple but beautiful
  • 2) Easy to use, no previous knowledge required
  • 3) Efficient and professional
  • 4) Support many kinds of data
  • 5) Support many kinds of portable devices

How to Transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (S7 Edge) with MobileTrans

Step 1: Back up BlackBerry data with BlackBerry® Desktop Software

Before using this data transfer tool to sync the contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you need to download and install the BlackBerry® Desktop Software on Windows or BlackBerry® Desktop Software on Mac on computer so that you can access to the BlackBerry data. And then run the BlackBerry® Desktop Software and connect your BlackBerry to the computer and back up the data on the cellphone.

Tip: MobileTrans is newly compatible with all your BlackBerry phone with OS 10 or later and BlackBerry® Link for PC and BlackBerry® Link for Mac.

Step 2: Download MobileTrans and run it

Download MobileTrans to your computer and have an installation. After that, run MobileTrans and you will see its interface.

Download MobileTrans

MobileTrans supports two ways to transfer the data to the device from other device and from the backup files. In this case, we have got a BlackBerry backup file before, so what we need to do is that extract the BlackBerry backup file and restore the data from it to your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


Step 3: Go to the restore mode and connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S7 Edge

In the primary window, click “Restore from Backups”. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to the computer via USB cable. The program will recognize it as soon as possible.

Step 4: Transfer contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge from the BlackBerry backup file

In the top of the left column, select “BlackBerry backup file” and you will see all existing BlackBerry backup files listed down there. Just choose the one you want, and then in the middle, check “Contacts”. Then click “Start Transfer” button and the contacts contented in the backup file, will be synced to the Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 Edge.

See, that's easy. You can also play the video tutorial to know more about how to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Galaxy S6/S7 Edge by MobileTrans step by step.

Download MobileTrans