The Best Solution to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus

One of the important things that users who are switching over to the model from their existing LG phone have to worry about is, how to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus. The launch of refreshingly transformed innovative and feature-rich iPhone7 Plus has certainly attracted the attention of iPhone enthusiasts. The stimulating design, efficiency personified interface, and fabulous features give a magnificent appeal that users would find hard to resist.

If you are thinking of switching your LG smartphone to the new iPhone 7 plus, make sure you transfer all the important data safely to the new device.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. Android

The reason for changing over to iPhone 7Plus from an Android phone are plenty. When you compare the two devices, iPhone scores better in many aspects such as:

  • Most of the new and trending games and apps for both platforms are available immediately at the iOS store, while Google Play takes some time to makes these accessible (what if Google Play services keep stopping).
  • iPhones do not have apps locked by the carrier. The opposite is true with Android phones, especially LG, so you are stuck with apps that you cannot uninstall, eating up your storage space.
  • LG smartphone updates are always delayed, when compared to other Android devices and Apple phones.
  • Apple devices rarely ever crash or lag. This is one key reason for users to prefer Apple over other devices. Android phones, on the other hand, are notorious for their lags and crashes.
  • The audio quality in iPhone 7 plus is incredible thanks to the dual stereo speaker system while LG phones lack proper audio clarity.
  • Performance is high in iPhone 7 due to the A10 version quad-core processor.

Perfect Phone Manager

Whether you need to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus safely or just utilize your phone data efficiently in Android and iOS platforms, you need the help of an effective phone manager such as dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

This highly recommended smartphone manager is capable of data management, backup, and transfer between the devices via your computer.

You can conveniently and with ease transfer videos, images, contacts, and music to iPhone 7Plus and on your LG device using the phone manager.

If you need to transfer just a few chosen files or images, it is possible to transfer only these from your old device to the new one.

All you need to do is complete a few steps which are done in a few seconds. You can select only the files you need and not do the entire data transfer if you feel you do not require the transfer of the entire data.

In a few steps, you can store all the important data safely in your system. This will empty up space in your device.

Features of dr.fone

With dr.fone, you can efficiently manage all the following tasks and much more.

  • Import, export, and manage SMS, contacts, reply SMS via computer and deduplicate contacts.
  • Transfer data including contacts, photos, music, videos, SMS etc., from LG device to iPhone.
  • Perform safe backup of data in your Android and iOS device to your system and easily restore them whenever needed.
  • Take complete control of your Android devices by performing simple one-click rooting.
  • Backup, import, uninstall and install apps in groups.
  • Synchronize music between iTunes and Android effectively.
  • The data management software is compatible with over 7000 Android devices of all popular brands including Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung etc.
  • Manage all files present on the SD cards.

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Instructions to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus

When you install dr.fone from Wondershare, the transfer is efficiently done. Here are the steps to take to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7Plus using dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step #1: Install dr.fone in your system and launch it.


Step #2: Click on “Phone Transfer” option and Connect iPhone 7 and LG Android device to the computer. As you need to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7Plus, choose the LG device as the source.

Transfer Data from LG to iPhone

Step #3: Choose iPhone 7 Plus as the target. When the software recognizes the two devices, they will appear on the screen. Use the drop-down menu found near the bottom to choose iPhone 7Plus as the target device.

Step #4: Choose the data to be transferred to start the transfer. The entire data can be transferred by default or you can check or uncheck on the data needed, to choose selectively.

Transfer Data from LG to iPhone X

When you click on Start Transfer option, the transfer will begin. After the transfer is completed disconnect the devices from your system.

Make sure the transfer is complete before you disconnect, as the process may fail if you do it before the full process is finished.

As you can see, the entire transfer method is easy to execute and requires only a few clicks. To transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus the perfect tool is dr.fone – Switch.

When done according to the step by step guide above, you can do an effective transfer and with all your data safe and intact. In addition to data transfer, the dr.fone phone data manager tool has several other benefits, which makes it the single most effective solution when you are switching over to a new device.

All in all, when you need to transfer data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus and want it done in a safe, quick and successful way using dr.fone – Phone Transfer is the ideal choice that will benefit you in more ways than one.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


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