Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J5/J3

Why Need Samsung Transfer?

Scenario # 1: You are in an important meeting, and a colleague gave you the contact information of your new client, but upon saving the client’s details, your phone’s memory is full!

Scenario # 2: You are fulfilling one of your bucket lists: the dream to have a grandeur vacation trip on a Safari African trip. A pride of lions passed by your Safari coach tourist service; of course, you would not want to miss the chance to document and take a video of the breathtaking activity. Unfortunately, your phone flashed the most dreaded warning, “Space is not enough.”!

Scenario # 3: You saw your favorite singer in a café. You hurriedly go to her table to ask for a photo with her, to which she gladly agrees with. Ironically, you realized, your phone is full!

Surely, you would not want to be caught in that situation. Where important information has to be saved, or significant events should be cherished for so long.

No matter how many devices we need to bring neither or backup gadgets we are ready to make sure we can properly store and document everything; we need to take responsibility for securing our files.

We do not have to wait for the dreaded situations stated above. It is a must to use all those devices properly and effectively.

What are we going to do with iPhone, Samsung, and other devices? It is always wise to maximize their uses.

In this article, you will be able to learn how to transfer photos, videos, music, and other files from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3.

How to Transfer Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3?

This article will be a simple (and yet efficient tools) for various Samsung transfer guides. The article will show you different and effective methods how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3.

Method #1 – Dr.fone (Android Data Backup and Data Retrieval)

With a high guarantee percentage rate in ease and efficiency in the transfer of data by Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android, this auto-recovery tool can assure a faster and more effective way to transfer and recover files.

Dr.fone – Android Data Backup Restore can backup and retrieve different data files such as messages, voicemails, contacts, call history, notes, photos, videos, reminders, calendar, messages from different tool messengers, and other documents;

dr.fone Toolkit for Android Special Features:

  • Complete data transfer during export, and retrieval process, such as Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime/J7/J5/J3 file transfer
  • Compatible with over 8,000 more Android devices
  • Allows Auto full file or selective file transfer and recovery in just a few easy steps
  • Displays a detailed list of files transferred and recovered

Other Capabilities:

  • Provide a secured transfer environment
  • User-friendly window tool
  • Not only limited to Samsung device transfer but also to all other Smart Phone devices
  • Compatible with Windows-based desktop operating system
  • Free-range backup: from photos, music, videos to contacts, messages, and among others
  • Free Trial can be downloaded
Step #1: Install Dr.fone Android toolkit tool

You can try Dr.fone toolkit for Android; this can be downloaded here. Or you might want to check out the full complete exclusive functions in which you can purchase it simply. Click the “Phone Backup” Option.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Step #2: Connect the old Samsung device to the computer

Connect the Samsung device to a computer with the use of a USB cable wire. Make sure the cable wire is working perfectly to be able to be read by the computer.

Once properly connected, a prompt message will pop up on your Samsung device asking if you wanted to connect the two devices (Samsung phone and computer) for debugging. Click, “Ok” and follow the next step.

Step #3: Let Dr.fone for Android do the jobs for you

Dr.fone will show all the possible files and checked all of them. You may have the option to unselect a few that you do not want to backup or proceed to the next step, once you have finalized which file type you want to copy to the computer.

Then, tap on the “Backup” button to continue the process of transferring the files you selected.

The length of the transfer time depends on how big the file you are trying to backup.

After that process, you will be prompted that the files that are successfully transferred to the computer are ready for preview. Just click on the “View the backup” menu.

You will then see the list of files that were transferred to the computer.

Step #4: Restoring back transferred files to the new Samsung device

Well, let us say you bought a new Samsung phone and upgraded your old one to a new Samsung model. You wanted to keep your old files (like photos, contacts, and messages) and other tools on your new Samsung device. These are the basic steps to restore files from old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3.

Connect New Samsung Galaxy S7 to the computer where you back up your files from your old Samsung phone using a USB cable.

Step #5: Launch and use Dr.fone toolkit for Android

Open Dr.fone tool on the computer and tap on “Backup & Restore” which you can see on the main menu.

Click on the “Restore” button to restore files. Upon clicking the button, you will see a preview of the latest backup files on the left part of Dr.fone screen menu. You can customize and pre-select files you wanted to copy to the new Samsung device.

If you are finally decided on which file to restore from your old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3, click on “Restore to Device”. Make sure to keep the computer and Samsung Galaxy J7, connected while files are restored back to the phone to ensure complete restoration.

Restoration of your selected files will, again, be dependent on the number of files you are trying to restore.

Step #6: Enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3

You can now see all your selected files on your new phone!

Dr.fone not only offers data transfer and recovery functions but is also able to fix missing tool links, recover deleted files, solve unsynchronized data backup, and a lot more. You may check out more about Dr.fone Toolkit for Android on its website for Android devices. Dr.fone also offers a tool for iOS devices – Dr.fone Toolkit for iOS.

Method #2 – dr.fone (Phone Transfer)

Another innovative tool recovery tool is dr.fone – Phone Transfer one of many products from Wondershare. This data recovery toolkit is quite helpful enough to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime/J7/J5/J3. Data types from all file types, from regular images to files on apps; this tool can transfer them efficiently and retrieve them conveniently.

dr.fone can backup and restore data files to and from different storage like local computers, smartphones (like Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3), online storage service tools (like iCloud, iTunes, among others).

What so nice about dr.fone-Phone Transfer, the same as Dr.fone-Backup&Restore, both are compatible with all Samsung devices and can also run effectively for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer Exceptional Features:

  • Unlimited possibilities in data transfer from one device to another
  • Provide easy–access function to transfer backed up data
  • Allow data and device restoration
  • Wide range compatibility with almost all Operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Symbian, and other Android tools
  • Provide an easy function menu for all types of users including non–techie ones
  • Data file transferred from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime/J7/J5/J3 are not limited only to photos but also include other files types like contacts, media files, phone messages, messages on online messenger apps, call history, tool extension files, the app itself, music, videos and a lot more!
  • Faster data transfer compared to other manual file backup and restoration methods

How to Transfer and recover files from an Old unit of Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7/J7 Prime/J5/J3 through the use of dr.fone?

Step #1: Install dr.fone

You can try free dr.fone; this can be downloaded here. A premium full version is also available as well. You can find the correct dr.fone tool you needed depending on your device and device’s Operating system requirements.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step #2: Connect the devices to a computer

Use a USB cable to connect two devices, once the connection is stable, launch the dr.fone tool on your computer.


The computer will just detect the Samsung device.

Step #3: Launch and use dr.fone to transfer files

On the main page of dr.fone, click the menu: “Phone Transfer” located on the left part of the screen.

Then click on the “Flip” button option located at the center of the screen to select source categories or type of data file to be transferred to the other device.

Categories may range from: contacts, photos, messages, calendars, and call logs, among others. Just pre-select which data file you wanted to backup from one device to another.

Once you are finally decided on the files you needed to transfer, click on the “Start Transfer” icon to start the backup or transfer process.

REMINDER: Before the transfer, you have the option to clear cache and other data of the target phone before transferring. But then again if you want to keep your old files on your phone device, you can skip this step.

If not, and you would want to start from scratch, clean up the destination phone storage first by checking the box on “Clear data before copy”. This will erase the pre-existing file on the target storage phone device. If you are sure, click on “Confirm” and you are ready for the next procedure.

Just wait for a few seconds or minutes (Samsung transfer speed depends on the number of files you want to transfer)

Method #3 Samsung Transfer Tool – Samsung Smart switch

This is a method where Samsung product has allowed users to manage their device’s data files easily. Although created and developed by genius minds behind Samsung, this transfer tool can be trolled to both Android and iOS as well.

The advantage of the Samsung Smart Switch:

  • Both desktop tool for Mac and Windows Operating System is available
  • Optional connection using a USB cable or wireless connection like Bluetooth
  • Allows different kinds of file transfers like images, videos, music among others

You can try to download this tool transfer tool at

Method #4 Samsung Transfer Tool – Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is of course still developed by Samsung, although, there is a slight difference in what this baby tool can do compared to Samsung Switch.

The only problem with Samsung Switch even though it is created by Samsung company, the manufacturing of Kies is not on the grounds of Samsung management, so there would have few compatibility issues with other (only but few) Samsung products.

But this issue can be solved through patches and link references, just ask for technical help upgrades and patches from assigned Samsung Kies support group service care.


  • Provide data transfer from one device to another like music, videos, photos, contacts, and other file types
  • Can adapt to both Mac and Windows Operating systems
  • Allow backup and data restoration features
  • Can sync contacts, messages, calendars, and others
  • Can either be connected using wireless and USB cable wires
  • Compatible with different kinds of Samsung services

Check out the Samsung Kies tool to check further details:

Method #5 Samsung Transfer Tool using Bluetooth Technology

In this solution, you will only use pre-existing device’s accessory, the Bluetooth device. The only issue with this one is that the process is a bit tricky and needs a lot of patience and understanding of the procedure. But you can still transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7.

Step #1: Connect two devices using Bluetooth

When both are connected, make sure both devices’ Bluetooth is powered on, as both are connected in a stable condition.

You may copy a small number of files from one device to the another. Pair both devices.

Step #2: Open source phone

Select one file type or a file (note: only a few limited numbers of files can be copied or transferred from time to time)

Open the tools drawer where to transfer the data file you plan to move storage location.

Step #3: Specify file (or specific or individual contact list, image, among others)

Selection of file transfer must be done individually. Check or just click on the image or contact name list

Note: multiple selections may be allowed, but since Bluetooth has limited capability it may take a longer time for the transfer. It will take more time if the Bluetooth connection is interrupted

Step #4: Use the “Bluetooth” icon

Click on “Bluetooth“.

Accept incoming files or files on the receiving device.

And you are done. Not an efficient way to transfer files but possible.

Method #6 Samsung Transfer Tool using vCard technology

In the same way as Bluetooth, this method may also take a lot of time and patience to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime/J7/J5/J3.

Step #1: Turn on both devices.

Both must be turned on to be able to connect both vCard (you need to turn on your Bluetooth device or NFC)

Step #2: Open the Tools folder or drawer

Step #3: Select which file category to transfer

You may choose contacts, call history, etc.

Note: you are only allowed to transfer a few files per transfer, otherwise transfer time will take too long or worst – unsuccessful

Step #4: Additional transfer options

You may be allowed to transfer other file types, just check on other options

Step #5: Import and Export Data

If you are ready to transfer files, click on the “Import/Export” option found under “More” options, then “Settings

Click on “Confirm Export

Note: Make sure you remembered the location area where vCard stored your transferred data.

Then click “Ok

Step #6: Transfer Imported/Exported data to the phone

Go to the location where your new file, for example, contacts, where it is in .vcf file

Follow the same steps from Step #1 to Step #4

If example you transferred the “contacts” file, using the .vcf file from the location, slick on “Import from device storage“.

Then, “Save Contact to” and click on “Device“.

Click on the radio-like icon, which means vCard to transfer the file to the new phone.

Click “Ok“, and you are done.


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