With the recent release of the Galaxy Note 8, lots of people have been getting their hands on a new phone. Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling with the most commonly struggled tasks out there when it comes to mobile devices. Transferring data from their old mobile phone over to their new mobile phone. While a lot of manufacturers offer a collection of tools for their users to use (such as iTunes or Samsung Kies), these programs aren’t the optimal choice and there’s no argument about it. This is where dr.fone comes in. With dr.fone – Phone Transfer, you are able to go much further than being able to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and are able to take advantage of the other features that it has to offer. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Part 1. Using dr.fone to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There is currently only method available for transferring data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or any of the Samsung devices for that matter, and that is with the use of dr.fone – Switch.

Step #1 – First of all, download and install the dr.fone program. Once it’s installed, launch it.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Note: if your devices aren’t connected to your computer already, then do so now using USB cables. dr.fone should detect this connection in a matter of seconds.

Step #2 – Next, click on the “Switch” option on the home menu.

Step #3 – After launching the program, select the Samsung device which you’d like to transfer data from using the menu at the top left of the program.

Step #4 – The menu which displays will show you the source device and the target device. Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the device shown on the right. If it isn’t, simply click on the box below the device on the right and change it to be so.

Step #5 – The next menu to appear will request that you select the types of data that you’d like to have transferred. Simply select the types of data that you’d like to transfer from Samsung to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and click on the “Start Transfer” button at the bottom right of the menu.

While it depends on how much data you are transferring, the transfer process should only take a few minutes. If you are transferring a large amount of data, expect it to take longer.

About dr.fone

While in this article we focussed in on how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, dr.fone is a high quality program which has a lot more to offer. Some of the other features which dr.fone consists of are:

  • Easily take backups of the data that you have stored on your device. There are several backup options including backing up all of the data that is on your device or selectively backing up your data.
  • Following on from the previous feature, you are able to restore any backups that you have taken with dr.fone to your device. Again, you are able to restore the entire backup or select the data that you want to have restored.
  • Rooting an Android device is a complex process although with the use of dr.fone – Root, root your device using the one-click root feature. dr.fone will take care of everything for you.
  • Got a new mobile phone or clearing out your current one? If that’s the case, dr.fone allows you to easily install multiple applications at once as well as uninstall multiple applications at once. If you’re looking to save yourself a lot of time, this feature alone is perfect for you.
  • As we discussed today, you are able to transfer data from one device straight over to the other, regardless of whether the devices are iOS (ex: transfer data from iPhone to Samsung) or Android.
  • Lastly, if you are worried about dr.fone not being compatible with your device, you needn’t worry anymore.

So with all of that in mind, I think that it is clear dr.fone offers a vast number of features and includes something for everyone. Whether you aren’t happy with the iTunes or Samsung Kies backup systems, or perhaps you’re looking for a much easier way to root your Android device. No matter what the reason is, dr.fone can provide you with the tools to get it done.

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Part 2. Why Switch to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Before we wrap things up, let’s take a look at some of the things that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has to offer. In comparison to the previous Samsung Galaxy Note models, this is the best.

  • Magnification Tool. Even though our mobile phones provide us with the settings to alter the text size on your device, there are often web pages which contain smaller text than the rest of our device. With that, the magnification tool is a very helpful tool which allows you to view certain sections of your device magnified rather than having to alter your settings temporarily.
  • Case Improvements. To a lot of people, the case and appearance of the mobile phone are at the bottom of their list of concerns. However, we all know someone who’s mobile phone is scratched and cracked. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the case not only looks slicker but is a lot stronger, preventing scratches and cracks. Similarly, the screen has been strengthened in this model as it is made from Gorilla Glass 5.
  • Eye Recognition. That’s right, this once movie feature has become a reality. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you are able to unlock your device with an eye-lock passcode. Although it takes slightly longer than the fingerprint recognition system, it has proven to be the more secure method.
  • Translations. Although this feature isn’t something that every user will be interested in, it is certainly one of the more interesting and useful features. With it, you are able to highlight any text which is shown on your text and will be prompted with over 30 translations while the original text language is shown.
  • GIF Maker. Similarly, to the feature which we discussed regarding dr.fone and making GIFs, there is a built-in GIF maker with this Samsung Galaxy Note model. This is perfect for those who enjoy taking photos and want to throw together a quick photo presentation.

Even though throughout this article we have focused on how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I feel that it is important that if you are considering purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that you know a little bit about it. The phone itself is amazing and was released just before the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. All 3 of these mobile phones are without a doubt checking out.