Android WiFi Data Transfer: Transfer Data Wirelessly on Android Phone

Do you still connect your Android phone to your computer with USB cables? What do you do if you cannot find a suitable USB cable or it is just broken? In fact, there is another way for you to connect your phone to your computer, which is to do it via WIFI. It will be much more easier to manage your Android phone via WIFI. And here are some good methods for you, if you want a tool like that.

Tool 1. Sync Apps & Photos on Android Wirelessly via Bluetooth

The wireless technology — Bluetooth has been developed for years and it is getting increasingly important in data switching in at short range. So you can connect your Android devices via Bluetooth when you want to transfer photos or apps to each other.

1.It is convenient because you don’t need a USB cable or network.
2.It is quick and simple.
3.It is easy to connect different Android devices via Bluetooth.
4.It is free.
5.You also connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth.

1.The scale of data files is limited, so if you want to transfer a large quantity of files you need to transfer in batches.
2.You can only transfer one kind of data files once at a time.

The guidance for Android phone to phone transfer Wirelessly via Bluetooth:

Step 1. On your phones, go to the “Setting” option, find the “Bluetooth” and then turn on the switches of Bluetooth. Then, on one phone, find the other phone on the list of available devices. Pair them together with a password.

Step 2. On your source phone, choose the data files that you want to transfer. For example, if you want to transfer photos, go to the photo library, select a photo that you want to transfer and click on “Share”. On the options of sharing methods, choose to transfer via Bluetooth.

Step 3. Then, on another phone, you will be prompted with a message asking you to accept the photo or not. Choose “Accept” so that it will start to transfer and you will get the phone on your destination phone.

Tips: Bluetooth can be employed in different Android devices including the smart phones and tablets. And various brands of devices are compatible, like the Samsung, HUAWEI.

Tool 2. Transfer Android Data Files Wirelessly via Google Drive

The Google Drive is an app for Android phones released by Google that supports connection with WIFI. With the help of this app, you can make a backup of the data files on your phone and save it in the cloud. The data it can manage including the files and pictures and so on. You can not only restore the backup on your phone, also share it with others.

1. You can create files or folders when you want to share information with others.
2. It supports a lot of Android devices.
3. You can use it as long as you have a account for Google Drive.
It’s easy to create new folders, select a batch of files, share with other friends and access it from different phone/tablet supporting Google Drive.

1.It requires a steady network.
2.It free for 15GB of storage space, and if you want more, you have to pay for it.
3.It can not create backup files of your phone automatically, which means you need to do it by yourself every time.

The guidance for Android data transfer via Google Drive wirelessly:

Step 1. You need a Google Drive account.

Step 2. Launch the Google Drive, choose the icons of new files and click on “upload” at the lower screen on the left. To upload an audio file, you can choose the “Music Player” from the list.

Step 3. Then, the audio will be backup on the Google Drive account.

Step 4. On another Android device, log in the same Google Drive account and open the Google Drive app. Then, you will see the audio file appear.

Step 5. Now, you can download the audio file on this device if you want. Tip: Although it is less convenient to restore the backup of an audio file, but image that you want to transfer a lot files. It will save much time.

Tool 3. Transfer Android Data to Computer Wirelessly via AirDroid

The AirDroid is recently popular for its powerful functions of data transfer. It can help you transfer photos, music, videos and something more between Android phones. Also, you can create backup files with this app and then restore the backups.

1.It supports connection with WIFI, so you don’t need a USB cable.
2.You can send messages from phone to computer with it.
3.You can edit the contacts on the computer more convenient with this simple data manager.
4.It can help you track the phone in case you losing it. You can also delete all our data completely by remote control.
5.It is free of charge.

1. It requires devices to connect to the same WIFI.
2. You have to download this app on both devices.

The guidance for Android phone data to computer transfer Wirelessly by AirDrop:

Step 1. Download this app on both your Android phone and your computer.

Step 2. On Android phone, launch this app. Then, you will be asked to start real time so that you can view all the app and system notification on the computer.

Step 3. Then, you will see an address of a website on the primary window. Copy and paste it on the search bar of your browser on your computer.

Step 4. After that, you can surely reach to the last step of enabling real time. Just click on “Enable”. You need one email address as the account & setting a password to ensure the safety. You can also use the accounts of Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Step 5. On your phone, log in with the same account which you use just now. Then, you can start to manage your phone.

Tips: In order to protect your phone better, you can use the service of “Find Phone”, which is extremely when losing phone. It can track our personal phone & monitor it remotely. In very severe cases, you can delete all the data to avoid personal information letting out.

Tool 4. 1-Click to Sync Files on Android Wirelessly by MobileGo

First, let’s make a brief comparison of the three wireless tools for data transfer above. The Bluetooth is not so quick and its compatibility is bad, sometimes you may find it hard to find the name of the destination phone from the list of devices available. The Google Drive is good because it is developed by a big company but a weak point is that the limitation of storage is too small. The AirDroid is special for Android devices, so it may be the best among the three. But, have you ever wonder if there are any better and all-round tools?

Fortunately, the Wondershare MobileGo is the one just right for you, which is professional but easy to use. It can help you with not only data transfer but also backup. All the data that can be managed by it including the apps, contacts, SMS, music, photos, videos, files, etc. It supports almost all Android devices and also devices running iOS. What’s more, there are two versions of it, so for Mac users, you can also download it.

Get MobileGo


1.The interface of it is user-friendly, so it is understandable even for novices.
2.You can make settings to make it create backup files automatically when connecting to computer.
3.You can transfer all data including apps, contacts, SMS, music, photos, videos, document and so on.
4.Data transfer can be put into practice from one phone to another phone, or between the phone to the computer.
5.You can choose to connect via WIFI or with USB cables.

1.It is not free, but it offers a free trial version for the first 15-day.
2.You can only connect via WIFI on the version for Windows.

Here is step-by-step tutorial for your reference.

I will just take an example of the MobileGo Windows Version and show you how to use it to manage the Android phones as is stipulated by the title.
Step 1. Get a right version for your Windows computer and install it following the wizard.
Step 2. Run it after installation. Then, tap on “Connect new device” and choose the “Connect via WIFI” to get the QR code.
Step 3. On your Android phone, open any app that allows the QR scanner, then scan the QR code.
Step 4. After you accepting the request of connection, your phone are already connected to your computer.
Step 5. Then, on the right panel, choose the item that you would like to transfer to your computer.

Get MobileGo

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