Transfer iTunes eBooks to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 8 Easily

Can I load and read iTunes eBooks on Samsung Galaxy Note 5/8?

Recently, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is released with great expectation. With the new phone, you can not only experience the new advanced features but also communicate with your friends better. In addition, since Android phone is compatible with more kinds of files than iPhone can do, you can save and view the files you need in more formats. Thus, you can have a stellar and great way to get the job done in an efficient manner.

However, the problem comes when it comes to transferring files from your old iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, especially when you have saved many eBooks on your iPhone and want to copy them to your new Android Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone. Up to now, there isn’t a good method to transfer books that you downloaded from iTunes to Android phone directly and efficiently, thus you don’t need to find replacements.

Here I have to show you why it is difficult to transfer e-books that are downloaded from iTunes to Android phone, such as your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The problem comes from the difference between iOS and Android platforms – the two platforms have the different method to conduct payment system and different method to buy e-books. Accordingly, the two platforms have different set of DRMs so that it is quite difficult to transfer ebooks from one platform to the other one.

However, with the development of science, to meet user’s demand, many teams have developed useful apps and solutions that enable Android users to transfer iTunes ebooks to their phones. You just need to choose the most proper one to complete the task in an easy way.

Apps to transfer iTunes eBooks to Samsung Galaxy Note 5

In some occasion, you have to transfer some important and precious files from your iPhone to Android phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. To complete the task, you may even search the Internet to find some solutions and do find some finally. In fact, some of the solutions can complete the task for you and only need some more time. Thus, please pay more patience to try the solutions below, and you can find the problem solved with the trial. Here are 3 useful and professional apps for you to have a try. Also, I list the advantages and disadvantages for you to learn more about each app respectively.


Among all similar apps through the Internet, Marvin can be considered one of the best one due to some advanced features. With help of the program, you can easily transfer all your iTunes ebooks to your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone in several clicks! In addition, to provide users better experience, the program is developed with a clean, modern and user-friendly interface so that you can conduct the task step by step even you are primary users. Worry about incompatible of file formats? Don’t need to worry any more since the app works can recognize and open up the variety of formats without hassle. Marked by many users and ranked top 3 through the Internet, the Marvin app can provide you professional rendering, a wide range of fonts and user-friendly layout to make the app more easy handling.


* Equipped with a clean and modern interface, Marvin is quite easy to use by all levels of users.
* Marvin is compatible with a variety kind of formats for your important files.
* Marvin app can provide you professional rendering, a wide range of fonts and user-friendly layout features.


* The Marvin cannot open protected EPUB type of files.

Price: $3.99


If you are using an Android phone, such as your new bought Samsung Galaxy Note 8 / FE / 5, you cannot miss the app Aldiko, which is the largest book reader on Android platform. With help of the app, you can open up and read various kinds of files directly. In addition to working as a professional book reader, the Aldiko is also a large platform to provide you huge numbers of ebooks. In the platform, you can conveniently browse and search the book you may like and download them in one click! Developed for all levels of users, the app Aldiko is equipped with a professional and interesting interface that you will like it strongly. What’s more, during the usage, you can find the interface is well organized and the purchase process is seamless. After the description above, it is not difficult to image why the Aldiko can become one of the best book readers for Android device users.


* The Aldiko is developed with a professional and interesting interface to provide you better experience.
* You can search and view huge numbers of ebooks through the app and download them in one click.
* The program provides you tons of ebook resources for free to save your money.


* You can find some titles and books are more expensive than sold on some other platforms.

Price: $2.99


Different from the two apps above, the Calibre is a totally free one to download. You can install it on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then load it from your computer’s Calibre with images. As the most professional app, you can download and manage your books in more convenient way. In addition, the app is quite easy to use and developed with a nice interface, you will consider the result worth your time and enjoy reading with the Calibre.


* Since the Calibre is totally free one, you can add more books easily and don’t need to pay for it.

* Due to the lack of features on Android devices, sometimes you may encounter bugs and the experience is a little bad.

Price: Free