How to Transfer Music/Songs from Flash Drive to iTunes

Many people like collecting and save collecting files into their flash drive. Admittedly, files will be well kept in Flash Drive for a long time. No matter what happens, files in your flash drive will still be there unless your flash drive was broken. However, there are still many shortcomings when you turn to the flash drive as storage. For example, you have to protect many flash drives if you have plenty of files to save; what’s more, you cannot manage them conveniently. In fact, you can put them in an iTunes library to keep them well organized. Don’t need to feel trouble about how to transfer files, take music as an example. From flash to iTunes. In the article, I will introduce you a very effective and useful way.

Since music downloaded from the Internet are in many different types, some music files in the form of MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIF, AIFF, M4R, and M4B can not be imported by iTunes. When you want to transfer music from the flash drive to iTunes, some iTunes compatible ones can be imported directly, while those iTunes incompatible ones should be converted to iTunes compatible ones first. Nowadays, no need using many tools to complete one task. In the article, I will show you two ways to transfer music from the flash drive to iTunes, even transfer incompatible ones easily.

Solution 1: Transfer iTunes Supported Songs from a Flash Drive to iTunes Library

Step 1. Firstly, please launch your iTunes to bring up the starting window. Then please insert your flash drive into a USB port on your computer. In the starting window of your iTunes, please click “Edit” menu in the upper and choose “Preferences”. Then please click “Advanced” to reveal the “Advanced Preferences” window. Then in the new window, check the 2 options: Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library.

transfer music to itunes

Step 2. To transfer iTunes compatible music files from flash drive to iTunes, you can follow the following routine: “Flip” > “Add file to library” or “Add folder to library”. Then you can locate a place to find your flash drive and select the music files or folders you want to transfer to iTunes library.

Then please wait for a few minutes, the process will be completed automatically. Later, you can check your iTunes to find all music that you ever saved in flash drive.

Solution 2: Transfer iTunes Incompatible Songs from a Flash Drive to iTunes Library

If the music files that saved in your flash drive are not iTunes compatible ones, say not MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIF, AIFF, M4R, and M4B format, you will need to convert them first before you transfer them to iTunes. In fact, you can turn to the program dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) for help. The program can help you convert incompatible music files first and then transfer them to your iTunes library. You can follow me to have a try.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Step 1. We now offer you free trial version of the program to have a try. Please download it on our site. Then install it and run it to bring up starting window. When launched the program, you need to connect any of your Apple devices to your computer via a USB cable and insert your flash drive into the USB port.


Now iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models running in iOS 11, iOS 10 and iOS 9 are fully supported. And dr.fone – iOS Transfer supports iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic as well.

Step 2. Transfer music from the flash drive to iTunes Library.

In the window, you can see all the files in different categories in the left side column. Please click “Media” > “Music”. Then select “Add Folder” or “Add File” by clicking the triangle on “Add” in the music window. Then, you can browse your computer to import music from a flash drive. When that iTunes incompatible music is transferred, you will see a prompt, which asks you to convert songs to your Apple device supported format. Click “Yes” to enable the conversion.

Transfer Music from Flash Drive to iTune
Ad Music to iTunes Library from Flash Drive

If the incompatible music files are so many, you need to wait for a few minutes. Once the conversion process finished, you can select converted ones and click “Export” > “Export to iTunes“.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)