Efficient Way to Transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus / 8 / X

The features of the new iPhone 7 Plus are spectacular that it is hard to find any fault with the device. Samsung smartphone users who have switched over to new iPhone 7Plus, should search for an effective way to transfer music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus. This is because they have to be certain of a safe transfer, and safety of the iPhone and Samsung devices.

There are plenty of improvements made in the newly launched iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 making them the best in the iPhone series. The innovative camera, long battery life and superior performance to mention a few of the various outstanding features make users enjoy the device like never before.

The vibrant display, immersive audio and new water and splash resistant features add appeal to the already awesome device. With so many features to boast of, it is natural for users to switch over to the new device in spite of the expensive price tag.

Samsung Android vs. iPhone 7 Plus

Many Samsung Android users switch to iPhone 7Plus due to a plethora of reasons in spite of Samsung Android smartphones being cheaper. Here are a few of them:

  • The features in iPhone 7 are advanced and innovative.
  • The camera feature is the best in class.
  • The phone is water and splash resistant, which is not present in Samsung devices.
  • Software and hardware components of iPhone 7 have a definite upper hand, when compared to Samsung devices. The sophisticated components enable easy installation of apps.
  • Display feature is excellent and is much better than Samsung display.

Why a phone manager tool is necessary?

To ensure an efficient and safe transfer of data from your old device to iPhone 7Plus, you need to have a highly effective tool.

The tool should be able to perform backup, transfer and manage the files in your old and new device, so you have all your important data intact without causing any damage to the devices involved.

One of the best phone manager tools that can accomplish all the above is dr.fone phone manager software.

High performing dr.fone Features

dr.fone is phone manager software that comes with a high recommendation. It can manage, backup and transfer file types used in smartphones including photos videos, music, SMS, contacts and much more. The software is equally effective on iPhone and Samsung devices.

The best thing about the software is it performs transfer of media files without the restrictions related to iTunes transfer. The feature highlights of the software include

  • It maintains the original file quality.
  • Transfer takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • You can retain only the original music files and erase the duplicate files, which enable more space usage.
  • Media content can be backed up on any Android or iOS device.

Efficient features

Here are the key beneficial features of dr.fone software:

  • Transfer all types of files including text and media files such as music, videos, photos, SMS and contacts to iPhone from Samsung.
  • Perform effective computer backup of videos, photos, contacts, music, SMS and other files and easy retrieval of the files.
  • Compatible with more than 7000 Android devices ranging from version 2.2 to 7.0.
  • All brands of Android smartphones including Huawei, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Motorola etc., support the software.
  • Efficient app manager that allows backup, import and uninstall of apps in groups.
  • iTunes manager feature enables synchronization of music in iTunes to Android devices or transfer from Android to the iTunes music files.
  • With Wondershare single click root feature, you can root the android device and take over full control of it any time.

To benefit from the various features of dr.fone, you need to have the software installed in your computer.

The following methods show the various ways you can use to transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 such as:

  • Entire music files transfer
  • Selective transfer
  • Music Playlist transfer

Part I. Instructions to Transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus

With dr.fone – Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer music files and playlists from iOS devices to Android devices and vice versa. Here are the step by step instructions:

Step #1: Install dr.fone and launch it on your computer. Click on the option “Phone Transfer” and Connect the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung smartphone to the PC.

Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Step #2: Choose the device that is going to be the source from which you transfer the music. In this situation, it is the Samsung device from which you want to transfer the music.

Step #3: Choose target device. After connecting the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Android, the software program will identify the devices. This will be followed by a prompt, which asks you to choose the device you want as the target. In this instance, iPhone 7Plus is the target device.

Step #4: Now you have to choose the music you want to transfer. Select the Music option and click on ‘Start Transfer‘. Once the process of transfer is completed, click on, ‘Ok’ option.

During the entire process ensure the connection between the devices and the computer is intact.

Part 2. Steps to Selectively Transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus

It is possible to selectively transfer music of your choice from the source to the target device. You need to select just the songs you need.

Here are the steps involved in the selective transfer:

Step #1: Launch dr.fone – Phone Manager(Android) software, Click on the “Phone Manager” option. Now connect the iPhone 7Plus and Samsung Android device to your computer.


Step #2: The next step is to choose the device you are going to use as the source for transfer of music. This step has to be followed, irrespective of whether you do an entire music file transfer or a selective transfer.

In this situation, the Samsung Android is the device you are going to source the music from. So, select it as your source.

Step #3: To open song list to select the songs you wish to transfer, click on, and ‘Music‘ tab in the device.

Step #4: Choose the songs you wish to transfer. Click on the Export option. Now select the device where you want the songs to be transferred. In this instance, iPhone 7Plus is the target device.

Step #5: Click on the option, ‘Export to iPhone 7‘. Now the songs you had selected are transferred to the target phone, which is iPhone 7 plus, in this situation.

Transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus

Part 3. Steps to Transfer Music Playlist from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus

Step #1: Install and run dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) software. Connect iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Android devices to your PC.

Step #2: Choose Samsung Android as the source or the device from which you are going to transfer the playlist.

Step #3: Click on the, ‘Music‘ option to choose the playlist from the source Android device.

Step #4: Select the playlist you wish to Transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus. The playlist will be displayed on the menu to the left of the interface.

You need to just click on the playlist to do a direct export of the playlist to the iPhone 7. To select the playlist you need to right click on the playlist or lists of your choice.

Transfer Samsung Playlist to iPhone 7 Plus

Step #5: Select the target phone you want the playlist to be transferred to. In this instance, iPhone 7 Plus is the target. Now choose the option, ‘Export to Device>iPhone 7‘. The playlist you have selected will be transferred to the iPhone 7Plus in a few minutes.

During the entire transfer process ensure that the connection between the devices and the computer is kept intact. Any disturbance in the connection will disrupt the transfer process and cause the failure of the transfer.

From the instructions detailed above, you will have ample proof of how dr.fone – Phone Transfer or dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) works its magic. It is the ideal software tool to transfer data between devices including iOS and Android devices.

The various useful and efficient features of the software make it easy to import, export and also backup data in your device safely and quickly. The beneficial software is the right choice to use when you want to Transfer Music from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus or between any other Android or iOS devices. You need to just download the software and use it.

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