How to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC Effortlessly

One of the best thing about the latest iPad is that they have high storage capacity and are equipped with a high-quality camera. The only thing is, after taking photos with your iPad for a few weeks, you will quickly begin to notice that your storage space is filling up. As a result, you must look into how to transfer photos from iPad to PC.

There are a lot of benefits to transferring your photos onto your PC, but the biggest benefit is that computers have a lot more storage available than your iPad and thus, is better for storing your photos on.

Part 1. Transfer Photos from iPad to PC on Windows 10

For the first method, we are going to be showing Windows 10 PC users how they can transfer photos from iPad to PC. This method does not require any third-party tools, hence why it may be a popular choice.

Step #1 – Start by connecting your iPad to your computer using a lightning cable. Windows should automatically detect this connection.

Step #2 – After connecting your iPad, the Photos application should launch, and you will be able to view all of the photos that are on your iPad.

Note: if the Photos app doesn’t appear, use the “Start Menu” to search for it.

Step #3 – Now that you are in the Photos app, click on and select all of the photos that you want to transfer from your iPad.

Step #4 – Once you have all of the photos selected, click on the “Import” icon which is located at the top-right of the program.

Step #5 – A window will appear. From here, select a folder where you want to have the photos saved and stored.

Step #6 – Once you have selected a storage location, you will be prompted to confirm the transfer. Simply click on “Import“.

Note: if you want the photos deleted from your iPad once they have been transferred, check the box that is shown.

Step #7 – The transfer will begin, and in a few seconds, you will have transferred your photos.

This method is quick, simple, and you don’t require any additional tools to get the job done. As long as you follow the steps accordingly, you will be able to transfer photos from iPad to PC in no time at all.

Part 2. Transfer Photos from iPad to PC on Windows 8

This next method is for anyone who is on a Windows 8 PC and who is looking to transfer photos from iPad to PC. As with the previous method, no additional software is required, and the tool that we will be using is built into the Windows 8 platform.

Step #1 – Open up the Windows’ “Control Panel” and click on “AutoPlay“. From this menu, make sure that AutoPlay has been enabled.

Step #2 – Next, connect your iPad using the appropriate USB cable. Windows should automatically detect the iPad’s connection.

Step #3 – From the pop-up window that appears, click on “Import pictures and videos“.

Step #4 – You can either select the specific photos that you want to be imported or click on “Import all new items now” to have all of your photos imported.

Step #5 – After selecting the option you want to go with, click “Next“.

Step #6 – The transfer process should only take a few minutes although if you have a lot of photos, it may take slightly longer. Once the process is complete, you will have successfully transferred your photos.

Again, this simple method allows Windows 8 users to transfer their iPad photos in just a few minutes. A lot of people prefer these types of methods as they don’t need to download third-party software; thus it is more convenient.

Part 3. Transfer Photos from iPad to PC on Windows 7

Before we show you how to transfer photos from iPad to PC using dr.fone, we are going to show Windows 7 users how to get the job done. You can use the Windows 8 method if you would like to, as AutoPlay is available on Windows 7, although if it doesn’t work, you can follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Start by connecting your iPad to the PC with a lightning cable, and waiting for a second to allow your PC to detect this connection.

Step #2 – Go to the start menu and click on “My Computer“. This will display your storage devices.

Step #3 – Right-click on your iPad and click on the “Import pictures and videos“.

Step #4 – A similar menu as before will appear. Simply follow the steps shown and select the photos which you want to be transferred and in a few minutes, they’ll be available on your PC.

If you don’t want to use the default Windows’ tool to transfer photos from iPad to PC, there is another option available. You can use dr.fone – iOS Transfer for the best experience possible.

Part 4. Transfer Photos from iPad to PC Using dr.fone – Phone Manager

Using dr.fone Phone Manager (iOS) is the sensible approach to make sure that all of your photos are transferred when you transfer photos from iPad to PC. The program itself also comes with a wide range of other features too – some of which we will discuss later in this article.

Step #1 – First, download and install dr.fone on your computer.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Step #2 – Connect your iPad using a lightning cable and launch dr.fone to begin with “Transfer” function.


Step #3 – Once the program has launched, click on the “Photos” tab at the top of the screen.

Step #4 – This will display all of the photos that are stored on your iPad. Select all of the photos that you want to have transferred.

Step #5 – Once you have them selected, click on “Export” at the top, followed by “Export to PC“.

Step #6 – Using the window which is shown, select a file location where you want the photos to be stored and click “OK“.

Step #7 – Lastly, the transfer will begin and once it’s done, simply click “OK” to end or “Open Folder” to view the photos.

As you can see, this is a simple method which will take you no more than a few minutes to do. While the other methods work fine, this is the most efficient.

About dr.fone toolkit for iOS

Are you interested in finding out more about what dr.fone has to offer? Check out the short list of features that we have below.

  • Seamlessly transfer data from your PC to an iOS device, and vice versa, without experiencing the limitations which you would experience when using iTunes.
  • Recently got a new iPhone? Easily install multiple applications at once with the App manager. This saves you a lot of time. You can also uninstall multiple apps at once if you are trying to clear some storage space!
  • If your iOS device doesn’t turn on, you can use dr.fone – Repair to repair the iOS so that you can use it once again.
  • iTunes is prone to randomly corrupting iTunes library, and if this happens to you, you can use dr.fone – iOS Transfer to restore all of your lost media which was stored in your iTunes library.

Download dr.fone – Toolkit (iOS)

These are just a few of the features that dr.fone has to offer; there are many others included too!

To Conclude

Not everyone is comfortable using Windows built-in transfer photos features, and fortunately, anyone who isn’t happy with those features can use dr.fone iOS Transfer to successfully and easily transfer photos from iPad to PC. By following the short guide that we’ve provided you with, you can store all of your photos on your PC while at the same time, continuing to take the high-quality photos that you love taking. The more storage that is available on your iPad, the more photos you can take.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)


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