Transfer Podcasts from iPhone to iTunes or from iPhone to Computer

The article is to show you the easiest way to transfer podcasts from iPhone to iTunes, copy podcasts from iPhone to the computer, or from iTunes to iPhone with the help of dr.fone Transfer for iOS. Read to find out how to do it step by step.

Ever downloaded a lot of Podcasts on your iPhone? Too many iPhone users, the answer is “yes”. We can always find many interesting things through Podcasts. However, we just cannot store so many Podcasts on our iPhone due to the fixed RAM. When a lot of Podcasts are saved, we need to transfer them to our computer to keep them in a long time. You should be aware that iTunes cannot help you in this point. When you connect your iPhone with iTunes, your presence Podcasts will all lost since iTunes only syncs Podcasts from PC to iPhone while not the way back.

In order to transfer Podcasts to your computer, you need other tools to help you. Maybe you can try dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS), which enables you to put iTunes Podcasts on Android & transfer Podcasts from your iPhone to your computer in an easy way. In addition to copying Podcast from iPhone to the computer, you can also transfer podcasts from iPhone to iTunes, or from iTunes to iPhone. Also, you can transfer other files such as video, music, and photos between iPhone, iTunes, and computer.

You can now download the free trial version of dr.fone for iOS to have a try. Then just install the professional tool on your computer and then launch it by double clicking. Then just follow me step by step.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

How to Transfer Podcast from iPhone to Computer

Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC

Firstly, just connect your iPhone with your computer via USB cable. Your iPhone will be detected and displayed in the starting window automatically. The program works well with iPhone running in iOS 14.


Step 2: Copy Podcast from iPhone to Computer

In order to transfer podcasts from iPhone to your computer, please click “Media” in the left column of the screen. You will then see “Podcasts” on the top of the window. Just click it, all Podcasts on your iPhone will be displayed on the screen of your computer. After you select the Podcasts you want to transfer, please follow the routine “Export “> “Export to PC“. Then you will be required to locate a place to save these files.

export podcast from iphone to iTunes

If you would like to transfer podcasts from iPhone to iTunes, just click “Podcasts” on the right of the window. Then click “Smart Export to iTunes” to export podcasts from iPhone to iTunes. A dialogue box will appear to tell you how many of these podcasts on your iPhone are not in your iTunes library.

Just wait for a minute. The dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) will start the transfer for you automatically and efficiently. You can then check these Podcasts on your computer or iTunes later on.

As you can see in the starting window, except podcasts, you can also transfer other files such as music, playlists, photos, contacts, SMS from iPhone to iTunes/computer. Just transfer those useless ones to free up space for other files on your iPhone. You can follow the steps above to complete these.

Download dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)