The Finest Twitch Alternatives to Enhance Streaming Experience

Why Need Twitch Alternatives?

Twitch is a well-known platform to stream games. It has become a powerful tool to stream gaming videos. Twitch started as, but later it was bought by Amazon for around $1 billion. You must be thinking the amount is too much, right? But as we all know, Twitch ranks at the 12th position to be the maximum visited site in the US. All these years, Twitch has been quite successful in making an unbelievable buzz around the streaming of games. The whole storm of Twitch has become so viral that many celebrities and multiple esports teams have joined this amazing community.

Twitch mainly aims at streaming well-known video games and other esports events. However, it has recently expanded the streaming facility to live events like sports and music shows. Now that live streaming is growing rapidly in the entertainment industry; several applications are being launched to compete with Twitch.

Twitch alternatives have gathered people from around the world who are searching for new platforms, which are not too crowded with obvious content, and that promise a place away from the toxic chat rooms.

Twitch is available for consoles, smartphones, and PCs. The main aim of Twitch is to stream games, but it also permits users to streams IRLs and furthermore. Even with all these incredible features, Twitch has become a tense platform. Moreover, the latest changes in the guidelines are also a reason for the same. In this particular article, we have prepared a list of some of the most excellent Twitch alternatives.

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So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Mixer – #1 Twitch Alternative

Mixer Twitch Alternatives

It tops the list of the finest Twitch alternatives because of its incredible features. The Mixer was previously called Beam. It uses FTL (Faster Than Light) streaming protocol for broadcasting. It is said that FTL provides no place for dormancy between the stream and gameplay. From our analysis, we came to witness the fact that all the things on Mixer usually get transmitted in real-time.

During the testing of this tool, the streaming of games felt like the person viewing the live stream was present in the same room with no lag. This particular thing should be linked to other platforms that generally show an approximate 20 seconds lag. The no-lag feature of Mixer shows the real power of it.

The Mixer utilizes a currency known as Sparks that assists the users in the process of interaction within the games. A few games, such as Minecraft permit the users to interact directly using the currency. In addition to this, this tool is inherent with Xbox. So, in case you use Xbox, you have a clear-cut choice for streaming games.

Mixer is also compatible with a webcam. It comprises many layout options to select from. Mixer provides a co-streaming feature that allows you to stream along with three people at a similar time jointly. Moreover, Halo and Forza have a built-in streaming choice to stream using Mixer. It is also compatible with Chromecast and permits users to track their favorite channels. Mixer has a chat option, which enables you to have a conversation with your friends who are connected.

Mixer by Microsoft is a very good place, so if you are searching for Twitch alternatives, you might want to check out Mixer.

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2. Periscope


It is not a very dedicated streaming platform for games. But, it is considered a whole live-streaming tool. The owner of Periscope is Twitter. Periscope is known as a place to discover the entire world with someone else’s eyes. That is why it bags the second spot in the list of the finest Twitch alternatives.

Periscope is used by gamers to stream games. It is incorporated with Twitter, which permits users to stream via smartphones and further push their content on their Twitter accounts to gain more viewership.

During the process of testing Periscope, it was found that users can easily interact with the live broadcast, similar to Twitch. As soon as you go live, your followers will receive a notification from joining the stream. The number of hearts determines the rate of engagement you obtain on the stream. Periscope maintains a record of the hearts that you get on the stream and accordingly decides if you are on the ‘Most Loved’ list.

Another exciting feature is that when you finish streaming, you can easily make it accessible to replay for the followers who have unfortunately missed the stream or wish to view it again. In the present time, Periscope permits the replay of stream in the first twenty-four hours. Other than this, there is an option to eliminate the stream whenever you wish.

An additional feature in Periscope is that it permits you to stream the games for a specific audience by inviting them. You can block unwanted followers. Overall, you can definitely go ahead and try Periscope.

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3. YouTube Gaming

Youtube Game Twitch Alternatives

YouTube Gaming was launched by Google as a streaming platform to get in competition with Twitch. It keeps you connected with the players, gaming culture, and a variety of games. During the testing process, it was found that the live streams are smoothly integrated along with the chat section. They also have a ‘let’s play’ option that permits the gamers to discover and review the speed runs and trails. With large popularity and database among the public, discovering your favorite games has become really easy.

The videos available on YouTube Gaming are of huge variety, such as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, etc. if we talk about the platform, it is quite like the original YouTube. You will feel as if you are using YouTube itself. It is quite impressive to see how a platform like YouTube Gaming has been developed by Google to display all the streams and videos in just one place.

The statistics show that the YouTube Gaming tool has over 25,000 games. YouTube Gaming focuses on those games that fall under your area of interest. Similar to YouTube, this platform has channels for gamers and publishers. You can easily follow them for any updates. In case you find a glitch, you can freely comment or review that particular game or channel. This platform is a complete package of game broadcasts. We advise you to go ahead and try it.

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4. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch Twitch Alternatives

Another addition to the list of Twitch alternatives is Facebook Watch. Facebook brings something new frequently. Facebook Watch is an attempt by Facebook to expand the platform by a specific video streaming space. The interface of Facebook Watch is very similar to Facebook; therefore, it is quite easy for users to operate it. The follower’s engagement on Facebook Watch is similar to Facebook. You get the same reactions such as likes, comments, and a share option.

Facebook Watch is just a year old, but it has gathered many users with regards to the total time of viewing. It has claimed that this platform has over 50 million active people, and the number is just growing every day.

Facebook Watch was created for exploring new content. This platform lets you follow creators that you like as well as share a variety of content between your family and friends. In addition to this, you can take part in a conversation on any topic on this platform. Facebook Watch allows you to make a watch list to prevent you from missing any recent updates. So, if you are still looking for Twitch alternatives, then go ahead and try this platform.

5. Mirrativ

Mirrativ Twitch Alternatives

People who like mobile streaming can opt for Mirrativ. It is a platform that is entirely dedicated to mobile phones. Mirrativ has a combination of mobile broadcasting along with screen sharing capability. You can get all these features on just one platform.

Mirrativ has good features that are combined together in a user-friendly application. It was designed to make the switching process of platforms easy. Mirrativ is accessible to Android as well as iOS users. Similar to Twitch, this platform lets you interact with the followers using the comment in real-time. In addition to this, users can like your broadcast by tapping on the star icon.

The performance of Mirrativ is very smooth. It shares the screen as well as the applications and menus. To be more precise, it transmits all the things that are happening on the screen.

Mirrativ is the best choice for those people who like mobile games, such as Game of War, Color Switch, or Clash Royale. The utility of Mirrativ lets users dodge every type of outside streaming hardware. This is the reason why it is the finest alternative to Twitch.

You can choose Mirrativ among the rest of the Twitch alternatives. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed with the functions and features of Mirrativ. So, go ahead and try for yourself.

6. Smashcast


It is the oldest player in the live broadcasting service. Smashcast started with a unique business model. Later on, Hitbox and Azubu merged together to produce Smashcast. People who are not aware of Hitbox and Azubu, they were quite well-known brands for streaming eSports sites. Now, they have collaborated to produce Smashcast that is in direct competition with Twitch.

While we were testing, it was found that the site of Smashcast is incorporated with JavaScript. This creates a wonderful experience for its users. In addition to this, the delay-free live streaming tool is compatible with 4k broadcasting at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS). This specific feature makes this tool a very good player for streaming high-quality videos.

Smashcast also organizes many tournaments; therefore, this platform is liked by many people. The tournaments are managed by many types of groups, including like-minded human beings to huge gatherings. On this platform, you can select any role according to your choices, such as streamer, tournament organizer, tournament partner, or viewer. We feel that this is clearly a good Twitch alternative by the people of the community.

7. Caffeine


It is new in the world of live game streaming. Also, it provides a unique experience to users compared to Twitch. Firstly, it is more of a social platform than a video content site. The feed is quite like Facebook or Twitter that you keep scrolling unless you see anything that falls under your area of interest. Moreover, you can easily associate with other people, view their streams, or stream anything that you want.

The interface of Caffeine is a bit different than other streaming tools. The comment section is shown in a chat bubble form. The users can upvote any comment that they feel is the best, and this will help that comment to shift to the top of the chat section.

As Caffeine is a new platform, it still stands out among the rest of all. However, there are a few things that need to be focused on. For instance, compatibility with a few browsers, such as Edge and Firefox is poor. This will not cause a problem to those who use Google Chrome, but those who don’t use Chrome can face this issue.

Still, you can opt for Caffeine. It must have some exciting features, that is why it stands on the list of the finest Twitch alternatives.

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Conclusion on Twitch Alternatives

This specific list is for those people who are bored with using Twitch and wish to switch to other platforms. So, these were the most high-quality Twitch alternatives. We hope that you are satisfied with the list as well as the position of various streaming platforms. Other than this, it is our firm belief that this information will help you in choosing the best alternative to Twitch. In case you have any queries regarding this, feel free to share it in the comment section below. We will help you in sorting out any problem. If you wish to share any more alternatives, then go ahead. We would love to hear from you.