uBlock vs. Adblock – Which is the Best Adblocker in 2022?

As an internet user, you might have seen enough and more ads on web pages, videos, and apps. Often, you find these apps to be annoying, and that is exactly why you are prompted to use adblockers.

Both uBlock and Adblock are popular adblockers that are used by many internet users. With that said, you are reading this article probably because you wanted a comparison of uBlock vs. Adblock.

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Why Use an Adblocker in the First Place?

As of now, there is a huge debate about the use of adblockers among internet users. For the vast majority of internet users, popup ads are exceptionally annoying because of the distraction they cause.

Surfing the internet, watching an online video, or playing an online game with those ads popping up is incredibly annoying. So, many individuals tend to use adblockers and prevent those popup advertisements from coming up and disturbing them.

However, on the flip side, there are some users who don’t want to block popup ads. They just believe that closing down the popping-up ads when necessary is good enough. But, under practical conditions, closing down ads on a frequent basis can be annoying.

So, we believe that using an adblocker is a very smart option if you prefer a smooth browsing experience. The good news is that there is no shortage of adblockers in the market for you to download.

Is It OK to Use an Adblocker?

Well, now you know what an adblocker actually does, let’s see if it is OK to use it. The usage of adblockers is increasing dramatically, and many individuals debate whether or not to use them.

You should know that advertising has become exceptionally aggressive as of now, and it is only likely to grow. Advertisers are trying to display their products and services to the crowd that visits the relevant websites. Some of the resources (such as browser-based games) which are offered for free contain ads.

Also, some of the websites and video-sharing sites contain ads. In most cases, the ads displayed on those websites are the main source of revenue for them.

So, if you use an adblocker and stop those ads from appearing, that can impact their revenue. Assume that all internet users start to use adblockers, and no ad is displayed. In that case, their revenue will be zero. And, you give nothing in return to them though you use the resources available on their websites.

In a nutshell, if you use a free service online, you see the ads instead of paying for them. If you block those ads, you don’t do any favor for them, but you still use their services.

On the other hand, some websites tend to use ads excessively and disturb the users. In that case, you will like finding a way to block those annoying ads. Also, some of those ads can even be associated with malware such as viruses or trojans. You will have to seek the assistance of a good adblocker in that case as well.

After all, it is up to you to decide whether or not to use the adblockers. So, you may make your decision wisely and take your decision wisely.

Comparison Between uBlock vs. Adblock

In this section, we are providing you with a comparison between uBlock vs. Adblock to give you a clearer idea. As you may have already heard, both uBlock and Adblock are very popular adblocker programs.

It is true that the online world is filled with various types of adblockers with different types of features. However, not all those tools are as good as they claim. In fact, some of those adblockers can even contain dangerous viruses.

So, choosing a good adblocker is quite a challenge for anyone. To make things easier for you, we have done an extensive amount of research. As a result of that research, we were able to end up with two prominent options; uBlock and Adblock, both of these tools are very popular among internet users, but they have unique features.

If you want to read a good comparison between uBlock vs. Adblock, this is the article you must read. In this comparison, we will cover all the main aspects related to these two tools.

When it comes to the aspect of popularity, Adblock is considered to be the most popular option by far. In fact, there is no other adblocker that can match the popularity of this adblocker. Regardless of the platform, Adblock wins without a doubt in terms of popularity.

However, please note that Adblock and Adblock Plus are two different tools that come with impressive features. Of those two, Adblocker Plus is more popular compared to Adblock. However, our comparison is about uBlock vs. Adblock, and in that case, Adblock wins clearly in terms of popularity.

Adblock doesn’t block all the advertisements that are displayed on a website or other resources. Instead, it blocks only the intrusive ads and lets non-intrusive ads be displayed. This is a well-balanced approach that doesn’t hurt the publisher as well as the user. So, the reason behind the popularity of the Adblock is pretty clear.

Adblock is compatible with pretty much all the leading web browsers. For instance, it supports Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and other well-known web browsers. In addition to that, it has an add-on for Android as well.

When it comes to uBlock, it comes as an open-source ad-blocker that is gaining popularity rapidly. Although it is not popular as Adblock, it will become a very popular option pretty soon. Many users tend to use this app because it offers pretty much all the features of Adblock. Also, it uses fewer system resources compared to Adblock. So, there are enough reasons for people to start using it.

One of the major downsides associated with uBlock is that it is limited compatibility. That means uBlock is compatible only with Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

So, when it comes to the aspects of compatibility and popularity, Adblock stands well ahead of uBlock.

uBlock vs. Adblock: Which One Has a Better User interface?

When it comes to the interface of Adblock, it has a relatively simple one. Users will be able to disable or enable the blocking feature on any web page they are using. It even keeps track of the number of ads that are blocked on the respective page. Apart from that, it can block single elements and let you configure several settings. Also, you can even report any of the issues that can take place when using Adblock.

However, when it comes to uBlock, the interface is even simpler. The buttons are pretty large, and when the buttons are pressed, it enables or disables the adblocking feature. If you are an average user, the other features of this software will not be useful for you. The large button placed on the home screen of the software ensures that the feature is enabled or disabled. For most of the users, that’s all they need.

When you consider the simplicity factor of the interface, uBlock wins because of the simplified, minimalistic layout. However, this doesn’t mean that Adblock as a very bad user-interface. What we need to emphasize is that uBlock is better compared to Adblock when it comes to user-interface simplicity.

uBlock vs. Adblock: Settings

With Adblock, you get a filter list that is built-in to the tool itself. These presets are capable of blocking a special set of ads. However, this tool also allows you to include more filters to this list for their convenience. As a result, you will be able to make filtering more efficient and powerful. These settings can be changed using the preference page. In addition to that, it comes with the ability to turn off the option called ‘Allow some non-intrusive advertising.’ After turning off that option, you will be able to get rid of pretty much all the advertisements. That means, it can even help you to get rid of Google AdSense as well. Honestly, as we believe, it is a pretty extreme action against possible advertisements that are displayed. Instead, we suggest that you keep the respective option on.

uBlock comes with plenty of options in the context of customization. Well, as a matter of fact, this is a wonderful opportunity for those who are looking for a personalized experience. In fact, this is a much better approach, as opposed to Adblock. Also, uBlock offers you the opportunity of using third-party filters as well as the tracking servers. When you enable those third-party filters, uBlock will utilize more system resources. For instance, it requires more CPU utilization and memory utilization. Better performance, more system utilization.

In the context of security settings, therefore, uBlock wins because it gives more options for the user. If you are a power user, you will surely find uBlock to be the best option. However, for average users, Adblock is a decent enough option with average power and efficiency.

uBlock vs. Adblock: What Are the Ads They Block?

uBlock comes with a tagline saying ‘wide-spectrum blocker.’ However, most of the individuals use it for the purpose of blocking ads when browsing the internet. It is true that uBlock blocks plenty of adds straightaway. It doesn’t need any interaction with the user to block those apps. That means it can deliver an excellent user experience in terms of blocking apps fully automatically. Moreover, this app is capable of blocking connections from a variety of connections that come from third-party servers. And, that feature is included as a default one. uBlock comes in the form of very customizable software. As long as you know what you are doing, you can use this option for a better user experience. Nevertheless, if you don’t do it properly, it will lead to some issues as well.

When it comes to Adblock, however, it blocks fewer number of ads as per its default option. Nevertheless, there is a good reason for that tool to do it. When the app is in default mode, it allows acceptable ads to be displayed. As they say, those acceptable ads don’t make much trouble. They don’t necessarily ruin the user experience. However, those acceptable ads actually make a revenue for the websites (publishers). Just because you have acceptable ads, Adblock is not as fast as uBlock. Nevertheless, if you are using a new machine with decent specifications, you will not notice any difference. Adblock also comes as a customizable tool like its rival. You can create and add filter lists to this tool. Also, it lets you even disable the acceptable ads if you really want a completely ad-free experience.

uBlock vs. Adblock: Overall Efficiency

uBlock comes with the description of ‘efficient blocker.’ As we believe, such a description is perfectly compatible with such a tool. Nevertheless, compared to other ad blockers, there is not much of a difference in uBlock. That means, when it comes to the efficiency factor, both Adblock and uBlock are pretty similar.

It is no brainer that better system configuration will deliver better performance from both the adblockers. The installation process also very fast with these two tools. In addition to that, if you use an adblocker on your computer, you can easily expect faster CPU performance. Also, you can expect better battery usage on your laptop.

uBlock vs. Adblock: Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, you will be able to see a notable difference between these two. Just like we have mentioned at the beginning, there is very little user support delivered by uBlock. Interestingly, they expect users to rely on platforms like Twitter and Reddit to get their issues resolved.

However, when it comes to Adblock, user support is pretty impressive. They offer their customer support through Facebook, Twitter as well as through emails for faster and efficient service. If you are a new user who wants more support, to begin with, this is an ideal option. You can directly ask them potential questions and rectify them immediately. In addition to that, Adblock provides you the option of reporting bugs straightway to the developers. They are more than happy to receive your queries, and they will consider your input in a constructive manner.

uBlock vs. Adblock: Legitimacy

When it comes to the topic of the legitimacy of blocking apps, that is a pretty controversial subject. If you block ads on the websites you visit, you also contribute to cut down publisher’s revenue. That means publishers earn revenue through displaying ads, and if you block the ads, they cannot earn revenue. If all the web users do the same, there will not be any revenue for publishers. So, adblockers will not be treated favorably by the publishers anyway. Nevertheless, there were some court cases too related to adblocking. Interestingly, most of those cases prove that blocking ads is a legitimate process done by the visitor. After all, it is the visitor’s preference to see or not to see the ads. If you consider ads to be very disturbing, you can make a decision against it. However, if you respect the revenue generation approach of the website publishers, you may not block ads. After all, that is a way of doing them a favor for the services you enjoy for free.

Being one of the most popular adblockers, Adblock has more legal scrutiny compared to uBlock. Therefore, as we have noticed, Adblock seems to be playing the game by adhering to the rules. If you are an Adblock user, you will see that it doesn’t remove paywalls. Also, it doesn’t do anything that might put the users into any sort of legal troubles. That is why we say Adblock plays the game by adhering to the rules. In addition to that, Adblock works collaboratively with the publishers of the websites and support them. In other words, they try their best to support publishers while providing a pleasant browsing experience for users. When you visit free websites or free online services, acceptable ads will be displayed even if you use Adblock. Well, such an approach is justifiable for the survival of the publishers who offer free knowledge and information.

When it comes to uBlock, however, it doesn’t have the same legal scrutiny compared to Adblock. Therefore, uBlock tends to play the game with a hard and fast approach and be more aggressive. It tends to block pretty much everything that comes in between the website and the user. It can even remove the paywalls, as well. Nevertheless, we are not too sure about the legality of this process.

uBlock vs. Adblock: Conclusion

Both uBlock and Adblock have pretty much the same characteristics. If you configure them and customize them in full, they block almost the same number of ads. So, both of the apps can protect you from annoying ads as well as from malware. uBlock is faster and uses system resources efficiently and gives it a little edge.

Well, that’s our uBlock vs. Adblock comparison. Please let us know your thoughts.


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