uknowkids Review – Is It the Best Spy App?

In this uknowkids review, we intend to explain its functionalities, uses, benefits, etc. for your reference. At the end of this uknowkids review, we introduce a better alternative as well for those who are interested. So, continue reading and learn more about these spying apps.

In general, kids tend to use pretty much all the social media platforms that are available today. These kids prefer to communicate with each other through social media platforms. Also, they want to share various content. In fact, most modern-day kids are addicted to using social media. So, every kid finds it very difficult to spend their day without accessing their mobile devices. Well, it goes without saying that such an approach can bring various risks to their lives. So, as a smart parent, you should monitor the social media activities of the kids to protect them.

In order to make use of uKnowKids, you should first create an account with them. This account should define the frequency of social networks used by the target user (your kid). After that, you should install the uKnowKids app on the target device (the device used by your kid). No matter if it is an iOS or an Android device, uKnowKids can work perfectly on them. The installation process is pretty simple.

At the completion of the setup of the app, you can see valuable information associated with the device. For instance, the details related to the text messages can be detected. As a result, parents can check for what those kids are up to. In addition to that, it lets you read the monthly or weekly logs on the PC. This special tool generates tools regular basis so you can get a clear idea about the situation. You can use this information to act fast before it’s too late.

uknowkids review – how does it work?

uKnowKids is a product developed by Their service gathers the details of social media accounts owned by your kid to provide a detailed report. In addition to that, it can collect information related to the location. The logs of those accounts become exceptionally useful for parents to learn about the behaviors of the kids. Based on that information, parents will be able to take precautionary steps to protect their kids from potential dangers. In fact, uKnowKids is more of a parental intelligence service.

uKnowKids has the ability to monitor social media activities on the target device, regardless of its platform. That means it can track your kid’s social media account irrespective of the device they’ve used to visit it. Also, as a parent, you are not required to have a social media account to do it. Even if you don’t use social media, uKnowKids will provide all the required insights into the kid’s account.

Once you have completed the registration through uKnowKids’ official website, you can configure a profile for your kid. This special profile will ensure that all the details related to your kid’s social media account will be gathered. Adding more value to this service, uKnowKids allows you to track up to four kids under one profile. After that, please connect the service to the account of your kids.

You should also remember that the service will be able to work correctly only if you provide the credentials. That means, to monitor your kid’s account, you should know their username and password to the social media account. The same goes for messenger services as well. In fact, this could be considered a drawback.

This tool offers installation guidelines as well to make the process easier. Once the uKnowKids app is installed on the target smartphone, you will receive the updates regularly. These updates even comprise the real-time location of the kid. At the completion of the installation, you can enter the dashboard to view the data. The data on the dashboard will get updated constantly to provide a better idea about the kid’s behavior.

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uknowkids Review | Features of uKnowKids

In this section of our uknowkids review, we explain the features of this tool. In fact, uKnowKids has pretty much all the essential spying features. As a result, it allows you to monitor the account of another person pretty effectively.

● Monitoring Text messages

Thanks to the uKnowKids app’s smart algorithm, you can track even the text messages that are sent and received. Regardless of the number of text messages sent or received, uKnowKids can track them all. All those messages will be sent to your dashboard. Even if the messages are deleted, their content can be viewed through the dashboard.

● Logs of Phone calls and Facetime

It is true that social media has become incredibly popular as of today, and nearly everyone uses it. They have become an exceptionally popular media of communication as well. However, kids tend to sue both Phone and Facetime features to communicate. If your kid uses those features, it is important to use uKnowKids and track their call history and Facetime. That will give you an idea about the communication of the kids.

● Monitoring contacts

uKnowKids comes with the precious ability to track the phone numbers that are saved in the device. In addition to that, this app can even display extensive information on every contact.

● Monitoring Facebook

uKnowKids displays the information related to the Facebook account of the kid. The information is presented through the dashboard easily. You can get access to all the logs related to Facebook through this option. For instance, you can learn about the likes, comments, and any other detail related to the respective account.

● Photo Reviews

You don’t want your kid to have unwanted, inappropriate, or harmful pictures on their photo gallery, do you? Well, the pictures the kid has in their photo gallery describes his actions and character. So, if you can take a look at the photo gallery, you can prevent your kid from various threats. Thankfully, uKnowKids comes with the ability to monitor the photo gallery of the kid’s target device.

● Mobile app tracking

You can install various types of apps on your smartphone to achieve various tasks. Just like that, your kids can install any app on their devices too. However, some of those apps can be harmful to their immature minds. In this case, every parent should be smart enough to know what sort of apps are used by their kids. To monitor the apps installed on their devices, you can use uKnowKids.

● Scanning social media activities

Some kids can maintain fake profiles on social media. They can use these accounts for various purposes. However, the social network scanner on uKnowKids can easily monitor all the social media platforms on the target device.

● Access to browsing history

This is another useful feature for parents who are curious about their kids’ cyber activities. uKnowKids can track all the activities your kids perform on the web. That is because this tool can track the entire browsing history of the target device without any confusion. Through this feature, you can simply track all the websites visited by your kid. The entire browsing history can be accessed through the dashboard.

● Family locator

uKnowKids can monitor the exact location of your kids no matter where they go. You can track the location of the child and review the logs through the feature called Family Locator.

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uknowkids Review | Why mSpy is a better alternative to uKnowKids?

It is true that uKnowKids is a very good app that can track your kid’s mobile-related activities remotely. However, uKnowKids is not the only app that can do such a job. If you are interested in finding a better alternative to uKnowKids, mSpy is the best in the business. In fact, mSpy is a professional parental control app that comes with a large range of features. This app allows you to prevent your kids from accessing unwanted content. It also allows you to prevent them from contacting unwanted individuals.

Please find below some of the most notable features of mSpy.

  • mSpy has a very friendly user interface that can be used even by a novice user.
  • No technical skills are required to use this best GPS Tracker for Kids tool.
  • Installation of the software is very easy.
  • It’s 100% compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • You don’t need to root or jailbreak your Android or iOS devices to install this app.
  • It gives you the option of remote installation.
  • It comes with handy features such as real-time GPS tracking, keyloggers, and many more.
  • You can use the same app for blogging unwanted apps on the target mobile device.
  • It works on stealth mode, so no one will know that mSpy is installed on their device.

Try mSpy

The control panel of this tool shows better user-friendliness compared to many other tools available in the market. Moreover, mSpy doesn’t want you to know the passwords of the social media accounts of the target user. Instead, it captures the activities of every app on the device and links that data to the dashboard. So, you can monitor every single action simply by accessing the dashboard using any device. More importantly, the gathered data will never be compromised with mSpy.

Well, at the conclusion of this uknowkids review, we should mention mSpy as the best alternative to uKnowKids. If you are a concerned parent, using mSpy will be the perfect solution to monitor your beloved kids.