Even though YouTube remains as the most popular video hosting website on the internet, many countries don’t have the liberty of accessing it. Some can’t access the website at all; others can only access specific videos. There are various reasons for needing to unblock YouTube proxy, including:

  • Schools blocking their students from accessing YouTube while they study
  • Governments blocking the citizens of their country from watching YouTube for legal reasons
  • Employers preventing staff from watching YouTube videos

The list goes on and on. So, if you’ve been unable to watch YouTube due to a block being put in place, here are the best proxies to try using to unblock proxy easily.

PS: here is the full comparison of uBlock vs. Adblock for your reference.

What is an Unblock YouTube Proxy?

Proxies come in all shapes and sizes. There are some proxies that only work for specific unblocks and other proxies that are useful in various situations.

Today our focus is on YouTube proxies. This piece of software can remove blocks that your government/employer/school place on your connection. As a result, you can “mask” your internet connection so that your device appears to be from another city or country where those blocks don’t exist.

Rather than using a YouTube alternative and not getting to enjoy videos to the same standard, it’s best to use a YouTube proxy. Though, if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a YouTube proxy then here are some of the best proxies out there.

Top #1 – NordVPN

Starting our list off is NordVPN, by far the best solution to unblock proxy and watch YouTube videos that you wouldn’t usually be able to. It’s important to note that NordVPN isn’t specifically for unblocking YouTube proxy and thus it’s capable of unblocking a range of websites. And as long as you unblock them, you can easily free download Facebook videos and download YouTube videos with the help of the professional YouTube video downloader.

On top of unblocking YouTube, NordVPN will cover your tracks online. Your private data will remain private, sensors will be removed from the content, and you can install it directly on your smartphone too.

  • Connect to one of the 4800+ servers across the globe
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices
  • Various plans are available from as little as $6.99
  • Protect your private data when connecting to public networks
  • Block ads from showing on websites
  • Safely browse the internet knowing that you’re safe

Aside from being the perfect YouTube VPN, NordVPN is an overall great privacy tool to have. You won’t have to look any further after trying this great proxy tool.

Top #2 – KProxy

KProxy is another top choice when you’re looking for a reliable YouTube proxy to unblock videos. This unblock YouTube proxy has different versions available. Users can install the browser extension, use the web proxy, or download the desktop application.

  • Bypasses any content censors/limits that are on your connection
  • Prevent hackers from accessing your personal and private data
  • KProxy web proxy, browser extension, and desktop application can be chosen from
  • Users can select which proxy server they want to connect to
  • No data usage cap for premium account holders
  • Free to use and there are premium packages available

However, be aware that the desktop application of KProxy is still a work in progress. Some features are not yet complete, and the developers advise users to install the browser extension instead.

One thing’s for sure – KProxy is a fantastic proxy that you’ll learn how to use with ease. These features are just some of what the proxy has to offer and if it piques your interest, try using the extension and exploring it yourself.

Top #3 – FilterBypass

FilterBypass is the first proxy on our list that is purely online and web-based. This unblock proxy has no premium options, and thus, everyone has the same level of access. With FilterBypass you can:

  • Choose to allow cookies when accessing websites after encryption- Remove scripts or objects (e.g., JavaScript)
  • Anonymously browse any websites that you have a block on
  • Unblock websites without installing third-party and potentially unsafe software

The fact that this is a free solution means that it’s worth trying out. There are plenty of features to enjoy, and at no expense, you can try each of them out.

Top #4 – YouTube Free Proxy

This tool is incredibly similar to FilterBypass and is just as effective when you use it as an unblock proxy. It is very simple, and there isn’t anything difficult about it, not to mention it works fast.

  • Select a server to connect to from one of the many locations that are available- If you have your own proxy server, then you can direct YouTube Free Proxy through that instead
  • Block scripts from being run
  • Allow or block cookies and page titles
  • Users are able to disable the SSL connection if they want to

All you have to do is paste the link of a YouTube video into the search bar, select the relevant settings, and click “Go to Site”. After the link processes, you’ll be able to access the video without a block being in place.

Top #5 – Unblock Videos Web Proxy

Looking to go further than unblock YouTube proxy? This website focuses on virtually any popular video hosting website and allows you plenty of control over the unblocking process. For example, anyone who uses this website can:

  • Decide which of the five proxy server locations they’d like to use
  • Unblock videos on YouTube as well as various adult websites
  • Enjoy frequent updates (e.g., more server options were recently made available!)
  • Easily unblock videos without running into any complications

Needless to say, this is as simple as it gets. You won’t struggle to use this YouTube unblock tool, and if you need to remove a block from other website’s videos, you can do so with the Unblock Videos Web Proxy.

Top #6 – Zalmos Web Proxy

If you’re looking for a web proxy that has a modern design and covers a range of popular websites, Zalmos Web Proxy is at your service. Compatible with popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and many others, this unblock proxy always yields great results.

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices
  • Unblocks virtually any website which has blocks on it- Select a specific proxy server to connect to, or the “Mix” option will switch randomly between available servers
  • All connections that go through Zalmos Web Proxy go through encryption too
  • Anonymous web activity is guaranteed

One of the great selling points of this proxy is that it works with more than just YouTube. It is a multi-purpose proxy service which is easy to use, flexible, and can be used on smartphones!

Top #7 – Atozproxy

Next on the unblock YouTube proxy list is Atozproxy. This free proxy service is very straightforward, and all you need to do is paste in the video that you want to unblock proxy, click on “Browse”, and it’ll unlock instantly. A few notable features that Atozproxy offers are:

  • A modern and sleek user-interface to make it easy to use
  • Can unblock videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and various other sites
  • Uses SSL encryption to ensure that any data which passes through it is safe
  • Complete anonymity is guaranteed when unblocking sites

Of course, the downside to this web proxy is that it is very simple. Users who have more experience may search for more advanced solutions.

Top #8 – Proxy-Youtube.com

Finally, our list ends with Proxy-Youtube, a service that might seem harder to use than the others we’ve shown above.
Actually, this is a website which combines a list of over 50,000 proxies that are actively available. This includes both unblock proxy and general proxies too.

If you haven’t had any luck with the proxies above, then take a look here and try the different options. Note that the websites which appear with a green highlight are currently popular choices and thus are likely to work effectively.

To Conclude for Unblock YouTube Proxy

Pick from one of the many reliable unblock proxy solutions that we’ve shown you above. One of the great things is that most of these proxies are compatible with various other websites too. This means that if your country is blocking Facebook videos (or any other site) as well, you can remove the block with ease.

Out of these proxies, our top recommendation is NordVPN. You’ll get to enjoy all of your favorite YouTube videos while ensuring your online privacy. Everything that you do online will be hidden!

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