List of the Best Unblocked Proxy Sites

There have been times that you must have come across sites that you wish to access. Alas, when you try to access some of those sites, a message pops out of nowhere like ‘this URL has been blocked’ or ‘this page is currently not available’. Thankfully, there are many methods today that allow its users to access these blocked sites without any problem. One of the most common methods of accessing blocked websites is making the use of proxy sites.

Proxy sites, in general, are open restricted websites that are blocked in different schools, Government offices, colleges, etc. Exactly like anonymous email providers, there are many different kinds of anonymous servers called CGI proxy. CGI proxy is a server that operates in a web mode where all the requests on the internet are first filtered using the form which is particularly concealing your identity.

It is not at all difficult to set up a device and user it as an anonymous proxy. You can easily access and browse blocked websites via a good proxy site, rather than going through the long and tedious process of configuring the IP address of the proxy server from your internet browser. Below, we listed down some of the best sites that will allow you unlimited access to blocked sites. Take a look at the compilation of the best unblocked proxy sites:

Part 1. NordVPN

Among these best anonymous proxy sites, NordVPN is clearly the best one. It lets you use the internet without any borders. This one of the best unblocked proxy sites offers advanced security, internet freedom, and complete privacy to unblock any video proxy. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With NordVPN, you can encrypt your online activity so as to safeguard your private information from prying advertisers and hackers. And after unblocking online videos via NordVPN, you may want to free download videos.

Part 2. Anonymous Proxy Server Free

It is a known fact that an anonymous proxy site has been developed in such a way that it enhances the privacy of the users on the web. This increase in privacy is done by hiding the public IP address of the user that has been issued by the ISP. Your privacy is protected because the whole traffic is directed through various addresses and public servers. Some anonymous proxy sites even go a step ahead and help people evade blocked content that some websites on specific countries make on the IP addresses.

If the website presumes that the request has come from a place where the proxy site has not been banned, there is no apparent reason to block it. For example, if you want to access a website that is made only for the functioning of Canadian people, then you can use a proxy server of the same for loading their internet sites.

A proxy site is most helpful when certain websites that you want to visit are blocked by the network. These proxy sites help you browse the web anonymously along with accessing blocked sites. Most of these unblocked proxy sites are extremely easy to understand and use. Below, we have compiled a long list of the best proxy servers and sites:

Part 3. How do you find the best anonymous proxy site?

If you encounter any problem while searching for the right anonymous proxy server, we will provide you with all the help you need. While you are spending time on analysis, you just need to keep a few things in like speed of the proxy site and how popular the name of the site is.

Generally, unblocked proxy sites will not work faster than regular browsing because there is added translation overhead that has been merged through the proxy server. If your needs require you to work at the normal browsing speed while accessing web proxy on a frequent basis, you might consider upgrading your free proxy service to a paid one. Paid proxy sites generally give better performances.

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Part 4. Here are some of the best free proxy sites 2021

1. Hidester


One of the best unblocked proxy sites in this list, Hidester offers its all users SSL proxy support. Users are protected from the malicious scripts that can potentially ruin your computer. The reason it is so popular among its users is that the web proxy is available in the market for no cost at all.
The user is required to select either the European or US server before heading towards the web browsing process. Once you are done picking the server, all you need to enter the URL. The site will automatically encrypt the URL, and you can choose whether to deny or allow scripts and cookies. The premium version of Hidester will give you access to many blocked sites from different countries.

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2. ProxySite

This is yet another one of the great unblocked proxy site that allows you to choose between European and US proxy servers. You can also access popular sites like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, etc. The site also gives you the option to handle scripts objects and cookies and also block the ads in the proxy. Users also have the option of altering the server they are currently using.

3. KProxy

This is one of the unique unblocked proxy sites on the web today. This proxy site is unique because the users have the option of concealing the menu that is being displayed on the top of the web page when you access the web proxy. On the contrary, the most popular proxy sites display the menu without the option to hide it. This can be a difficult experience for you.


Overall, this proxy site offers a lot of benefits. You can easily switch between 10 different servers if your IP address gets blocked. If one server fails, you can immediately access the other one and gain access to the web content you were going through easily.


unblocked proxy sites - is one of the best unblocked proxy sites when it comes to free anonymous web surfing. All you need to do is type the website you want to visit and then select the location of the proxy via the drop-down menu. You can choose proxy location ranging from Netherlands, Germany and the US. Just like other proxy sites mentioned above, allows you to hide or show encryption, scripts, objects, cookies, etc.

5. VPNBook

unblocked proxy sites - VPNBook

The free and anonymous web proxy works exceedingly well and is pretty unique when compared to other websites. VPNBook is compatible with HTTPS websites and makes judicious use of the 256-bit encryption to hide your traffic from prying eyes. You also have a wide range of proxy servers to choose from like USA, UK, Canada, etc.

You can alter the website according to your wishes by entering it at the top of the webpage from within the VPNBook proxy site itself. However, unlike most unblocked proxy sites, you cannot control its scripts and cookies.

6. Anonymouse

unblocked proxy sites - AnonyMouse

This site is also one of the top unblocked proxy sites today. Anonymouse has been in existence for a lot of years now and has been serving a wide range of customers all over the world. Some of its services include Usenet proxies for news, supporting web, email, and a lot more. For further ease of use, the site can be translated in two languages, namely German and English.

7. Privoxy

unblocked proxy sites - Privoxy

Privoxymight does not have a great user interface, but it is not at all difficult to set up. The main difference between this proxy site and other free unblocked proxy sites is that you will need your own personal computer to act as a server when you are not at home. This way, you will be able to access the internet via a public Wifi network that you are using at your home. This is a feasible option for gaming and streaming. But, the drawback is that you will have to keep your PC on for a long period of time.

8. NewIPNow

unblocked proxy sites - NewIPNow

NewIPNowis one of the new free web proxy sites that aim to provide a safe passage to its users to surf the web. You can choose the site you wish to visit and any IP address you want to use. Additionally, the site will display your current IP address until you choose to change it. This comes as a proof that the proxy service delivers what it promises to its users.


unblocked proxy sites -

This proxy site describes itself as a fast and free way to change your IP address. But, that is not all you can do on this free proxy site. You can also carry out a ping test that helps the website’s administrators to find the best response time of the servers. You can also perform a speed test to determine how fast your internet connection is running currently.

The above are some of the best unblocked proxy sites that I know. Apart from being free proxy websites, you also have the option of purchasing a cheap subscription for extra services, like easy access to HTTPS websites, more download limit, ad-free browsing, etc. I would recommend you to use NordVPN since it lets you enjoy global connectivity with high-speed performance and safe access to censored content, social networks, and streaming sites without any hassles.


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