Unfortunately App Has Stopped Working – Quick Fixed

You must have experienced the annoying pop-ups that say “unfortunately app has stopped.” When this happens, the app that you were using randomly stops working and shuts down completely. This can be very annoying especially if it keeps happening over and over again. After the app crashes, you are brought back to the home screen, and you will have to go to the app again. Even then it may open, or it may glitch up again, which can be very inconvenient.

We buy new phones so there is no problem and everything can run smoothly. So, when pop-ups say unfortunately app has stopped, then it can be very upsetting. Often, we are in the middle of doing something important when the app crashes resulting in the loss of all the work we had done up to that point. You might be wondering why this pop-up shows up in the first place and whether there is anything you could do to stop it.

In this day and age, we depend a lot on technology. We are using it in one way or the other almost always. It is also a major part of our professional career. So, we need something we can depend on at all times and something that won’t fail us in times of need. When an app stops abruptly, you might be wondering why it stopped. Knowing the reasons behind it stopping can help you in figuring out the solutions for it, which we discuss below.

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1. Why the ‘unfortunately app has stopped’ pops up

It can be very annoying when your app crashes followed by a pop-up that says ‘unfortunately app has stopped’. This is not really an explanation, and it just contributes to the frustration as well as the confusion. The worst part about this is that it can happen on any app as it is not limited to certain ones. It can also occur at any time without any notice.

When an app crashes, it just goes on to show that the internet might have stopped. It can happen due to many reasons like an unstable internet connection or something else as well. One of the less common reasons may be that the cache files have not been cleared or deleted in a long time. Sometimes, ‘unfortunately app has stopped’ pop up also shows up because the app may not be installed properly.

In order to find proper solutions, we need to figure out the problem first. We have come up with a list of solutions that should solve this problem for you without any hassle. This should work if any of the apps that you have on your device has faced this problem.

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2. 1-click to repair “Unfortunately App Has Stopped”

To eliminate “Unfortunately App Has Stopped”, dr.fone – Android System Repair, is the most professional tool for you, even if you are not a specialist, it can help you fix your Android phone with simple clicks.

Key features of dr.fone – Android System Repair

  • One-stop solution to fix the error of “Unfortunately App Has Stopped”
  • Fix various Android issues, such as system UI not working, Process system isn’t responding error, and the like
  • Easy to use without technical skills required
  • Full support for all windows computers and almost all latest Samsung smartphones, including Galaxy S10, S9, S8, etc.
  • World’s number one Android System Repair tool

Download dr.fone – System Repair (Android)

Step 1. Download & launch the tool

Acquire dr.fone – Android Repair and connect Android device.

Step 2. Select “Android Repair” and then press “Start”

Step 3. Start to repair the Android device

Tap in device data and type the code “000000” to confirm.

Follow up on the on-screen instruction to boot Android device in download mode.

Once booted, dr.fone will start to verify firmware and repair the “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” error on your Android phone.

Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped Working via dr.fone

3. How to fix the unfortunately app has stopped problem by Clear Cache

We have come up with a couple of solutions that should completely solve the problem of the unfortunately app has stopped like a lot of the users are suffering due to this.

One of the first and perhaps the easiest thing that you could do is you could clear the app’s cache. You could start with the apps that tend to close and crash the most but, you could make your way through all of them. The cache gets stored as you use the app. It is important that you clear it up from time to time, but people tend to forget or put it off.

Simply follow the steps below to find out how to clear the cache of your device.

Open settings and then go to the option named Apps.

Click on Apps, once it opens search for the app that was the last to say unfortunately app has stopped.

Click on the app. Let’s say for example, that the app was YouTube.

Open All Apps and search for YouTube by scrolling down.

Tap on Storage and then click on Clear Cache.

Clearing the cache of the app is a good idea, you should do this regularly. However, if the problem is still there, then there is nothing to worry about. Keep reading for the second and third solutions.

4. Fix the problem of unfortunately app has stopped by re-installing the app

You might have noticed when the pop-up on your phone says that unfortunately app has stopped. This is a pretty common problem, but most people tend to ignore it. It really becomes annoying when this problem often happens and on multiple apps. One of the reasons why this might be happening could be because the app that you are using is not properly installed. If it is one app that crashes down then the chance of the problem being related to installation increases.

Follow the instructions if you want to learn how to uninstall the app

Go to the Settings.

Search for the Application Manager or the Apps.

Choose the app that always crashes.

Press Uninstall to delete it.

Once you are sure that you have uninstalled the app, you could go ahead and download it from the Play store again. Using this method has solved the recurring problem of unfortunately app has stopped for numerous people, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. It is easy to do, and you shouldn’t face the problem again.

5. Fix the problem of unfortunately app has stopped by factory resetting the device

Factory Reset is usually used as the last option, but that does not mean that it is not affected. It is one of the most effective ways that you could try out. Make sure that you have a backup of all the important data before you factory reset the device. You could save important data on an external memory device or even a pen drive. Once you go through and factory reset your phone, then you will lose all the data that you had on the phone, and your device will be as good as new. Once you lose all the data, there is no way that you could bring it back, so it is stressed that you backup the data beforehand.

Follow the steps that are mentioned below if you want to know how factory resetting the device could solve the recurring problem of unfortunately app has stopped.

Go to Settings,

Factory Reset to fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped Working

Choose the option of Backup and Reset and click on it.

Choose the Factory data reset option and then on the Reset Device.

Finally, you could click on Erase Everything to initiate the final process.

6. Fix the problem of unfortunately app has stopped with dr.fone Phone Backup (Android)

It is one of the best apps that are available on the market to this day. It is a favorite among the people who use it. Even newbies could use it efficiently as the layout is very user-friendly. You could use the app to back up the data on the phone. This is to help save you from losing any important data that you might have saved on the phone. We all have important data on the phone that we cannot afford to lose.


  • Preview the data before you backup and restore the device.
  • You could even restore iTunes/iCloud on the Android devices.
  • You don’t have to backup all the data.
  • It is compatible with around 8,000 Android devices.

Download dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)

7. dr. fone – Data Eraser (Android)

This is an alternative to the factory reset option. This option also erases every data from your device just like factory reset does. Dr.fone is a trusted brand that is loved and trusted by one and all. The user interface is usually very easy to use and is fun as well. You won’t face any problem if you want to use this method.


  • It has a simple process that is click- through.
  • You will be able to wipe your Android device completely.
  • The information cannot be retrieved as it will be gone permanently.
  • You can erase data like call logs, messages, photos, contacts, and all other types of private data.
  • It has a five stars rating, which is pretty amazing.

Download dr.fone – Data Eraser (Android)

These are some of the solutions to the problem of unfortunately app has stopped that a lot of people are facing. The problem of unfortunately app has stopped can be pretty stressful and annoying especially when the app crashes, and you have to start all over again. A lot of the times, we are doing important work that might be urgent. When the app stops abruptly, there is a good chance that we could end up losing all the work that we did. Not only can this situation be extremely frustrating but, it can also cost us a lot on the professional front.

In this day and age of technology, we depend on the device we have more and more, which is why we need something we can depend on, something that does not scare us with pop-ups like unfortunately app has stopped.

But, you do not have to live with this problem, or you don’t have to trade in your phone for a new one in order to escape this problem. You could try a bunch of simple options that have been mentioned above, and your problem will most likely be solved.


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