Best Way to Unlock Android With No Password

How Can We Easily Unlock Android Smartphone without Password?

Security is a prime concern for everyone owning a phone. Your phone may carry a vast amount of saved data and information, which are mostly personal and valuable to you. This can widely range from your entire picture gallery, video and audio files, contacts, call history, internet history, password files, and the like. Your phone is ultimately privy to most of your deepest secrets and information.

Most Android devices nowadays come with built-in lock screens which can be used to protect your phones from prying eyes. Although, it can be a weary and tiring feeling when one’s phone suffers from theft or a lock screen issue. It can be the worst emotion when you fail to remember your designated lock screen password. This is mostly followed by repeated attempts at trying different passwords and combinations to open your phone. This weary process makes the contents on the device unreachable, warranting a whole lot of problems for the user.

But nowadays all such phone lock issues come with in-hand solutions. You can easily get access to your phone content and unlock Android even in situations where your phone gets locked beyond your capacity. If you can personally relate to having such an experience with your smartphone device, then this column is a definite read for you! We have asked our experts for quick fixes to such problems and answers to such situations. We have meticulously prepared three distinct pointers for you to read and follow in this column. Read on to know about some basic guidelines on how to bypass your smartphone device without the requirement of a password or a set of combinations.

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Part 1: The ideal choice to unlock Android through Password

The best way to unlock Android is through the use of the dr.fone – Android Unlock software. It is the most efficient tool which has reportedly provided safe and optimal results for its users. Most importantly, it can provide you with the guarantee of nil loss of data and save time in recovering your device contents. The entire method is easy to use and is a one-click solution to unlock Android without a password.

  • The dr.fone software provides a 100% guarantee to shed off any type of Android lock screen.
  • This tool can help in breaking any locked screen without data loss on the device.
  • This software can support a multitude of scenarios.
  • It is adept at removing the device pin, password, pattern lock, fingerprint, etc. on your Android devices.
  • The software offers its users a free trial period benefit.

How to unlock Android phone without password

Step 1: Start by downloading the dr.fone program. Then proceed to install the program on your computer and launch it. Finally, choose the ‘Screen Unlock‘ option on the main screen. Then click the “Unlock Android Screen” on the program.

Download dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

Step 2: Next, connect the Android phone to the computer with the help of a USB cable. Click the opening beside the ‘I agree with the warning and am ready to proceed‘ sign. Then tap on ‘Next‘ option and enter into the Download Mode through the pointers below:

  • 1. Switch off your device.
  • 2. Continue pressing together and holding down the ‘Home’, ‘Volume Down’, and the ‘Power’ buttons.
  • 3. Next, press the ‘Volume Up’ button to start into the download mode.

Step 3: After entering the download mode, tap on the ‘Start’ button. This would start downloading the precise recovery package for your device after which you will need to wait till the recovery package is downloaded. When this is completed, the screen lock issue on your phone would be automatically resolved with minimum effort.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

Part 2: Utilizing your Google Account to unlock Android

You can also use an easy and efficient Gmail account ploy in order to unlock Android device in the absence of a password or combination. To start with this method, your Gmail account is required to be previously configured on your locked phone. Although it is a very simple and basic trick to unlock Android through the use of your Gmail account, it is applicable only on 4.4 version of Android or earlier. Follow these steps carefully to achieve the desired results:

Step 1: Start by making the ‘Forgot password‘ option come up on the screen. To achieve this, enter any incorrect password 5 or 6 times. This move will project a written message onto the screen of your device asking you to retry after thirty seconds and display the ‘Forgot Pattern’ option on the lower part of your phone screen.

Step 2: Hit on the ‘Forgot Pattern‘ option given at the lower area of the screen. This will next induce you to hit on your Google Account address along with the password which was earlier configured on your phone device. Type the correct information and tap on ‘Sign in‘ option. Your device would then confirm with the Google account in order to inspect whether the information entered was correct. If the information is right, your device will automatically reset its locked screen immediately. It is noteworthy to remember that while trying to communicate with Google, your device would require a constant internet connection. You must be absolutely sure to have a continuous source at the time of conducting the operation.

This is the right way to unlock Android phone in the absence of a password or combination pattern using a Google account.

Part 3: Making use of your registered Samsung Account to unlock Android

Using your registered Samsung account is an easy and quick alternative process to unlock Android device in the absence of a password. All Samsung users with an account can avail an efficient feature called the ‘Find my Mobile’ feature, which is available on all Samsung phones.

The’Find my Mobile’ feature has a multitude of provisions to be used by its customers. This feature could be utilized by Samsung users to assist them in accessing their phones from any location to wipe off, lock, or to find entirely.

To unlock Android using your registered Samsung account in the absence of a password, you are required to pursue the steps below carefully:

Step 1: Start by visiting the official Samsung link, i.e., to open Samsung’s ‘Find my Mobile‘ option. Then easily login through the previously registered Samsung Account.

Step 2: Then locate and hit on the ‘Unlock my Device‘ option found on the left-hand side of your computer screen. After this, your Smartphone will communicate with the above link using the internet connection. From this point onwards, you will be provided with a choice to unlock Android device. You will know when the process is successful and your Smartphone device can be unlocked smoothly.

This advice column is extremely helpful and can be used by any Android user to unlock Android in cases where their phone screens get locked with a password. Passwords are very tricky to remember, so it is best to note down your password or PIN combination on a safe piece of paper or your PC so that there is no chance of forgetting it in the future. Moreover, you can use the dr.fone – Android Unlock software to unlock your Android mobile device.

Through the use of these well-researched tips, you can easily access your locked phone without a sweat and the need to run to any service centers. If you have any further queries and more useful tips to contribute regarding the issue at hand, please do not hesitate to email us or comment in the comment box below!